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Armosyn Claasz van de Caep, SM MP (c.1661 - c.1733)

Armosyn Claasz, Cape Born, appears never to be recorded halfslagh - see Mansell Upham in 'Armosyn Revisited'. See First Fifty Year Project at Armozyn/Armosyn Claasz van de Kaap It would seem that...

Margaritha Jans van de Caep, b7 SM MP (c.1665 - d.)

The First Fifty Years Project

Amarensie van de Caep / van Bengale (deceased)

Anthonij van de Caep (1665 - d.)

Anthonij van de Caep was born in bondage and was owned by the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) at the Cape., before 6 September 1665 Den 6 Septemb. 1665 Noch van de slavinnen der Ed. Oosti...

Catharina van de Caep / van Bengale (deceased)

Cecilia Van de Caep (c.1686 - d.)

Father listed as Cornelis solvate

Cornelia van de Caep (1669 - d.)

See here:

Elijsabeth 'Lijsbeth' Jans van de Caep (c.1663 - d.)

Slave. Poss mother: Koddo van Guinea1 b. c 1640 Family 1 Johann Andresen b. c 1654, d. c 1698 Children: Lourens van Ahrendtsdorf b. 29 Jul 1685 Regina van Ahrendtsdorf b. 11 May 1692 And...

Gerrit Van de Caep (c.1690 - d.)

Born company slave

Jannetje Bastigans (Van de Caep) (deceased)

One of the earliest Cape-born slaves.

Jeptha van de Caep (deceased)

Johannes Van de Caep (c.1693 - d.)

Born company slave

Johannes van de Caep (deceased)

Lea van de Caep (deceased)

Lena van de Caep (deceased)

Margaretha Van de Caep (c.1686 - d.)

Margaretha van de Caep (deceased)

Maria Pieters (c.1676 - d.)

Concubine first of Andreas Peters. Then probably was living as a free black woman and married Pieter Pieterz de Groot.

Petronella van de Caep (deceased)