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Abraham Van Horne, Snr. MP (c.1699 - 1759) ; Abraham Van Horne, son of -- Matthyse Corneliussen and Fytie Brouwer , was baptized in the Dutch Reform Church, Brooklyn on 15 Jan 1699 ; died at Whi...

Bernard Barent van Horne MP (1727 - 1778)

The only children listed for Bernard/Barent and Sarah Van Pelt VanHorne were Isaac VanHorn (Gen. Isaac), born around 1754 and Joseph VanHorne, born in 1757/8. Apparently Bernard's first wife Sarah ...

Catharine Cock McEvers (Van Horne) MP (1704 - d.)

Born to Abraham of New York and Married to Peter Cock, merchant of Philadelphia.... All part of a far flung trading empire of the day.

Dorothy van Horne (Johns) MP (1755 - 1843)

Dorothy was the daughter of a Dr. Samuel Johns. She was first married to a Mr. Isaac (??) Marple. They had three small daughters when she was widowed. She and Gen. Isaac had nine more children. See chi...

Elisabeth, gravin van Horne MP (1605 - 1664)

Louis of Nassau, lord of den Lek and Beverweerd From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louis of Nassau (1602 – 28 February 1665) was a Dutch soldier. He was the illegitimate son of Margaretha van Me...

Engelbert van Horne, heer van Ghoor MP (c.1195 - c.1265)

Rep. Isaac van Horne (DemRep-PA) MP (1754 - 1834)

Gen. Isaac VanHorne was a captain in the Revolutionary War and was appointed a General in the War of 1812. Before moving to Zanesville, where he was a community leader and organizer of the town, he ser...

Graff Jacob van Horne MP (c.1410 - 1488)

Graaf van Horne, heer van Altena, Kortessem, Montigny, Weert, Wessem, Bocholt, Cranendonck, Eindhoven Recueil généalogique de familles originaires des Pays-Bas ou y établies Europaische Stammtafeln...

Jacob II, graaf van Horne MP (c.1450 - 1530)

Register op de Leenaktenboeken van het vorstendom Gelre en graafschap Zutphen

Jacob III, graaf van Horne MP (c.1480 - 1531)

Jan van Horne, seigneur de Baucigny MP (c.1380 - 1436)

Zie Wikipedia... )

Maximiliaan van Horne, heer van Houtekerke MP (c.1480 - 1542)

Maximiliaan van Horne Knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece born - 1480 - † 3 Feb 1542 father - Arnold van Horne mother - Margaretha van Montmorency married - in 1504 to Barbara van Mont...

Maximilien Emmanuel, III. prins van Horne MP (1695 - 1763) ; ;

Philippe de Montmorency, graaf van Horne MP (c.1524 - 1568)

See Wikipedia... Philip de Montmorency (1524 – 5 June 1568, Brussels) was also known as Count of Horn or Hoorne or Hoorn. Biography De Montmorency was born, between 1518 and 1526, possibly ...

Sarah van Horne (van Pelt) MP (1719 - d.)

Willem I, heer van Horne en Altena MP (c.1199 - bef.1264)

NOTE:Heer van Horne; heer van Altena na de dood van Dirk III van Altena (zijn zwager). Hij is getuige voor Rutger van Merum (1189) en getuige voor graaf Otto van Gelre ten behoeve van de Abdij van Werd...

Willem I van Horne, heer van Cranendonck en Eindhoven MP (bef.1243 - bef.1289) ; ; heer van Eindhoven en Cranendonck. Willem was de eerste die zich Heer van ’Cranendunc’ noemde. De genealogie van de familie van Horne is verre van duideli...

Willem VIII, heer van Horne MP (bef.1358 - 1415)

Un site de langue néerlandaise mentionne un décès à la bataille d'Azincourt, le 25 octobre 1415 pour ceux qui n'ont pas suivi en histoire. Recueil généalogique de familles originaires des Pays-Bas ou y...

Willem Adriaan I van Horne, heer van Kessel MP (1580 - 1625)

Van Horne MP (deceased)

Van Horne MP (deceased)

(Female) van Horne MP (deceased)

? van Horne (von Reifferscheidt) MP (deceased)

[??] Van Horne MP (deceased)

[??] Van Horne MP (deceased)

[??] Van Horne MP (deceased)

[??] Van Horne MP (deceased)

Abraham van Horne MP (1731 - 1734)

Abraham C van Horne MP (1815 - 1900)

Abraham van Horne MP (1790 - 1871)

Abraham van Horne MP (1731 - 1740)

Abraham Van Horne MP (1742 - 1743)

Abraham Van Horne MP (deceased)

Abraham Van Horne MP (deceased)

Abraham Van Horne MP (1708 - d.)

Abraham Van Horne MP (1737 - 1752)

Abraham van Horne MP (1763 - 1840)

Abraham Van Horne MP (1675 - 1743)

Abram van Horne MP (1749 - d.)

Abram van Horne MP (1738 - 1810)

Abram D. van Horne MP (1783 - d.)

Abram Richard van Horne MP (1816 - 1857)

Ada Mae Van Horne (McMann) MP (1884 - 1937)

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Adda Louise Van Horne (Lear) MP (deceased)

Adolf Philip van Horne MP (c.1591 - c.1644)

Adriaan van Horne MP (deceased)

Adriana van Horne MP (c.1528 - c.1582)

Agnes van Horne MP (deceased)

Albert Earnest Van Horne MP (deceased)

Albert Frans van Horne MP (deceased)

Albert van Horne MP (1796 - 1857)

Aleida van Horne MP (1320 - d.)

Aleida van Perweijs van Horne MP (c.1425 - bef.1498)

Aleida van Horne MP (c.1310 - d.)

Alexander van Horne MP (1804 - 1846)

Aleydis van Horne MP (deceased)

Alice Virginia van Horne MP (1854 - 1895)

Alice van Horne MP (1894 - 1981)

Alice Hellyer (Van Horne) MP (deceased)

Alice May Wallace (van Horne) MP (1887 - 1941)

Alida van Horne MP (1724 - 1729)

Alta Emeline Van Horne (Merkley) MP (1901 - 1971)

Amasa Van Horne MP (c.1795 - d.)

Ambelie Louise Van Horne MP (1665 - d.)

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Ambrose Van Horn (Van Horne) MP (1849 - 1907)

Ambrosius, graaf van Horne MP (1609 - 1656)

Ambrosius August van Horne MP (b. - 1692)

Ancilla Van Horne MP (aft.1841 - d.)

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Andreas van Heur (van Horne) MP (bef.1690 - 1736)

Andrew Jackson van Horne MP (1832 - d.)

Andrew Settle van Horne MP (1842 - 1913)

Andrew Van Horne MP (1706 - 1796)

Anetje ten Eyck (van Horne) MP (1727 - d.)

Angeline Madeleine van Horne MP (1639 - d.)

Anita van Horne MP (1747 - d.)

Ann Chappell (Van Horne) MP (deceased)

Ann Maria Fox (van Horne) MP (1808 - d.)

Ann Mary Clarkson (Van Horne) MP (1778 - 1856)

Anna van Horne MP (1822 - d.)

Anna van Horne MP (1803 - d.)

Anna van Horne MP (c.1510 - c.1545)

Anna Jane Cyphers (Van Horne) MP (deceased)

anna maria van horne MP (1808 - 1888)

Anna van Horne MP (deceased)

Anna van Horne MP (c.1530 - c.1560)

Anna van van Horne MP (c.1560 - d.)

Anna van Horne (Covenhoven) MP (1767 - 1840)

Anna Maria Stappers (van Horne) MP (1855 - 1955)

Anna Van Horne (Van Riper) MP (deceased)

Anna Catharina van Horne MP (c.1892 - 1917)

Anna Elisabeth de Klerk van Horne MP (deceased)

Anna Franziska Eugenia van Horne (Horne), Gräfin, Fürstin zu Thurn und Taxis MP (1629 - 1693)

Anna Margaretha van Horne MP (1863 - 1909)

Anna Maria Van Horne MP (1696 - 1723)

Anna Maria Francisca van Horne MP (c.1600 - 1655)

Anna Maria van Horne MP (1881 - 1955)

Anna Maria van Horne (van Horne) MP (deceased)

Anna Maria Catharina Gertruda van Horne (van den Boogaert) MP (deceased)

Anna Maria (Mary) Burnet (Van Horne) MP (1702 - 1727)

wife of the Colonial Governor William Burnet

Anne van Horne MP (deceased)