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Maria Urquico-Aquino MP (b. - 1928)

Maria Valeriano Urquico was the youngest child of a wealthy landowner. She was also one of the Philippines’ first certified public accountants.

Abelino Urquico (deceased)

Antonio Urquico (deceased)

Capital Antonio Urquico was a rich rice merchant from Tarlac and one of the province’s first Katipuneros in the fight for freedom from Spanish rule.

Arsenia Valeriano Urquico (c.1890 - d.)

Arsenio Urquico (deceased)

Arsenio Lascon Urquico (deceased)

Avelino Urquico (deceased)

Candelaria Urquico (deceased)

Clemente Urquico (deceased)

Esperanza Urquico (deceased)

Jose Valeriano Urquico (deceased)

Jose Urquico was a distinguished lawyer and agriculturist. He served as municipal councilor of Tarlac and was elected Tarlac Governor for two consecutive terms (1931-1937).

Juana Lacson Urquico (deceased)

Manuel Urquico (deceased)

Manuel Lacson Urquico (deceased)

Manuel Valeriano Urquico (c.1884 - d.)

Maria Carmen Lacson Urquico (deceased)

Mariano Pamintuan Urquico (deceased)

Mariano Pamintuan Urquico (deceased)

Mariano Pamintuan Urquico (deceased)

Pablo Urquico (deceased)

Pepe Urquico (deceased)

Proceso Urquico (deceased)

Yrineo Urquico (deceased)