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Dr. Roger Toothaker, Salem Witch Trials MP (1634 - 1692)

Note : Roger Toothaker was raised by his mother and stepfather; his father died when he was about 4 years old. After he and Mary Allen married, they settled in Billerica, Massachusetts, on land left to...

Roger Toothacher (Thoothacher) MP (1612 - 1638)

Note : Roger and his wife Margaret and son Roger are listed as on the Ship Hopewell on September 11, 1635 He is 23, his wife is 28 and his son is 1 year old. The Master of the ship was Thomas Babb. The...

Sarah Toothacher (Rogers) MP (1674 - d.)

Abigail Toothacher MP (1707 - d.)

Allin Toothacher (Toothaker) MP (c.1670 - 1692)

Edna M Toothacher (Lumbard) MP (1884 - d.)

Elizabeth Allen (Toothacher) MP (1710 - 1790)

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Hannah Toothacher MP (deceased)

Margaret Toothacher MP (1721 - d.)

Margaret Toothacher, Salem Witch Trials MP (1683 - c.1695)

Note : On ABT 5 Aug 1695, in Billerica, MA she was kidnapped by Indians and never heard of again. Note : On May 18th, 1692, the conspiracy of accusers in Salem Village filed a complaint against Dr. R...

Mary Toothacher MP (1722 - d.)

Mehitable Grover (Toothacher) MP (1708 - 1795)

possibly Toothaker

Nathaniel Toothacher (Toothaker) MP (1666 - 1683)

Sarah Whitaker (Toothacher) MP (1675 - d.)

Marriage Nov 15 1694 (Age: 18-19) -- Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Husband: Jonathan WHITAKER Note : One of the children indentured to pay for help the family received from the community for survi...