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Armosyn Claasz van de Caep, SM MP (c.1661 - c.1733)

Armosyn Claasz, Cape Born, appears never to be recorded halfslagh - see Mansell Upham in 'Armosyn Revisited'. See First Fifty Year Project at Armozyn/Armosyn Claasz van de Kaap It would seem that...

Margaritha Jans van de Caep, b7 SM MP (c.1665 - d.)

The First Fifty Years Project

? Jannetje Bastijans (Van de Caep) (c.1663 - d.)

One of the earliest Cape-born slaves. Best candidate for her mother is Cecilia van Angola.

Agenietie ("Johannes") Herbst/Van de Caep (1685 - d.)

Amarensie van de Caep / van Bengale (deceased)

Anna Elisabeth Van de Caep (c.1708 - d.)

Anthonij van de Caep (1665 - d.)

Anthonij van de Caep was born in bondage and was owned by the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) at the Cape., before 6 September 1665 Den 6 Septemb. 1665 Noch van de slavinnen der Ed. Oosti...

Catharina van de Caep / van Bengale (deceased)

Cecilia Van de Caep (c.1686 - d.)

Christina Catharina Pietersz (Van de Caep) (c.1664 - d.)

Clara Herbst/Van de Caep (deceased)

For more information see website "The first fifty years project"

Cornelia van de Caep (1669 - d.)

See here:

Elijsabeth 'Lijsbeth' Jans van de Caep (c.1663 - d.)

Slave. Poss mother: Koddo van Guinea1 b. c 1640 Family 1 Johann Andresen b. c 1654, d. c 1698 Children: Lourens van Ahrendtsdorf b. 29 Jul 1685 Regina van Ahrendtsdorf b. 11 May 1692 And...

Gerbrecht Vosloo (Herbst/Van de Caep) (1702 - d.)

Gerrit Van de Caep (c.1690 - d.)

Born company slave

Jeptha van de Caep (deceased)

Johannes van de Caep (deceased)

Johannes Van de Caep (c.1693 - d.)

Born company slave

Lea van de Caep (deceased)

Lena van de Caep (deceased)

Lijsbeth Sanders (Van de Caep) (c.1662 - c.1742)

See the article by Susie Newton-King: Sodomy, race and respectability in Stellenbosch and Drakenstein, 1689 – 1762: the story of a family, loosely defined This is an intriguing story about...

Margaretha van de Caep (deceased)

Margaretha Van de Caep (c.1686 - d.)

Maria Pieters (? Van de Caep) (c.1677 - d.)

It is likely that Maria Pieters with daughter Cecilia De Groot is the same person as Maria Van de Caep (daughter of Cape born slave Jannetje Bastijans Van de Caep) who was known to have a daughter Ceci...

Petronella van de Caep (deceased)

Unknown Van de Caep (deceased)