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Lt. Col. Tomas Tirona, PAF MP (1918 - d.)

Tomas Carrasco Tirona belonged to the pioneer class of the Philippine Military Academy Class 1940. He was a soldier with the Armed Forces of the Philippines who was jailed at Fort Bonifacio during WWII...

?Rhodora tirona (villanueva) (deceased)

Abner Soriano Tirona (deceased)

Adriana Mata Tirona (b. - 1904)

Agapita Mariano Sumangid (Tirona) (deceased)

Agapita Tria de Tirona (Escobar) (deceased)

Ambrosia Tirona (deceased)

Ambrosio Villanueva Tirona (deceased)

Anastacia Tirona Inocentes (Tirona) (deceased)

andre tirona (deceased)

andres tirona (deceased)

Antonio Tirona (Gamat) (deceased)

Aurora Ordoñez Lapiña (Tirona) (1932 - 2005)

Aurora Tirona (deceased)

Bartola Tirona (Martinez) (1914 - d.)

Benedicta Tirona (dela Rosa) (deceased)

Biviana Tirona (deceased)

Candido Mata Tria de Tirona (1862 - d.)

Candido Mata Tirona (1862 - d.)

Carlos Tirona (Gamat) (deceased)

Carlos Tria Tirona (deceased)

Carlos Tirona (1877 - 1937)

Carlos Mata Tirona (1858 - 1860)

Cecilio Tirona (c.1782 - c.1855)

Cecilio Tirona (deceased)

Celia Tria de Tirona (Arcega) (b. - 1966)

Clara Tria de Tirona (Arcega) (b. - 1976)

claudio tirona (deceased)

claudio tria tirona (deceased)

Cristobal Tria de Tirona (deceased)

Cristobal Tirona (c.1778 - d.)

Daniel Mata Tirona (1864 - d.)

Daniel Tria Tirona (deceased)

Danilo Trinidad Tirona (deceased)

Deonicia Tirona (1929 - 1999)

Dionisia Tria de Tirona (Flores) (deceased)

Dominado Tirona (deceased)

Dominador Ordoñez Tirona (deceased)

Dominador Tirona (Samonte) (deceased)

dominador german tirona (deceased)

Dominga Tirona (Paula) (c.1750 - d.)

Dominga Ordoñez Mañago (Tirona) (1920 - 1990)

Doroteo Tirona (c.1780 - d.)

Doña Toribia Tirona (deceased)

Eduardo Pargo Tirona (1841 - 1883)

Elena Tirona (Caparas) (deceased)

Eliseo Tirona (1929 - 1945)

Encarnacion Gonzalez-Tirona (deceased)

estanilsao tirona (deceased)

Estanislao Tirona (1823 - 1878)

Ester Tirona (deceased)

Faustina Tirona Samonte (Tirona) (deceased)

Fausto Tirona (c.1864 - d.)

Felimon Ordoñez Tirona (deceased)

Felipa Tirona (1847 - d.)

Felipe Tirona (deceased)

Felisa Tirona Francisco (Tria de Tirona) (deceased)

fermina abueg tirona (deceased)

francesca tirona-amoranto (deceased)

Francisca Tirona (deceased)

Francisca Tirona (Pargo) (deceased)

Gerrtrudes Gamat (Tirona) (deceased)

gregoria tirona Ocampo (tirona) (1989 - d.)

Gregoria Villanueva Tirona (deceased)

Hope Tirona (deceased)

Hugo Tirona (deceased)

Jacoba P. Tirona-Paterno (deceased)

Jose Tirona (1894 - d.)

Dr. Jose Tria de Tirona (deceased)

Jose Tirona Jr (deceased)

Jose Tirona (1895 - 1972)

Juan Pargo Tirona (1837 - 1837)

Juan Tirona (c.1750 - d.)

The TRIA TIRONA family originally had a solo surname, TIRONA. In those times, Tirona godchildren followed the surname of their godparents in such a manner as to multiply the Tirona surname. In a writte...

juan tirona (deceased)

Juana Tria de Tirona (deceased)

lauro tirona (deceased)

Leocadia Monzon (Tirona) (b. - c.1908)

Leonora Tirona (deceased)

Ligaya Ordoñez Antonio (Tirona) (1928 - 1978)

Lolo Andres? ..."help?... TIRONA (deceased)

Magdalena Tria de Tirona (Escobar) (deceased)

Mama Sion Tirona (deceased)

Margarita Pargo Gutierrez (Tirona) (b. - c.1910)

Maria Tria Tirona (deceased)

Maria Mata Tirona (b. - 1863)

Maria Tirona (1832 - d.)

Maria Sabater Tirona (Ordoñez) (deceased)

Maria Lourdes Tirona-Gabriel (1944 - 2000)

Maria Rosario Tirona (1924 - 2006)

Mariano Quiamzon Tirona (1856 - 1884)

martina bautista sta.ana tirona (deceased)

Miguela Ordoñez Caballero (Tirona) (1936 - 2014)

Monico Tirona Espiritu (deceased)

Natividad Ordoñez Tirona (deceased)

Norverto Tirona (1776 - d.)

Pacita Tirona (deceased)

pilar tirona-mangubat (deceased)

Rachel Tirona (Tucay) (b. - 2008)

Rafael Tria Tirona (deceased)

rafael tirona (deceased)