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Ann Towne (Denton) MP (1575 - 1630)

Arthur Towne MP (1597 - d.)


Catherine Towne (Symonds) MP (1630 - 1704)

Catharine Symonds1,2,3,4 F Father John Symonds b. c 1595, d. 1671 Mother Ruth Fox Death*   Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts  Birth*   Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England  Married Name   Towne  Chri...

Catherine Mead (Towne) MP (deceased)

Charles F. Towne MP (1893 - 1957)

Charles Fremont Towne was born on August 11, 1893 in Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont to William C. Town and Betsy "Jane" (Barber) Town. He was the fifth of six children as well as the youngest o...

Cpl. David Towne MP (1734 - 1792)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of CORPORAL. DAR Ancestor # A115461 Cpl. David Towne was born on July 15, 1734 at Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts to David and Sa...

David Towne MP (1693 - 1781)

David Towne was born in Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts in 1693 to John and Mary (Smith) Towne. His first wife was Mercy Barton. With Mercy, David had: Francis Towne: b. March 7, 1719 - d....

Edmund Towne MP (c.1628 - 1678)

From SAVAGE, VOL 4 DICT FIRST SETTLERS OF NE A Genealogical history of early New England settlers: These books are still regarded as the authority on early New England genealogy; Written by Jam...

Elizabeth Towne (Knight) MP (1658 - 1694)

Birth 7 Apr 1658 of Topsfield, Essex, MA Gender Female Died 6 Feb 1693/1694 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts Person ID I122 Lythgoe-Donaldson Last Modified 05 Oct 1999 Father Joseph Knight, b. 162...

Elizabeth Towne (Clarke) MP (1578 - 1630)


Elizabeth Perkins (Towne) MP (1697 - 1772)

Elizabeth Towne, born September 01, 1697 in Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA; died November 26, 1772 in Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA. She was the daughter of Samuel Towne and ...

Isabell Aucher (Atte Towne) MP (c.1405 - d.)

Jacob Towne MP (1632 - 1704)

At court March Term 1681, Jacob Town, aged about fifty years, deposed that about thirty-five or six years ago his father, William Towne, bought twenty acres of land of Jeffery Massey of Salem and paid ...

Joanna Towne (Blessing) MP (1595 - 1682)

(Ted Nadeau) There seems to be some confusion / debate about the parents (in particular the father) of Joanna Blessing. e.g. John or William From research, I think it is resolved as 'John' and any ...

John Towne MP (c.1622 - c.1672)

John Towne, I MP (c.1566 - 1627)

Joseph Towne MP (1639 - 1712)

Joseph Towne MP (deceased)

Judith Twiss (Towne) MP (1725 - 1754)

Keziah Towne (Shumway) MP (1729 - 1790)

Keziah Shumway was born on May 25, 1729 in Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts to Oliver and Mariah (Smith) Shumway. She was the third of eleven children and the couple's first daughter. On August 26, 1...

Margaret Towne (Holmes) MP (1698 - 1778)

Margaret (Holmes) Manning Towne was from Woodstock, Windham County, Connecticut. She was born on March 16, 1698 to John and Hannah (Newell) Holmes. Her first husband was Timothy Manning; she was his ...

Martha Preston (Towne) MP (1622 - 1703)

Mary Estey (Towne), Salem Witch Trials MP (1634 - 1692)

Mary Towne Eastey (also spelled Esty, Easty, Estey, Eastick, Eastie, or Estye) was a victim of the 1692 Salem witch trials in colonial Massachusetts. She was executed by hanging in Salem. Mary Eastey...

Mary Cloyes (Towne) MP (1681 - 1717)

Mary Towne (Browning) MP (1637 - 1717)

Mary (Browning) Towne made her will February 1, 1709/10. She confirmed her gift of the land at Topsfield, over which she had power of disposal by the will of her father, to her four sons Thomas, Will...

Mercy Towne (Barton) MP (b. - 1730)

Mercy (sometimes Mary) Barton was the mother of three children and the first of David Towne. Little else is known of her. With David, Mercy had: Francis Towne: b. March 7, 1719 - d. December 21, ...

Mercy Towne (Foster) MP (1711 - d.)

Mercy Foster, b. 23 Oct 1710, bp. 30 Oct 1710, Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts; the date of her death is unknown. She's buried next to husband about 1/3 mile from house which overlooked Souhegan V...

Peter Towne (d. 1705) MP (b. - 1705)

The following is from the mailing list and is available in the SALEM-WITCH-L Archives for September 2001. --- The Susanna Towne who married Thomas Hayward was born about ...

Phebe Mead (Towne) MP (c.1790 - d.)

Rebecca Nurse (Towne) MP (1621 - 1692)

Rebecca Towne Nurse (1621 - 1692) , daughter of William Towne and Joanna Blessing, was born in 1621 at Great Yarmouth, England, the second of eight children. She married Francis Nurse about 1645, with ...

Rhoda Towne (Chafee) MP (1787 - d.)

Richard Towne (b. 1568) MP (c.1587 - 1617)

Richard TOWNE1 was born 12 Dec 1568 in Haydor, Lincolnshire, England and was christened 12 Dec 1568/1569 in , Haydor, Lincolnshire, England. He died 9 Feb 1571/1572 in Braceby, Co Lincoln, England. R...

Samuel Towne MP (1673 - 1714)

Citations Davis, Walter Goodwin. Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis (1885-1966). volume III. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1995).

Sarah Towne (Gary) MP (1700 - 1737)

Sarah (Gary) Towne was born on January 12, 1700/1 in Pomfret, Windham County, Connecticut. She was the second child and first daughter of William Gary, a wealthy farmer and landowner, and his wife Susa...

Sarah Cloyes (Towne) MP (1639 - 1703)

wikitree: (Last modified 18 May 2017 | Last edit: 18 May 2017) 'Sarah (Towne) Cloyes (1639 - bef. 1704) Sarah Cloyes formerly Towne aka Bridges Born 3 Sep 1639 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts ...

Susanna Towne (Haven) MP (1690 - 1787)

Susanna Hayward (Towne) MP (c.1600 - 1664)

The following is from the mailing list and is available in the SALEM-WITCH-L Archives for September 2001. SALEM-WITCH-L Archives From: Subject: [SAL...

Susanna Towne MP (1625 - c.1630)

The following is from the mailing list and is available in the SALEM-WITCH-L Archives for September 2001. SALEM-WITCH-L Archives From: Subject: [SAL...

Tamar Davis (Towne) MP (1722 - 1761)

William Towne MP (1598 - 1673)

(3)William Towne was born circa 1598, as the son of John Towne and Elizabeth Clarke of Yarmouth, Norfolk County, England. He was baptized in the St. Nicholas Parish Church, Great Yarmouth, Engl...

William Towne (fl. 1635) MP (deceased)

The following is from the mailing list and is available in the SALEM-WITCH-L Archives for September 2001. --- The Susanna Towne who married Thomas Hayward was born about ...

Towne MP (c.1685 - d.)

Towne MP (deceased)

Towne MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Towne MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Towne MP (deceased)

? Towne MP (deceased)

? Towne MP (deceased)

? Towne MP (deceased)

Aaron Towne MP (c.1792 - d.)

Aaron Towne MP (1767 - d.)

Abby E Towne (King) MP (deceased)

Abigail Towne (Crediford) MP (1723 - d.)

Abigail Towne MP (deceased)

Abigail Perley Peabody (Towne) MP (1664 - 1717)

Abigail Towne (Brewer) MP (c.1724 - 1772)

Sources History of Framington MA cited by Sandra Sutphin Olney in "Passengers on the Lion" (Heritage Books: Bowie MD 1992) Edwin Eugene Towne 1901, The Descendants of William Towne, p. 44. "Bapti...

Abigail Towne (King) MP (1781 - 1840)

Abigail Towne MP (1687 - d.)

Abigail Towne MP (1716 - 1740)

Abigail Knight (Towne) MP (1755 - 1833)

Find A Grave Memorial# 22328721 Double Headstone Right side: John Knight, 80th yr Left side: Abigail wife of John Knight, 77th yr. -Abigail (maiden name: Town) was the daughter of Edmund Town (1724-1...

Abigail Allen (Towne) MP (1765 - 1852)

Abigail Towne (Stanley) MP (c.1713 - d.)

Abigail Towne MP (1664 - 1712)

Abigail Towne MP (deceased)

Abigail Towne MP (1743 - d.)

Reference: FamilySearch Genealogy - SmartCopy : May 23 2017, 21:55:51 UTC

Abishia Towne MP (1818 - 1864)

Abner Towne MP (1797 - 1826)

Abner Foster Towne MP (1815 - 1899)

Achsha Nash Towne (Bowman) MP (deceased)

Ada Mae Towne MP (1885 - 1918)

Ada was the daughter of Bion Towne and Mary Angel Luis.Home in 1900: Shields, Lake, Illinois (Jun 1)Bine Town, 39, Dec 1860, OH, Farm manager, Married 22 yearsMary Town, 33, Jun 1866, Portugal, Childre...

Mable Fenton MP (1865 - 1931)

ALL INFORMATION PROVIEDED BY WIKIPEDIA.See Charlie J. Ross for more information. Except for pictures.Her husband are buried togetherAda May Towne was born on March 29, 1865 in Van Buren County, Michiga...

Adaline Kidder (Towne) MP (1817 - 1898)

Addie Caroline Towne (Nye) MP (1858 - 1908)

Adelaide Towne (Good) MP (1857 - 1934)

Adelbert Ralph Towne MP (1873 - 1936)

Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : May 17 2017, 21:14:40 UTC

Agnes Pauline Kelley (Towne) MP (1895 - 1933)

Agnes Towne MP (deceased)

Agnes Eustice (Towne) MP (1620 - d.)

Al Towne MP (deceased)

Alban S, Towne MP (1874 - d.)

Albert Richard Towne MP (deceased)

? Allen ? born in BWI ?

Albert Towne MP (deceased)

Albert Cleveland Towne MP (1884 - 1954)

Albert Cleveland Towne MP (1909 - d.)

Albert Henry Lilley Towne MP (1881 - 1952)

Albert H. Towne MP (1850 - 1905)

Albert William Towne MP (deceased)

Albertine Marie Towne (McGill) MP (1889 - 1961)

Aldred Porter Towne MP (1814 - c.1891)

Alexander Towne MP (b. - 1887)

Alexander Towne MP (1803 - 1895)

Alexander Hilgard Towne MP (1871 - d.)

Alexander Towne MP (1861 - d.)

Alfred E Towne MP (deceased)

Alice Towne MP (1784 - d.)

Alice Towne MP (deceased)

Alice Lord (Towne) MP (1784 - 1874)

Alice North Lincoln (Towne) MP (1853 - 1911)

Alice Elizabeth Towne MP (deceased)