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Gor Thorrasson, Sea King MP (deceased)

According to the Orkney saga, Thorri had two sons, Norr and Gor, and a daughter, Goi. Goi was kidnapped by a Norwegian chieftain, and Gorr and Nor searched for her, eventually conquering Norway in th...

Nor Thorrasson, legendary king In Alfheim MP (345 - d.)

Legendary Norwegian king, founder of Norway. His story is taken from two accounts in the Flateyarbok, the "Fundinn Noregr" ('Norway Found'), which begins the Orkneyinga saga, and in "Hversu Noregr ...

Goe Thorrasson (c.355 - d.)

Gorr Thorrasson (c.365 - c.430)

Gorr Thorrasson became King of Kvenland (currently part of Northern Finland) after his father King Thorri of Kvenland's death.

Gorr Thorrasson (c.365 - d.)

Gorr Thorrasson (deceased)

Mother Thorrasson (362 - d.)

NN 1. Wife of Nor Thorrasson (deceased)

According to "Hversum Noregr byggdist", her name was Hødd, and she was the mother of Nor's sons Thrond and Gard (and by implication not to Raum, who inherited his father's kingdom).

Norr Thorrasson (625 - d.)