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(Unknown) Verney MP (deceased)

Alice Danvers (Verney) MP (c.1385 - 1429)

Alice VERNEY Born: ABT 1381, Byfield, Northamptonshire, England Father: William VERNEY Mother: Juliana ? Married: John DANVERS Children: 1. Anne DANVERS (m. Reginald Digby) Alice VERNEY B...

Alice Verney MP (c.1379 - c.1419)

Alice Verney (Knyvett) MP (deceased)

Anne Poyntz (Verney) MP (c.1539 - 1575)

Anne Verney1,2,3,4 F, #90385, b. circa 1533 Father Sir Ralph Verney, Sheriff of Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire5,2,3,4 b. 1510, d. 26 Apr 1546 Mother Elizabeth Bray5,2,4 b. c 1513 Anne Verney wa...

Beatrice Danvers (Verney) MP (c.1449 - aft.1478)

She was named in her father's will dated 11 June 1478. Her husband, Henry Danvers was an executor of her father's will.

Catherine Conway (Verney) MP (c.1516 - 1553)

Cecily Chamberlain (Verney) MP (deceased)

Dorothy Verney (Peckham) MP (b. - 1547)

Edmund Verney, MP MP (1528 - 1558)

Family and Education b. 25 July 1528, 1st son of Sir Ralph Verney of Pendley by Elizabeth, daughter of Edmund Bray, 1st Lord Bray, of Eaton Bray, Beds., brother of Francis. m. (1) 1546, Dorothy, ...

Eleanor Verney (Loutham) MP (1417 - c.1450)

Eleanor Bowes (Verney) MP (c.1710 - c.1724)

Elizabeth Bromley (Verney) MP (1557 - 1592)

"In 1559 he (Sir Thomas Palmer) had become guardian of Elizabeth Verney, Elizabeth was one of the many godchildren of Elizabeth I, and heiress of the Fairfield Estate in Somerset. Born seven days befor...

Elizabeth Verney (Bereham) MP (1347 - d.)

Francis Verney, MP MP (c.1533 - 1559)

Geraldine Verney (Smith-Barry), Lady Willoughby de Broke MP (1847 - 1894)

Sir Henry Verney, of Fairfield MP (1530 - 1562)

Also known as Sir Hugh de Vernai.

Jane Hynde (Verney) MP (1523 - d.)

Jane Verney1 F, #530158 Last Edited=7 Apr 2012 Jane Verney married Sir Francis Hynde.1 Her married name became Hynde.1 Child of Jane Verney and Sir Francis Hynde 1.Jane Hynde1 Citat...

John Verney, of Langley Manor MP (c.1369 - 1394)

John Verney MP (c.1504 - 1530)

Also known as John de Vernai.

Rev. John Verney MP (c.1418 - 1457)

John Henry Peyto Verney, 20th Baron Willoughby de Broke MP (1896 - 1986)

John Henry Peyto Verney, 20th Baron Willoughby de Broke, MC, AFC From Wikipedia (21 May 1896, London – 25 May 1986) was a British peer. Background and education The son of Richard Verney,...

John Verney, MP, 1st Viscount Fermanagh MP (1640 - 1717)

Family and Education b. 5 Nov. 1640, 2nd but 1st surv. s. of Sir Ralph Verney, 1st Bt.†, of Middle Claydon by Mary, da. and h. of John Blacknall of Wasing and Abingdon, Berks. educ. at Blois in Franc...

Juliana Verney MP (deceased)

Katherine Verney MP (deceased)

Margaret Verney (Greville) MP (c.1561 - 1631)

Margaret Verney (Clarke) MP (c.1530 - 1558)

Margaret Verney (Vaux) MP (deceased)

Margaret Elizabeth Blithfield (de Verney) MP (c.1273 - aft.1293)

Marie Frances Lisette Verney (Hanbury), Lady Willoughby de Broke MP (1868 - 1941)

Mary Verney (Lawley) MP (1661 - 1694)

Rachel Verney (Wrey), Lady Willoughby de Broke MP (c.1911 - 1991)

Sir Ralph Verney, Lord Mayor of London MP (c.1410 - 1478)

Sir Ralph Verney, Mercer Sheriff 1456-7. Mayor 1465-6. Knighted 21 May 1471; M.P. London 1459, 1469, 1472; Auditor 1453-5, 1464-5; Master Mercers 1459, 1464, 1471, 1476. Died Jun 1478; Will (PCC 1 L...

Sir Richard Verney, Kt. MP (1403 - 1489)

Richard Verney, 19th Baron Willoughby de Broke MP (1869 - 1923)

Wikipedia contributors. " Richard Verney, 19th Baron Willoughby de Broke ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Sir Richard Verney, Kt., MP MP (1564 - 1639)

Family and Education b. 5 July 1564,[1] only son of George Verney of Compton Verney and Jane, daughter of William Lucy of Charlecote, Warwickshire [2] educ. Gray's Inn 1582.[3] m. 1582, Margare...

Roger de Verney MP (c.1250 - 1277)

Wife of Phillip Bassett (Verney) MP (deceased)

William Verney, of Langley Manor MP (c.1344 - 1400)

William VERNEY Born: 1344, Langley Manor, Shipton Under Wychwood, Oxfordshire, England Father: William De VERNEY Mother: Alice LANGLEY Married 1: Elizabeth ? ABT 1368, Langley Manor, Shipton Un...

Jacques du Verney de La Varenne MP (deceased)

"Aimé" René Étienne Verney, dit René MP (1896 - d.)

?? Verney MP (deceased)

Abigail Verney (Harley) MP (deceased)

Adrian Verney-Cave, 6th Baron Braye MP (1874 - 1952)

Adrien Auguste Verney MP (1892 - 1971)

Agnes Verney (Bagot) MP (c.1172 - d.)

agnes verney MP (deceased)

Agnes Blewett (Verney), of Stoke Couray MP (deceased)

Agnes Jane Verney MP (deceased)

Aimé René Etienne Verney MP (1892 - 1955)

Al Verney MP (deceased)

Albert Verney MP (1862 - 1897)

Albert Verney MP (deceased)

Albert Auguste Verney MP (1875 - 1875)

Albert Verney MP (deceased)

Alfred Thomas Verney-Cave, 5th Baron Braye MP (1849 - 1928)

Alice Griswold (De Verney) MP (1503 - 1535)

Alice de Verney (de Langley) MP (c.1320 - 1369)

Alice De Verney (Tame) MP (c.1494 - c.1545)

Alice Verney MP (deceased)

Alice Elisabeth Verney MP (deceased)

Alice Verney MP (deceased)

Alice Courtice (Verney) MP (deceased)

Alice Angelica Verney MP (deceased)

Alick Esmond Verney, Jr. MP (deceased)

Alida Francina Johanna Verney (Steyn) MP (deceased)

Aline Eugénie Verney MP (1901 - 1903)

Alistair Francis Verney MP (deceased)

Alosia Wachtler MP (deceased)

Amelia Williams (Verney) MP (1899 - 1988)

Andrew Verney MP (1944 - d.)

Andrew Felix Verney MP (deceased)

Andrée Verney MP (deceased)

Ann Verney MP (deceased)

Ann Verney MP (1536 - d.)

Ann Binns (Verney) MP (1744 - d.)

Ann Kakuno (Verney) MP (1948 - 2011)

Ann Mary Verney (Chesterman) MP (deceased)

Anna Verney (English) MP (1841 - 1887)

Anne Verney MP (c.1630 - d.)

Anne Verney MP (1592 - d.)

Anne Verney MP (c.1443 - 1503)

Anne Grey (Verney) MP (c.1518 - 1548)

Anne Verney (Danvers) MP (c.1470 - 1528)

VERNEY2 Richard VERNEY Born: ABT 1464, Compton Verney, Warwickshire, England Died: 28 Sep 1527 Buried: 29 Jan 1527/8, Compton, Warwickshire, England Father: Edmund VERNEY Mother: Elizabeth ...

Anne Odingsells (De Verney) MP (c.1482 - 1523)

Anne Dunn (Verney) MP (c.1470 - d.)

Anne Verney MP (deceased)

Anne Verney MP (1536 - d.)

Anne Elizabeth Bush (Verney) MP (1865 - 1943)

Anne Margaret Flint (Verney) MP (1930 - d.)

Anne Marie Verney MP (1881 - 1964)

Anne Marie Verney MP (1867 - 1893)

Anne Marie Verney MP (1846 - 1923)

Anne Marie Verney MP (1839 - 1897)

Anne Marie Verney MP (deceased)

Anon Verney MP (deceased)

Anon Verney MP (deceased)

Anthony VERNEY MP (1911 - 1990)

Antoine Verney MP (deceased)

Antoine Verney MP (deceased)