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Catarina van Angola MP (bef.1650 - d.)

Cecilia Herbst (van Angola), SM/PROG MP (c.1650 - c.1686)

is known to be the mother of Johannes and Agenietie van de Caep (by Jan Herfst or Herbst). It is speculated that she MIGHT be the mother of Jannetje Bastijans (also spelled Bastians or Bastiaens) since...

Cecilia van Angola MP (c.1650 - d.)

'Maaij' Claesje van Angola MP (1650 - bef.1732)

Note: The woman in the picture. This is not Maaij Claesje, this is a fragment of a paintjng by Annibale Carracci c. 1584 Tomasso, Italy. This woman is unknown and may not even be a slave. Claasje...

Nicolaes Emanuel van Angola MP (1649 - aft.1737)

Origins near the "Fresh Water Pond", Chatham Square or Out Ward, Manhattan=== Cohen p. 26: Three of the colored* landowners living near the Fresh Water in the 1670s were John De Vries {aka Jan de Vries...

Aaron van Angola (1694 - d.)

1709.03.22 Aaron Angola M AGE: 15 SELLER: Jan Meijn. Snr. Kruijwagen BUYER: Steven Cronje

Abraham van Angola (bef.1669 - d.)

1669.04.09 Abraham Angola M SELLER: Jacob Borghorst BUYER; Johannes Adrianus Voogt, de

AnanthaIyengar Angola (deceased)

Andries van Angola (deceased)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Aug 8 2019, 14:41:32 UTC

Andries Van Angola (b. - bef.1665)

New Amsterdam DRC marriage===1642 28 Sep; Andries van Angola, Neger; Anna van Angola, wid Francisco van Capo Verde

Andries van Angola (bef.1711 - d.)

Andries Angola M SELLER: Woodes Rogers BUYER: Hendrik Bouwman

Anna Van Angola (b. - aft.1665)

see: Peter Christoph: The Freedmen of New Amsterdam• Anna Van Angola was twice widowed and then, in Feb 1647, she was granted land ( 3 morgens = 6-7 acres)

(another partner) van Angola (deceased)

??? > 1642 28 Sep; Andries van Angola, Neger; Anna van Angola, wid Francisco van Capo Verde

Anthoniij van Angola (Angola) (b. - 1696)

1658.04.22 Anthonij van Angola male Seller: VOC. Buyer: Nataniel West 1658. 12.05 Anthonij van Angola Seller: Nathaniel West. Buyer: Christiaan Kansz van Hoesum Reference no.: MOOC8/1.16 Test...

Antonio D'Angola (bef.1643 - d.)

Baptized in New Amsterdam at the Dutch Reformed Church*officially declared free: March 11, 1661 ( Year book of the Holland Society of New York) *1643 Aug 30; Cleyn Anthony van Angola; Anthony ; Dorothe...

Anthony Agola (Angola) (1836 - 1861)

Atonio Angola (deceased)

Catalina van Angola (b. - bef.1641)

May 5, 1641, Anthony van Angola, the patentee, who was then the widower of Catalina van Angola , married Lucie D'Angola, widow of Laurens D'Angola. — Marr. in Re/. Dutch Church, 10. ===note===Don't hes...

Catharina Van Angola (1641 - d.)

baptism=1641 Jul 07; Jacom Anthoney van Angola; Catharina ; Cleyn Anthony Van Angola, Susanna Van Angola

Catharina van Angola (c.1600 - d.)

Catharina van Angola (1640 - d.)

There is an unproven assumption here that since the father baptized two children in the same year that there are two mothers. One is unknown.

Christina van Angola (bef.1662 - d.)

1662.04.20 Christina Angola F SELLER: Johannes van Riebeeck BUYER: Albert Dirkz Diemer

Christina van Angola (1688 - 1688)

Christyntie van Angola (1680 - d.)

Cirilo Juan Angola Vivas (deceased)

Claas van Angola (bef.1671 - d.)

Claas Angola M AGE:24 SELLER: Matthijs Cooymans BUYER: Dirk Jansen Smient

Claas van Angola (bef.1678 - d.)

* 1678.01.12 Claas Angola M SELLER: Willem Vorbus BUYER: Steven Jansz Wageningen, van

Claesje van Angola (bef.1662 - d.)

1662.04.19 Claesje Angola M SELLER: Johannes van Riebeeck BUYER: Roelof Mann, de

Concetta D'Angola (Definis) (deceased)

Constiniy van Angola (1680 - d.)

Eodem dito (19 April)1680* Constniy * Catarina van Anogla een Comp' slavin

Dirk van Angola (bef.1711 - d.)

* 1711.04.19 Dirk Angola M SELLER: Woodes Rogers BUYER: Hendrik Bouwman

Dolores Angola (deceased)

Domingo van Angola (bef.1711 - d.)

* 1711.04.19 Domingo Angola M SELLER: Woodes Rogers BUYER: Hendrik Bouwman

Domingo van Angola (bef.1666 - d.)

1666.04.06 Domingo m Angola Seller: Abraham Gabemma. Buyer: Albert Diemer Gabemma leaves Cape

Domingo van Angola (c.1645 - d.)

1662.04.20 Domingo Angola Seller:Johannes van Riebeeck Buyer: Roelof Mann, de 1666.04.06 Domingo Angola Seller: Abraham Gabemma Buyer: Albert Diemer DEPOT KAB SOURCE CJ TYPE LEER

Dominicus Angola (1646 - d.)

baptism record===1646 Jun 25; Paulus Van Angola-Neger; Dominicus ; Emanuel Grande Esperance, Jan de Vries perhaps Emanuel Grande Esperance is the Emauel who is referred to as Emanuel brother-in-law o...

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Dorothea van Angola, PROG (deceased)

Mansell Upham states that she is likely the mother of Elisabeth (Lijsbeth) [van Wijck] van de Caep & Johanna (Jannetje] [van Wijck] van de Caep, the father being Willem van Wyk SV/PROG. See: . (p.16, n...

Dorothe Van Angola, SM/Prog (c.1655 - d.)

Elisabeth Beijers (Van Angola) (deceased)

Elizabeth van Angola (c.1650 - aft.1694)

G1 1/1, Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, Kerken Boek (Bapt.): Anno 1670 Den 1[4/9] Sept een dochterke van Elisabeth van Bangale [Angola], wiert genaamt Maria tot getuyge stonden, Anthoni en Catharyn, 1...

Emanuel d'Angola? (bef.1673 - d.)

baptism record===1673 Jan 12; Francoys d'Angola, Anna Marie; Emanuel ; Theunis ??, Marritie Jans

Emanuel van Angola, aka Jacom Anthony Van Angola (c.1600 - d.)

Emanuel Van Angola had at least two partners who bore him children: This is from: not all of these Emmanels are necessarily the same man 1640 Sep 23; Emanuel van Angola; Catharina; Dominicus Theunis...

Emanuel van Angola (1683 - d.)

baptism record===1683 Mar 31; Claes Emanuels, Lucretia Lowys; Emanuel ; Pieter Tamboer, Barbara EmanuelsClaes Manuel died and his children, Lewis, Elizabeth and ManuelClaessesn, inherited his share. (s...

Eumenia Carrero Angola (1873 - 1966)

Fernando Angola Millán (deceased)

Florence Wilson-Angola (Collins) (deceased)

Fortuin van Angola (c.1694 - c.1714)

Fortuin van Angola== Born c. 1694, in Angola>>H.F. Heese, Reg en Onreg (Kaapse Regspraak in die Agtiende Eeu) (Belville, South Africa: Instituut vir Historiese Navorsing, Universiteit van Wes-Kaapland,...

Francesco D'Angola (deceased)

Francisco de Paula Méndez Angola (1829 - d.)

Isaac van Angola (1695 - d.)

1709.03.20 Isaac Angola M AGE: 14 SELLER: Jan Meijn. Snr. Kruijwagen BUYER: Steven Cronje

Isabel van Angola (1642 - d.)

1672.04.12 Isabel Angola F AGE: 30 SELLER: Jan Reijmersz BUYER: Wijnantz Leendertz Please do not merge with Isabella claasz

Isabella Angola (Claasen) (deceased)

Isabella van Angola (c.1640 - d.)

1662.04.22 Isabella Angola F SELLER; Johannes van Riebeeck BUYER: Hendrik Zuurwarden, van

Isabella van Quaelbergen (Van Angola) (c.1640 - d.)

Isabella van Angola (c.1642 - d.)

Isabel (?) d'Angola (?) (deceased)

based on witnessing of a baptism, SImon Congo's wife might be Isabel D'Angola 1640 Jul 22; Jan van't fort Orangien; Maria ; Simon Congoy , Isabel D'Angola (Negers) but ... then there's this bap...

Jacom Anthoney Angola aka Emanuel van Angola (deceased)

Possible wife=1642 28 Sep; Andries van Angola, Neger; Anna van Angola , wid Francisco van Capo Verde=Possible child= * based on baptism• 1645 Feb 05; Andries Van Angola; Tryntie; Pieter Van Camp, Marie...

Jacqie Joij Gratias van Angola, SV/PROG (c.1647 - c.1683)

1659.09.18 Jackie Joy,1 Angola Age:12 Seller: Thomas Muller & Elbertsz Buyer: Johan Anthoniszoon van Riebeeck, SV/PROG 1662.05.01 Jackie Joy,1 Angola Seller: Johannes van Riebeeck Buyer: Roelof de Ma...

Jajenne van Angola (bef.1659 - d.)

1659.09.18 Jajenne Anglo Seller: Johannes van Riebeeck Buyer:Jochem Elbertsz

Jan van Angola (bef.1662 - d.)

1662.04.20 Jan Angola Seller: Johannes van Riebeeck Buyer: Roelof Mann, de * 1666.04.06 Jan Angola Seller: Abraham Gabemma Buyer: Albert Diemer* * DEPOT KAB * SOURCE CJ * TYPE LEER

Jan Kok van Angola (bef.1705 - d.)

1705.09.29 Jan Kok Angola M SELLER: Jan Dirk Beer, BUYER: De Simon Stel, Van Der

Jan Meeuw van Angola (1646 - d.)

1659.09.18 Jan Meeuw Angola M AGE:13 SELLER: Thomas Muller & Elbertsz BUYER: Johannes Riebeeck, van

Janneken Angola (1649 - d.)

baptism: 1649 Aug 29; Paulus Neger; Janneken; Franciscus and Christina

João Matias Condesso (Morreu em Angola) (1883 - d.)

Johanna Bastijans van de Caap (van Angola) (c.1663 - d.)

José de Jesús Angola Bautista (deceased)

José del Carmen Méndez Angola (deceased)

José Miguel Angola (deceased)

José Valentín Angola Vivas (deceased)

Laurens Laurensz d'Angola (1643 - d.)

Central Africans, Atlantic Creoles, and the Foundation of the Americas page 348 birth

Laurens d'Angola (b. - bef.1641)

death ascertained by the subsequent marriage of his widow:d. before 5 May 1641Lucie, widow of Laurens d'Angola, m. (2) 5 May 1641 NYC Ref Ch, Anthony Van Angola. ---Sources: Dickenson, Richard, "Abstra...

Laurens d' Angola (c.1578 - 1641)

Laurens D'Angola (b. - bef.1641)

May 5, 1641, Anthony van Angola, the patentee, who was then the widower of Catalina van Angola, married Lucie D'Angola, widow of Laurens D'Angola . — Marr. in Re/. Dutch Church, 10.

Ligia Angola (deceased)

Louis van Angola (1725 - d.)

* 1725.02.06 Louis Angola M SELLER: Esaias, E. Meijer BUYER: Jacob Manshoorn * 1725.02.06 Louis Angola M SELLER: Jacob Marshoorn BUYER: Steven Burgh V D

Lovyse van Angola (1643 - bef.1682)

could this be the correct Lovyse? > 1640 Jul 29; Pieter Pye; Lovyse; Jorgien Roelofs (sergt.), Ederine Cunelys, Janneken Thomas {source New amsterdam baptisms}1643 Apr 19; , Catharina Van Angola ; Lovy...

Lucia Cisilotto (D'Angola) (1944 - d.)

Lucie d'Angola (b. - bef.1643)

d'Angola Laurens Laurens d'Angola d. before 5 May 1641 •Lucie, widow of Laurens d'Angola, m. (2) 5 May 1641 NYC Ref Ch, Anthony Van Angola. ---Sources: Dickenson, Richard, "Abstracts of Early Black Man...

Lucretia van Angola (1677 - d.)

1702.02.02 Lucretia Angola F AGE: 25 SELLER: Dirk Slatius BUYER:Johannes Mahieu

Lysbeth van Angola (1681 - d.)

Maaij Claesje van Angola (c.1645 - bef.1732)

Magdalena van Angola (b. - bef.1641)

Maia d'Angola (deceased)

Manuel de Abreu Berenguer (faleceu em Angola) (deceased)

Manuel van Angola, SV/PROG (deceased)

==Manuel van Angola==* b. circa 1645* The First Fifty Years Project * On 28 March 1658, Manuel van Angola and Elisabeth van Angola arrived at Cape from Angola on board the Amersfoort.* They were among ...

Maria Tuite (Angola) (bef.1849 - bef.1909)

María Consolación Angola (deceased)

María de la Guía Angola (deceased)

María del Carmen Angola (deceased)

María Dolores Angola (deceased)

María Eumenia Carrero Angola (1872 - d.)

María Guadalupe Méndez Angola (deceased)

Maria d'Angola (deceased)

possible marriage in Dutch Reformed Church===1654 01 Feb; Anthony Mattheuszen; Maria Anthony, Negres Slaves had many names assigned to them. I do not have total conviction about this reference {~• MM...

María Presentación Angola (1831 - 1886)

Marij van Angola, SM/PROG (c.1638 - c.1719)

Marij van AngolaLatest research done by the First Fifty Years project points to Marij van Angola as the mother of Maria Lozee / Loosëe who married the Steyn progenitor in South Africa. More informatin ...

Maria Mattyse (1712 - d.)

Pat Wardell's work on the surname Looking into the future' : 'Maria's (Marytie) {probable} father married 2nd Jora (widow of Aree van Genee ...from whence came the surname Aray ... prominent in Michiga...

Moses van Angola (bef.1732 - d.)


N.N. Van Angola (deceased)

I THINK THIS PERSON IS REFERENCED IN IN PHELPS-STOKES: P.(74) (D) “GRANT TO CATALINA ANTHONY" (WIDOW OF JOCHIM ANTHONY) ground brief: July 13th 1643 > sold to Augustyn Hermans June 15, 1668OR:This pers...

Paulo Angola (b. - c.1653)

• The slave of Captain Jan de Vries ; served with Hilary Creole , another 'slave' who bore de Vries a son.• 30 Dec 1644 Paulo D'Angola (free neg.) granted 3 morgens on Manhattan> [O'Callaghan, History ...