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Maria Urquico-Aquino MP (b. - 1928)

Maria Valeriano Urquico was the youngest child of a wealthy landowner. She was also one of the Philippines’ first certified public accountants.

Abelino Urquico (deceased)

Antonio Urquico (deceased)

Capital Antonio Urquico was a rich rice merchant from Tarlac and one of the province’s first Katipuneros in the fight for freedom from Spanish rule.

Arsenia Valeriano Urquico (c.1890 - d.)

Arsenio Lascon Urquico (deceased)

Arsenio Urquico (deceased)

Arturo Urquico (deceased)

Avelino Urquico (deceased)

Baby Boy Urquico (c.1960 - c.1960)

Benigno Padilla Urquico, Sr. (deceased)

Candelaria Urquico (deceased)

Clemente Urquico (deceased)

Emmanuel Urquico (c.1959 - c.1959)

Esperanza Urquico (deceased)

Felix Urquico (deceased)

Flerida Urquico (deceased)

Florencio Urquico (deceased)

Jose Valeriano Urquico (deceased)

Jose Urquico was a distinguished lawyer and agriculturist. He served as municipal councilor of Tarlac and was elected Tarlac Governor for two consecutive terms (1931-1937).

Juana Lacson Urquico (deceased)

Leonila Urquico (deceased)

Manuel Urquico (deceased)

Manuel Valeriano Urquico (c.1884 - d.)

Manuel Lacson Urquico (deceased)

Marciana Urquico (deceased)

Maria Carmen Lacson Urquico (deceased)

Marianito Urquico (deceased)

Mariano Pamintuan Urquico (deceased)

Mariano Pamintuan Urquico (deceased)

Mariano Pamintuan Urquico (deceased)

Pablo Urquico (deceased)

Pepe Urquico (deceased)

Pilar Urquico (deceased)

Proceso Urquico (deceased)

Proceso Urquico (deceased)

Purificacion Beltran Urquico (Beltran) (b. - 1975)

Yrineo Urquico (deceased)