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Albina de la Paz Tuason MP (deceased)

Albina de la Paz Tuason belonged to the Court of the Queen of the Orient at the 1920 Manila Carnival.

Gonzalo Patiño Tuason MP (deceased)

Gonzalo Patiño Tuason was a prominent industrialist of the late 19th century and the successor of the fifth lord of the Tuason mayorazgo. The richest Filipino of his time, he had vast trading an...

Iluminada Mojica Tuason MP (b. - 1949)

Illuminada Mojica Tuason-Fernandez, the Miss Philippines at the 1939 Manila Carnival Queen, was only child of Rogelia Mojica of Indang, Cavite and an unnamed Tuason of Manila. Her father died early and...

Jose Maria Fabie Tuason MP (b. - 1856)

Jose Maria Fabie Tuason was one of the most prominent traders and merchants of 19th-century Philippines. He founded JM Tuason & Company, an import-export agent and was the first manager of Banco Espa&#...

Jose Severo Patiño Tuason MP (c.1833 - 1874)

Jose Severo Patiño Tuason was the fourth lord of the Tuason mayorazgo. He managed the family's vast holdings in real estate.

Tuason (deceased)

Alejo Munoz Tuason, Jr. (b. - 1991)

Alfonso "Ponching" Tuason (deceased)

Alfredo Tuason (deceased)

Alvin O. Tuason (1958 - 1998)

Amando Tuason (c.1898 - c.1935)

Amparo Umaguing (Tuason) (deceased)

Ana Tuason Velasco (Tuason) (deceased)

Ana Maria Quisumbing-Tuason (1928 - 2011)

Angel Tuason (deceased)

Angel Valdes Tuason (1899 - 1948)

Angel "Bobby" Valdes Tuason was the post-war Police Chief in Manila.

Angela Tuason (deceased)

Aniceta Tuason (deceased)

Antonio Valdes Tuason (1893 - 1937)

Antonio Tuason, Jr. (deceased)

Antonio Tuason (deceased)

antonio tuason (deceased)

Antonio Tuason (deceased)

Antonio Tuason (deceased)

Antonio Tuason (b. - 1794)

Antonio Tuason, originally Son Tua, was a Chinese merchant who settled in Manila, Philippines in the 18th century. Because of his service to Spain during the British Occupation of Manila, a noble title...

Antonio Maria Tuason (deceased)

Ascario "Caring" De Guzman Tuason, Col. (1918 - 1995)

Atang Tuason (deceased)

Augusto de la Paz Tuason (deceased)

Augusto "August" G. Tuason (1922 - 2001)

Basilia Pensil Tuason (deceased)

butch tuason (deceased)

Candida "Ida" (b. - c.1941)

Carlos Tuason (deceased)

Carlos Tuason (deceased)

Carmen Tuason (1902 - 1937)

Carolina Tuason (deceased)

Celso Tuason (deceased)

Chit Tuason (deceased)

Cirila Tuason (deceased)

Cirilo Tuason (deceased)

Cirilo Tuason (deceased)

cirilo tuason (deceased)

Clemente Tuason (deceased)

clementina tuason (deceased)

Concepcion Tuason (De Leon) (deceased)

Concepcion Tuason (deceased)

Conrado Tuason (deceased)

Cornelio Tuason (deceased)

Danding Millar Tuason (deceased)

Danilo Tuason (deceased)

Dionisio Tuason (1891 - d.)

Dionisio Tuason was baptized by Agustín Cobero, and his godfather at the time of his baptism was Saturnino Dayrit, who was married from Quingua at that time. Source: Dionisio Tuason's Bapt...

Eduardo Tuason (deceased)

Emiliana Garcia (Tuason) (1919 - 2009)

Engracia Tuason (deceased)

Epifania Tuason (deceased)

Eriberto Tuason (deceased)

Eriberto Tuason (deceased)

Escolastica Pamintuan Tuason (b. - 1850)

Eusebia Zaballa Tuason (deceased)

Eustaquia Zaballa Tuason (deceased)

Fanny Calvin Tuason (deceased)

Felicidad Romero Tuason (deceased)

Felix Tuason (1913 - 2001)

UP College of Medicine 1938 youngest in class (24yrs) Mapa High School

Felix Bolois Zaballa Tuason (deceased)

Felix Eduardo Deleon Tuason (1913 - 2001)

Fernando Tuason (deceased)

Florentina Tuason (deceased)

Florentino Tuason (deceased)

Fortunata Tuason (deceased)

Gabriel Tuason (deceased)

Gil Tuason (deceased)

Gloria "Oyang" Tuason (Carganilla) (c.1937 - c.2009)

Gonzalo De Leon Tuason (deceased)

Gregoria Zaballa Tuason (deceased)

Gregorio Tuason (c.1740 - c.1820)

Heriberto Tuason (deceased)

ignacio xavier arrastia tuason (1958 - d.)

Iluminada Mojica Fernandez (Tuason) (b. - 1959)

Iñaki Arrastia Tuason (deceased)

Jorge Tuason (1926 - d.)

Jose Tuason (deceased)

Jose Tuason, Sr. (1926 - 2001)

Sources: Jose Tuazon and Anita Magdaluyo's Marriage Certificate: Jose Tuazon and Anita Magdaluyo's Marriage Register (Part 1): Jose Tuazon and Anita Magdaluyo's Marriage Register (Part 2):

Jose Tuason (deceased)

Jose Tuason (1890 - d.)

Jose (Pepito) Tuason (deceased)

Jose Ramon del Rosario Tuason, Jr. (1930 - 1970)

Jose Victorino de la Paz Tuason (1865 - 1878)

Jose Victoriano Tuason was the fifth lord of the Tuason mayorazgo. He died at the age of 13 in1878 in Metz, Germany.

Josefa Tuason (1879 - d.)

Josefa Tuason was baptized by Álvaro Calleja, and her godmother at the time of her baptism was Bonifacia de los Santos. Source: Josefa Tuason's Baptismal Register:

Joseph Tuason (deceased)

Juan Jose de la Paz Tuason (c.1867 - d.)

Juana Tuason (deceased)

Juana Tuason (deceased)

Juana Tuason (deceased)

Julian Tuason (deceased)

Julian Tuason (deceased)

Lavinia DeLaCruz (Tuason) (deceased)

Leonarda Tuason (deceased)

Lilia Tuason (deceased)

Linda Tuason (deceased)