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Richard "Mayflower" Warren's Unknown Father MP (deceased)

Unknown father of Almira (deceased)

Moshe Taubenblat Unknown Father's Name (deceased)

Moshe Taubenblat unknown Father's Surname (deceased)

N. N. Unknown father (deceased)

N. N. Unknown father (deceased)

NN Unknown father of Nils Carl Pettersson (deceased)

NN unknown father (deceased)

NN Unknown father (deceased)

Rachel Sarah Poplack (unknown father Moishe) (1881 - 1915)

Schlomo Kazimierek (Unknown father) (c.1920 - c.1942)

Shlomo Kazimierek was born to Liba. He was a child. Prior to WWII he lived in Mlawa, Poland. Shlomo was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based on a Page of Testimony by Beniamin Osterko

Tziporah Taubenblat unknown Father's Surname (deceased)

unknown unknown father of Dora (deceased)

unknown unknown father (deceased)

Unknown Unknown (Unknown father) (deceased)


Unknown Father of Florence O'Callaghan (O'Callaghan, Unknown Father of Florence O'Callaghan) (deceased)

Yachiel Unknown Father's Name (deceased)