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Elisabeth van Brabant MP (1273 - 1350)

Godfried van Brabant, heer van Aarschot MP (c.1255 - 1302)

Zie Wikipedia... Note by Mary Susan Newton Please Help me with this research because what I'v e already found, means the this family is alive and well, thriving in the world today. After much s...

Hendrik van Brabant, Landgraf von Hessen MP (1244 - 1308)

First Landgrave of Hesse of the House of Brabant and founder of the house of Hesse Links: Wikipedia Landgrave of Hesse: 1247–1308 Predecessor: Henry Raspe, Landgrave of Thuringia Succes...

Henry III, duke of Brabant MP (c.1230 - 1261)

Henry III of Brabant (c. 1230 – February 28, 1261, Leuven) was Duke of Brabant between 1248 and his death. He was the son of Henry II of Brabant and Marie of Hohenstaufen. The disputed territory of L...

Jan I, hertog van Brabant MP (1252 - 1294)

John I, Duke of Brabant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John I of Brabant, also called John the Victorious (Leuven 1252/1253 – May 3, 1294 in Leuven) was Duke of Brabant (1267–1294), Lothier an...

Jan III, hertog van Brabant MP (1300 - 1355)

John III, Duke of Brabant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John III, Duke of Brabant - Wikipedia - English Jan III van Brabant - Wikipedia - Dutch

Machteld, countess of Holland MP (c.1197 - 1267)

Machteld van Brabant Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie Machteld in Wikipedia NL Machteld van Brabant (±1200 - 1267), de dochter van hertog Hendrik I van Brabant, was getrouwd met graaf Floris ...

Maria van Brabant MP (1277 - 1328)

Maria van Brabant MP (c.1324 - 1399)


Mathilde van Brabant MP (1224 - 1288)

Mathilde de Brabant, née en 1224, morte le 29 septembre 1288, était fille d'Henri II, duc de Brabant et de Marie de Hohenstaufen. Elle épousa en premières noces à Compiègne le 14 juin 1237 Robert...

? Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Adelia Van Brabant (Longchamps) MP (1926 - 2010)

Ambroise François VAN BRABANT MP (1743 - d.)

Angelina Couture (Van Brabant) MP (1915 - 1993)

Anna Van Brabant MP (deceased)


Anna Van Brabant (Fontaine) MP (1891 - 1981)

Anna Maria Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Antoon Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Arnold Van Brabant MP (1721 - 1782)

Arnold Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Beatrix van Brabant, gravin van Vlaanderen MP (1225 - 1288)

Blanche van Brabant MP (c.1283 - 1306)

Charles Josephus Maria Van Brabant MP (1909 - 1973)

Charles Van Brabant MP (1909 - 1973)

Charles Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Clarissa van Brabant MP (1095 - 1140)

Cordula Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Denise Borde (Van Brabant) MP (deceased)

Elisabeth de Cleves (van Brabant) MP (c.1214 - 1272)

Elisabeth Van Brabant MP (1739 - 1801)

Elisabeth Van Brabant MP (b. - c.1792)

Elisabeth van Rocourt (van Brabant) MP (deceased)

Elisabeth van Brabant Aarschot MP (deceased)

Elisabeth van Brabant MP (deceased)

Elizabeth van Brabant (von Hessen) MP (1243 - 1261)

Elodie Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Emma Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Engelbertus Van Brabant MP (1766 - d.)

Filips van Brabant MP (deceased)

Filips van Brabant, heer van Kruibeke MP (b. - 1479)

Franco van Brabant MP (deceased)

Francois Van Brabant MP (deceased)

François Van Brabant MP (1914 - 1990)

Gabrielle Sister Palmyra Van Brabant MP (1916 - 1997)

Gaby Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Gentiel Van Brabant MP (1880 - 1926)

Born and raised in Belgium, Gentiel emigrated in Canada at the turn of the century. He made his way to St-Paul-des-Métis in February, 1906. He worked for the missionaries until the reserve closed in 19...

Georges Van Brabant MP (1924 - 2000)

Georgette Van Brabant MP (1919 - 2001)

Godfried van Brabant MP (c.1200 - 1254)

NOTE:Ridder (1231); graaf van Leuven; vermeld als heer van Baucignies (1246), Leeuw (1251) en Gaesbeek (1251). Het huwelijk is voltrokken na de vermelde datum en < 7 aug 1243

Godfried van Brabant MP (c.1329 - 1352)

Goessaart Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Gyselbrecht van Brabant MP (deceased)

Heinrich, hertog van Brabant MP (c.1327 - 1349)

Hendrik IV van Brabant MP (c.1252 - d.)

Hendrik IV was mentaal gestoord. Hij volgde zijn vader op 10-jarige leeftijd op als graaf van Leuven. Omwille van zijn gezondheid ging de titel na 6 jaar over op zijn jongere broer, Jan I van Brabant. ...

Henri Joseph Paul Van Brabant MP (1918 - 2002)

Henricus Gentiel Van Brabant MP (1846 - d.)

Still need confirming paperwork that this is Gentiel's parents. This information was found on the Frazer family tree on

Ida Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Ida Van Brabant MP (b. - 1856)

Isabella-Rosa Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Isabelle VAN BRABANT MP (1774 - d.)

Jacob Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Jacob Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Jacobus Van Brabant MP (b. - 1834)

Jan Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Jan Van Brabant MP (1440 - d.)

Jan van Brabant, jong overleden, dus niet getrouwd! MP (1327 - c.1335)

in Medlands it is claimed that he actually married Marie de France they both died before the age of 10

Jan van Brabant MP (b. - 1428)

Jan van Brabant MP (b. - 1324)

Jan Hendrik Hendrik van Brabant, Hertog MP (1252 - d.)

Jan IV (I) van Brabant van Glymes MP (c.1390 - 1427)

Jan Jan Hendrik van Brabant MP (c.1290 - c.1357)

Jean graaf van Brabant MP (c.1275 - 1302)

Jeanne Van Brabant MP (1925 - 1986)

Jeanne Françoise VAN BRABANT MP (1777 - d.)

Jeanne Van Brabant MP (1925 - 1986)

Jeanne Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Joanna Teresia Van Brabant MP (1770 - d.)

Johanna van Brabant MP (deceased)

Joos Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Jos Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Josephine Van Brabant MP (1912 - 1993)

Judoca Van Brabant MP (1645 - d.)

Jules Van Brabant MP (1921 - 2002)

Lambert Van Brabant MP (1765 - 1850)

Lambertus Van Brabant MP (1813 - 1897)

Lieve Elisabeth van Brabant (Elzenga) MP (1931 - 1931)

Lijsbeth Janssen Brant (van Brabant) MP (deceased)

Ludovicus Lodewijk Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Machteld van Brabant MP (b. - 1366)

Machteld van Brabant MP (deceased)

Marcel Van Brabant MP (1918 - 1991)

Marcel Van Brabant MP (deceased)

Margaret of Brabant MP (1276 - 1311)

Margaret of Brabant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Margaret of Brabant (4 October 1276–14 December 1311, Genoa), was the daughter of John I, Duke of Brabant and Margaret of Flanders. She was...

Margaretha deMale Flanders Nevers (van Brabant) MP (1323 - 1368)

Louis II of Flanders From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1347, he married Margaret of Brabant (1323–1368), daughter of John III, Duke of Brabant. They had three children: Pierre (died young)...

Margaretha van Brabant MP (1231 - d.)

Margrite van Brabant MP (c.1322 - d.)

Maria van Brabant MP (1638 - 1675)

Maria Van Brabant MP (1907 - 1985)

Maria Van Brabant MP (deceased)