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Abigail Havens (Tyler) MP (1735 - 1820)

Abigail Rundle (Tyler) MP (deceased)

Abigail Rundle (Tyler) MP (1666 - 1722)

Abigail Tyler (Johnson) MP (1692 - c.1780)

Aisha Tyler MP

Aisha Tyler is an American actress, comedian, author, producer, writer, and director. She is known for portraying Andrea Marino in the first season of Ghost Whisperer , voicing Lana Kane in Archer , an...

Alice Dennison (Tyler) MP (1827 - 1854)

Alice Tyler (Strother) MP (1719 - 1739)

Ann J. Bennett Tyler (Minich) MP (deceased)

Anna Tyler (Blackington) MP (1722 - 1793)

Anne Tyler, Contesse MP (1825 - 1858)

Dr. Asa Tyler MP (1731 - d.)

Augusta Goodwin (Tyler) MP (1868 - 1912)

Mrs Augusta Goodwin (née Tyler), 43,boarded the Titanic with her husband, Frederick, 40 and six children, Lillian, 16; Charles, 14; William, 11; Jessie, 10; Harold, 9; and baby Sidney The en...

Col. Benjamin Tyler MP (1733 - 1814)

Early Families of Wallingford Conneticut by Charles Henry Clarke Page 13

Rev. Bennet Tyler MP (1783 - 1858)

Rev Bennet Tyler Birth: Jul. 10, 1783 Middlebury New Haven County Connecticut, USA Death: May 14, 1858 South Windsor Hartford County Connecticut, USA fifth president of Dartmouth College (1822-18...

Bezaleel Tyler, Jr. MP (1715 - 1791)

Bezaleel Tyler, b 6 Nov 1715 Branford, CT, d 1796 Cochecton, NY, m Sarah Calkin

Bezaleel Tyler, Sr. MP (c.1683 - 1760)

Billah Tyler (Blount) MP (c.1686 - d.)

Caroline Clark Tyler MP (1876 - 1958)

Caroline Tyler (Wilson) MP (1823 - 1902)

Caroline Julia Tyler (Blair) MP (1851 - d.)

Catherine Contee Tyler (Harrison) MP (1770 - 1831)

Catherine Tyler (Bragg) MP (1690 - 1763)

Charles Tyler MP (1693 - c.1725)

Charles Tyler MP (1653 - 1738)

Charles TYLER Given Name: Charles Surname: Tyler 1 2 3 Sex: M Birth: Abt 1657 Death: 12 Sep 1738 4 _ HISTORY According to Jacobus, "insane." He was considered incompetent in the year 1698. In a Br...

David Gardiner Tyler MP (1846 - 1927)

David Gardiner Tyler (July 12, 1846 – September 5, 1927), was a U.S. Democratic Party politician and the son of John Tyler, the tenth President of the United States. Although born in New Yor...

Deliverance Tyler (Whiting) MP (1768 - 1862)

Ebenezer Tyler MP (1685 - 1736)

Elizabeth Waller (Tyler) MP (1823 - 1850)

Elizabeth Hudson (Tyler) MP (1747 - 1827)

Elizabeth Collingwood (Tyler) MP (c.1710 - 1744)

Elizabeth Page Tyler (Chiles) MP (c.1655 - 1702)

Great Grandmother of President John Tyler The Chiles Family in Virginia (Continued) W. B. Cridlin The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Vol. 19, No. 2 (Apr., 1911), pp...

Elizabeth Sweet (Tyler) MP (1745 - 1821)

Eunice Verna Veazey (Tyler) MP (1895 - 1973)

Mrs Joe T Veazey, 78, the former Eunice Tyler, of 1006 Access St, died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage Thursday night at 11:30 in Henry County General Hospital. Funeral services are planned at 1 pm ...

Fleming Randolph Tyler MP (1801 - 1865)

Frederick Tyler MP (1795 - 1880)

Grace Contee Tyler (Harrison) MP (1779 - 1850)

Hannah Prince (Tyler) MP (1727 - 1779)

Hannah Wilkinson (Tyler) MP (1662 - d.)

Hannah Tyler (Banks) MP (deceased)

Hannah Ward (Tyler) MP (1705 - 1759)

Henry Tyler MP (c.1604 - c.1672)

Henry was NOT the son of Laurence and Dorothy Joan Tyler. DNA has proven they were not connected by blood. Henry Tyler lived in the outskirts of what is now the city of Williamsburg, Virginia. At J...

Capt. Henry Tyler MP (1710 - 1777)

Jane V. Tyler (Griffin) MP (1845 - 1914)

Jared Tyler MP (1847 - d.)

Job Tyler MP (1675 - 1754)

Lt. Job Tyler MP (1727 - 1800)

Probably Lt. of 10th Company in 1777.

John Tyler MP (1819 - 1896)

Capt. John Tyler MP (1669 - 1756)

John Tyler, M.D. MP (1763 - 1841)

Never married. Tyler was the first to operate on cataracts. He studied in London, England. Dr. John TYLER d/1841 intestate, without any widow or children -- first President Central National Bank Fred...

Gov. John Tyler, Sr. MP (1747 - 1813)

John Tyler, Sr. served in the Continental Army in 1775, and after the Declaration of Independence, he was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates for several years, beginning in 1777. He was a Spea...

John Alexander Tyler MP (1848 - 1883)

John Alexander TYLER was born on 7 Apr 1848 in Charles City County, Virginia. He died on 1 Sep 1883. Parents: John TYLER (10th President of the USA) and Julia GARDINER. Spouse: Sarah Griswold GARDINE...

John Tyler MP (c.1663 - c.1745)

Later, John and his line of descendants migrated to Bladen County, North Carolina. The land was not the best, in fact some of it was swamp land. some of his descendants later years moved across the sta...

Capt. John Tyler MP (1724 - 1794)

Daughters of American Revolution Ancestor #: A200975 Service: MASSACHUSETTS Rank: CAPTAIN Birth: 9-19-1724 ATTLEBOROUGH BRISTOL CO MASSACHUSETTS Death: 1-11-1794 ATTLEBOROUGH BRISTOL CO MASSACHUS...

John Tyler, 10 President of the United States MP (1790 - 1862)

John TYLER (10th President of the USA) was born on 29 Mar 1790 in Greenway, Charles City County, Virginia. He served as as President of the United States from 1841 to 1845. He died on 17 Jan 1862 in Ri...

Deacon John Tyler MP (1746 - 1822)

Daughters of American Revolution Ancestor #: A117672 Service: MASSACHUSETTS Rank: SERGEANT Birth: 4-25-1746 ATTLEBOROUGH MASSACHUSETTS Death: 5-27-1822 ARARAT PENNSYLVANIA Service Description: ...

Rev. Josiah Tyler MP (1823 - 1895)

Josiah Tyler, son of Rev. Bennet Tyler and Esther Stone (dau. of Deacon John Stone and Esther Stowe), was for many years a missionary to South Africa. He was born on July 9, 1823 in Hanover, New Hampsh...

Julia Gardiner Spencer (Tyler) MP (1849 - 1871)

Julia Gardiner TYLER was born on 25 Dec 1849 in Charles City County, Virginia. She died on 8 May 1871. Parents: John TYLER (10th President of the USA) and Julia GARDINER. Spouse: William H. SPENCER. ...

Katherine Blount (Tyler) MP (deceased)

Kellum Tyler MP (deceased)

Lachlan Tyler M.D. (Tyler) MP (1851 - 1902)

Lachlan TYLER M. D. was born on 2 Dec 1851 in Charles City County, Virginia. He died in 1902. Parents: John TYLER (10th President of the USA) and Julia GARDINER. Spouse: Georgia POWELL. Lachlan TYLER...

Letitia Christian Semple (Tyler) MP (1821 - 1907)

Daughter of President John Tyler and his first wife, Letitia; acted as White House hostess in 1844. Married James A. Semple in 1839; opened a school, the Eclectic Institute, in Baltimore, Maryland. ...

Letitia Christian Tyler MP (1790 - 1842)

Letitia Christian Tyler, born Letitia Christian (November 12, 1790 – September 10, 1842), first wife of John Tyler, was First Lady of the United States from 1841 until her death. Letitia Tyler h...

Lettitia Smoote (Tyler) MP (c.1778 - d.)

Liv Tyler MP

Actress Liv Tyler appeared in an eclectic range of films, including Stealing Beauty, That Think You Do!, Inventing the Abbotts and big-budget studio film Armageddon before she achieved internat...

Lyon Gardiner Tyler MP (1852 - 1935)

Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Sr. (August 24, 1853 – February 12, 1935) was an American educator and historian.[1]

Margaret Tyler (Bradstreet) MP (1674 - 1735)

Margaret Tyler (Musgrove) MP (deceased)

Maria Tyler (Gordon) MP (1812 - d.)

Maria Bradley Belt (Tyler) MP (1830 - 1909)

Martha Tyler (Chaffee) MP (deceased)

Chaffee family goes back 4 more generations to 1640's. with Nathaniel Chaffee Born in Hull, Plymouth, AM on 1643. Nathaniel married Experience Bliss and had 10 children. He passed away on 28 Feb 1703 i...

Martha Valentine (Tyler) MP (1823 - 1891)

Mary Tyler MP (deceased)

Mary Seton Fraser Watts (Tyler) MP (1849 - 1938)

Biography Born in India, she was the daughter of Charles Edward Fraser Tytler of Balnain and Aldourie, but spent much of her youth in Scotland and settled in England in the 1860s. Trained at the Slad...

Mary Marot Tyler (Armistead) MP (c.1761 - 1797)

John Tyler married Mary Armistead (1761–1797) in 1777. They were the parents of 8 children: Anne Contesse Tyler (1778–1803) Elizabeth Armistead Tyler (1780–1824) Martha Jef...

Mary Palmer (Tyler) MP (1662 - 1693)

Mary Tyler (Stowell) MP (1730 - 1767)

Mary Tyler (Horton) MP (c.1629 - 1665)

Children Moses TYLER b: ABT 1641/42 in , Essex, MA Mary TYLER b: ABT 1644 Hopestill TYLER b: 1645/46 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA [--?--] TYLER b: 28 MAR 1646 Hannah TYLER John TYLER b: ABT 16...

Mary Tyler (Capron) MP (1696 - 1780)

Mary Capron was born on 26 March 1696 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts.3,4 She was the daughter of Banfield Capron and Elizabeth Callender. Mary Capron married Capt. Samuel Tyler on 19 December 1717 ...

Mary Bridges (Tyler), Salem Witch Trials MP (c.1644 - 1706)

Tried for witchcraft at Salem, sentenced, then reprieved. -------------------------------------- Mary Tyler Post Bridges (1644-??) - Mary Tyler was born to Job and Mary Horton Tyler in about 1644. ...

Mary Sarah Tyler (Belcher) MP (1709 - 1742)

Siblings: Hannah Tucker (born Belcher), Abigail Clapp (born Belcher), Moses Belcher, William Belcher, Elijah Belcher, Elisha Belcher, Ebenezer Belcher, Ebenezer Belcher, Elizabeth Belcher, Mehitable B...

Mary Blount (Tyler) MP (deceased)

Mary Farnham (Tyler) MP (1668 - c.1733)

Children of John and Mary: Mary, b. in Andover, Mass., March 16th, 1694, m. Nathan Penniman, of Mendon, Mlass., December th, 1716. Anna, b. January 18th, 1696, d. April 20th, 1696. John, b. in ...

Mary Jones (Tyler) MP (1815 - 1848)

Mehitable Tyler (Andrews) MP (1731 - 1823)

AKA "Mabel" Andrews Tyler Early Families of Wallingford Connecticut by Charles Henry Clarke Page 13

Mercy Tyler (Thacher) MP (1751 - 1835)

Nancy Ann Meade (Tyler) MP (1823 - 1850)

Maiden name given as TOLER in some reports.

Nanne Thacher (Tyler) MP (1754 - 1816)

Nicholas Tyler MP (deceased)

NN Tyler (NN) MP (deceased)

NN Tyler (NN) MP (c.1674 - d.)

NN Tyler MP (deceased)

NN Tyler, of Maryland MP (deceased)

NN Tyler (NN) MP (deceased)

Pearl Ellis (Tyler) MP (1860 - 1947)

Ralph Tyler MP (1810 - 1871)

Rebecca Tyler (Potter) MP (1663 - 1719)

Rebecca Potter1 Father Joseph Potter1 b. 1635, d. 17 Aug 1669 Mother Phebe Ives1 b. 2 Oct 1642, d. 1682 Rebecca Potter was born on 26 May 1663, in New Haven, CT.1 She married Samuel Frisbie c 1680....

Robert Tyler MP (1816 - 1877)

Robert TYLER was born on 9 Sep 1816 in Charles City County, Virginia. He died on 3 Dec 1877 in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama. Parents: John TYLER (10th President of the USA) and Letitia CHRI...

Robert Fitzwalter Tyler MP (1856 - 1927)

Robert Fitzwalter TYLER was born on 12 Mar 1856 in Charles City County, Virginia. He died in 1927. Parents: John TYLER (10th President of the USA) and Julia GARDINER. Spouse: Fannie GLINN. Robert F...

Robert Tyler MP (deceased)

Roger Tyler MP (c.1659 - d.)