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R' Efraim Thumim (Frankel-Teomim), A.B.D. Krystynopol, Poland MP (b. - 1879)

רבי אפרים תאומים אבד קריסנאפלי, זוגתו מרת אסתר בת רבי יהושע יהודה הלברטל אב"ד ברסטיציקא. נפטר תרל"ט

R' Jacob Thimim, A.B.D. Vilkatsch, later Tarnogrod and lastly Kolomyja MP (1833 - 1908)

Yakov Teomim - יעקב תאומיםRabbi Yakov Teomim was born in 1833. Son of Ephraim Teomim, Chief Rabbi Krystynopola. He started his career many years rabbi in "Great Eyes", where he was elected rabbi in 186...

? Thumim, undocumented (c.1785 - d.)

? Thumim (c.1810 - c.1810)

?? Thumim (deceased)

Aaron Thumim (deceased)

Abraham Thumim (deceased)

R' Abraham Thumim, A.B.D. Lanka, Galicia (deceased)

Alice Thumim (Waze - Cashwan?) (deceased)

Ana Winkel (Thumim) (deceased)

Ana Thumim (Borojovich) (deceased)

Antonie Thumim (born Thumim) (deceased)

cf. death notices of sister Jenny and mother Phillippine ...Several mentions in newspapers of era show Antonie was very involved in various organisations, particularly dealing with women's & girls' edu...

R' Avraham Thumim, A.B.D. Krystynopol (1873 - d.)

His birth was recorded in Wielkie Oczy, Poland, when his father was the rabbi of Krystynopol (now Chervonohrad).

Avraham Thumim (deceased)

Avraham Thumim was born to Lewi. He was a child. Prior to WWII he lived in Mosty Wielkie, Poland. During the war he was in Mosty Wielkie, Poland. Avraham perished in the Shoah at the age of 15.

R' Avraham Thumim, A.B.D. Zhorov, Buczacz and then Kamenets (deceased)

of responsa, Chesed LeAvraham , which was published in Lvov in 1857 and 1898.

Bertha Rokach (Rokeach) (Thumim) (1866 - 1942)

Blanca Thumim (deceased)

Blume Thumim (Frankel-Teomim) (deceased)

Boruch Frenkl-Thumim (Frenkl-Teomim) (deceased)

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Breindel Lauer (Thumim) (deceased)

Carl Thumim (deceased)

Carola (Lola) Pinkasz (Thumim) (1925 - d.)

Chaim Rachm Thumim (Tumim) (1831 - d.)

Chaja Thumim (1864 - 1865)

Chana Thumim (Grünberg) (1884 - 1906)

Channah Eidel Thumim (Margolioth) (1898 - d.)

Channah Lieberman (Thumim) (deceased)

Chaya Thumim (Kalisch) (1882 - d.)

Chaya Thumim (Frankel) (deceased)

Chaya Thumim (Ashkenazi) (b. - 1942)

Chaya Tilla Thumim (Halpern) (1913 - 2011)

Chaya Fleischer (Thumim) (1888 - d.)

Chaya Sarah Chameides (Thumim) (1861 - d.)

Chaya Yocheved Thumim (Jeruchem) (1890 - bef.1974)

Daughter thumim (segal) (deceased)

Daughter of R. Yahr Thumim (Yahr) (deceased)

Rabbi Dovid Thumim (1947 - 1999)

R' David Thumim (deceased)

Published the Ohel Moshe by his father and his own works are included in the Sefat Emet of his grandfather. he also wrote Ma'azinim leTorah on the life of the Chacham Zvi Ashkenazi, published Lvov 1896...

R' David Thumim, A.B.D. Krystynopol (deceased)

Dora Thumim (deceased)

R' DovBer Thumim of Przeworsk (deceased)

duvid thumim (deceased)

Earl (Isaac) Turner (Thumim) (1903 - 1987)

Edela Grossman Thumim (1884 - d.)

Efraim Judah Leibish Thumim (1881 - d.)

Eidel Thumim (Hamer) (deceased)

Elimelech Thumim (1901 - 1979)


Elsa Theumann/Thumim (Modern) (1877 - d.)

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R' Ephraim Thumim (1880 - 1922)

Ephraim Teomim (born 1880 in Great Eyes), son-in-law of Tzvi Elimelech Teitelbaum, Rabbi Kołaczyce.* Source

Esther Thumim (Halberthal) (deceased)

רבי אפרים תאומים אבד קריסנאפלי, זוגתו מרת אסתר בת רבי יהושע יהודה הלברטל אב"ד ברסטיציקא. נפטר תרל"ט

Esther Malka Thumim (1889 - d.)

Esther Rose Thumim (Luftglass) (1911 - 2008)

Esther Steinberg (Thumim) (1899 - 2001)

Esther Malka Thumim (Lieberman) (deceased)


Feicie Thumim (Meisels) (deceased)

Feige Laufer (Thumim) (deceased)

Felipe Thumim (deceased)

Fruma Thumim Teomim (Rappoport) (deceased)

Gerschon Thumim (1870 - d.)

Gitel Thumim (?) (deceased)

Gitel Thumim (1872 - 1872)

Gittel Thumim (deceased)

Gittel Gottleib Thumim (Hauptman) (aft.1837 - d.)

Golda (Gladys) Klar (Thumim) (1911 - 1997)

Hadasa Thumim (deceased)

R' Haim Zvi Hirsch Thumim of Kolomyja (1878 - d.)

Author of Zichron LeRishonim , published, Kolomyja, 1913.

Haim Moses Thumim (1897 - 1898)

Henry Thumim (c.1907 - 1995)

Hinda Raysel Thumim (c.1834 - 1864)

Hinde Reise Thumim (1878 - 1879)

Irka Boiko Thumim (deceased)

R' Isaac Thumim, A.B.D. Krystynopol (deceased)

R' Isaac Dov Thumim (deceased)

Israel David Thumim (c.1836 - c.1920)

Israel David Dawid THUMIM: b. circa 1836, ? - d. circa 28 Sept 1920, WienBurial details courtesy of IKG-Wien cemetery databank:Zuname: Thumim Vorname: David Geburtsname: - Adresse: 1100, Haseng. 50 Ste...

Ita Sheva Thumim (Klugman) (deceased)

Izak Jozef Thumim (deceased)

Jack (Jacob) Thumim (deceased)

Rabbi Yaakov Thumim of Altstadt–Borough Park (1921 - 2016)

Jeanette Jenni Thumann / Theumann/Thumim (Schwarz) (deceased)

Jenny Bardach (Thumim) (1864 - 1905)

Jenny BARDACH, née THUMIM: b.17 July 1864, Breslau - d. 26 Sept 1905, WienDetails from actual IKG-Wien marriage registration, viewable courtesy of:1888.02.19 - Osias Hersch BARDACH & Jenny THUMIM - IKG...

Jeremiah Thumim (1822 - d.)

Jetty Thumim (1908 - d.)

R' Joelish Thumim of London (1911 - 1984)

Joel Thumim (1883 - d.)

Jona Thumim (deceased)

R' Jonah Thumim, A.B.D. Vilktasch (1885 - 1942)

Rabbi Jona Teomim was born in 1885 in Great Eyes as one of the six sons of Rabbi Naftali Hertz Teomim and Fajga, Rabbi Menachem only daughter of Manes Lieberman of aluminate. Took the position after th...

Rabbi Joseph Thumim (1887 - 1967)

Rabbi Joseph Thumim (1874 - 1962)

Joseph Thumim (deceased)

Julio (Juan) Thumim (1914 - 1994)

Kathleen T. Thumim (Hughes) (deceased)

Leah Rabinowitz (Thumim) (1914 - 1993)

Leo Thumim (deceased)

Leonardo Thumim Riedler (1909 - 2009)

Dr. med Leopold Thumim (1870 - 1912)

Dr. med Leopold THUMIM: b. 4 April 1870, Breslau - d. 14 April 1912, BerlinListed under "Mediziner aus Wien" as per www.genteam.atLfdnr 12630 Familienname Thumim Vorname Leopold Geburtsdatum 1870.04.04...

Leopoldo Thumim (deceased)

Levi Yitzhak Thumim (b. - 1944)

Lewi Thumim was born in Zaliszczyk. He was married. Prior to WWII he lived in Mosty Wielkie, Poland. During the war he was in Mosty Wielkie, Poland. Lewi perished in 1944 in Mosty Wielkie, Poland.

Malka Amelia (Amalia) Lothringer (Thumim) (1906 - 1997)

Malka Thumim (1868 - d.)

Max Thumim (deceased)