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Gregorio Balid Veluz MP (1918 - 1986)

Gregorio Veluz was appointed Councilor of Quezon City in 1954 by President Magsaysay. His term lasted for 6 years; all of which he was awarded Most Outstanding Alderman. Gregorio’s role in polit...

Adela Nanadiego (Veluz) (deceased)

Adriano Veluz (c.1827 - d.)

Aguido Veluz (deceased)

Aileen Veluz (deceased)

Alejandro Collantes Veluz (deceased)

Ambrosio Veluz (deceased)

Ambrosio Veluz (1853 - d.)

Amparao Veluz (1920 - 2005)

Amparo P. Veluz Veluz (deceased)

Ana Rodriguez Veluz (1885 - d.)

Anaclita Orgasan Veluz (c.1866 - d.)

anaclita veluz (deceased)

Andrea Veluz (deceased)

Angeles Veluz (deceased)

Angustia Balid Veluz (deceased)

Aniceta Orgasan Veluz (orgasan) (1831 - d.)

Antonio Balid Veluz (1926 - 1978)

Apolonia Veluz (deceased)

Arcangel (Lito) Absulio Veluz (deceased)

Aurelia Gocon Veluz (Absulio) (deceased)

Basilio Veluz (deceased)

Benjamin Baluyot Veluz (1954 - 1956)

Castor Veluz (deceased)

Castor Veluz (deceased)

Cecilia Dollano Veluz (deceased)

Cecilio Jarafa Veluz (deceased)

Celestino Balid Veluz (deceased)

Clemente Rodriguez Veluz (1933 - d.)

Cresenciano Collantes Veluz (deceased)

crispulo c veluz (deceased)

Damian Veluz (1919 - 1975)

Damian S. Veluz Veluz (deceased)

Dante (Jun) Veluz-Kapulong (deceased)

David Albert Du Veluz (1777 - d.)

(David Du Veluz’s will provided a settlement of £15000 on him in view of his state of health)

David John Albert Du Veluz (1769 - d.)

Dolores Collantes Veluz (1913 - 1967)

elva veluz (deceased)

emiliano veluz (deceased)

Enrique Rodriguez Veluz (1897 - d.)

Erlinda Veluz (deceased)

Ernesto Añil Veluz (1929 - 1993)

Ester Veluz (deceased)

Father of Adriano (deceased)

Faviana Veluz (1912 - d.)

Sources: Catalino Ilano and Faviana Veluz's Marriage Certificate: Catalino Ilano and Faviana Veluz's Marriage License: Catalino Ilano and Faviana Veluz's Marriage Notice: Catalino Ilano and F...

fe gonzales veluz (deceased)

Febian gonzales veluz (deceased)

Felicio Veluz (deceased)

Feliza Religioso (Veluz) (deceased)

florencia yu del pilar veluz (deceased)

Florencio Villardo Veluz (deceased)

Florentino Veluz (deceased)

Frances Mary Hooffstetter (Du Veluz) (1773 - d.)

Francisca Collantes Veluz (deceased)

Gabriel Veluz (deceased)

Genovina Oblea (Veluz) (deceased)

Genoviva Oblea (Veluz) (deceased)

Gladys Goût (Veluz) (deceased)

Godofredo Veluz (deceased)

Gracita A. Veluz (Isaac) (deceased)

guadalupe monedera veluz (deceased)

Harvey Veluz (deceased)

Iluminada Veluz (b. - 2010)

Inesia Veluz (Arena) (deceased)

Jacinto Balid Veluz (deceased)

Jacinto Collantes Veluz (1890 - 1978)

John Albert Du Veluz (1775 - 1775)

Died at 15 years old

John Emmanuel Du Veluz (deceased)

Jose P. Veluz (deceased)

Jose Veluz (deceased)

Juana Collantes Veluz (deceased)

Juanita Villafuerte Veluz (deceased)

juanita veluz (deceased)

Julia Veluz (c.1915 - d.)

Source: Victoriano Reyes and Julia Veluz's Marriage Regiter:

Julian Veluz (deceased)

Julian Veluz (deceased)

kadieng veluz (deceased)

Leocadio Veluz (deceased)

Lilay Veluz (deceased)

Loreto Veluz, Sr. (deceased)

Louisa Du Veluz (1773 - d.)

Louise Du Veluz (deceased)

Macario Lucban Veluz (c.1870 - d.)

Marcela Veluz (Bala) (deceased)

Marcela Bala Veluz (deceased)

Marcelo Veluz (deceased)

Marcelo Rodriguez Veluz (1890 - d.)

Maria Collantes Veluz (deceased)

Maria Noemi Serrano Veluz (1951 - 2001)

Mariano Veluz SR. veluz (deceased)

Marie Anne Du Veluz (Zimmermann) (1776 - 1845)

(Marie is said to be the sister of Mary Elizabeth (wife of John Albert Gout) and that both of them lived in Smyrna in widowhood)

Matilde Villardo Veluz (deceased)

Matilde Veluz (Balais) (deceased)

Matilde Veluz (Balais) (deceased)

Mecaela Orgasan Veluz (1867 - d.)


Meliton Veluz (deceased)

Meliton Balais Veluz (deceased)

Modesto Veluz (deceased)

Myrna (deceased)