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Johnny Torque MP

Adam Vigil (born 25 October 1988 in Oswego, New York, United States) better known by his stage name, Johnny Torque , is an American pornographic actor and adult model.

Agustina Vigil (Trujillo) MP (deceased)

Ana María Montes Vigil MP (1749 - 1821)

Antonia Vigil (Luján) MP (deceased)

Antonia Gertrudis Montes Vigil MP (1733 - d.)

Antonia Margarita Montes Vigil MP (c.1762 - d.)

Antonio Miguel Vigil MP (1755 - d.)

Augustina Montes Vigil MP (1705 - d.)

Barbara Antonia Montes Vigil MP (1734 - d.)

Beatriz Valencia (Vigil) MP (1881 - d.)

Canuto Vigil MP (deceased)

Carlos Vigil MP (1745 - d.)

Catalina Vigil de Quiñones, VI condesa de Luna y Benavente MP (b. - 1574)

Contrajo matrimonio en 1569 con Catalina Vigil de Quiñones (+ 1574), VI condesa de Luna, merina mayor de León y de Asturias, hija de Luis Vigil de Quiñones, V conde de Luna. Fueron padres de: Antonio A...

Cornelio Vigil MP (deceased)

Crecencio Vigil MP (1864 - d.)

Delfina Montes Vigil MP (1890 - d.)

Diego Vigil y Cocaña, Jefe Supremo de El Salvador y de Honduras MP (1799 - 1845)

Diego Antonio Montes Vigil MP (c.1730 - 1808)

Domingo Montes Vigil MP (1682 - 1771)

Elena Montes Vigil MP (1703 - 1772)

Elisa Martinez (Vigil) MP (deceased)

Felipa Vigil (Martínez) MP (1903 - 1981)

Felipe Vigil MP (1887 - d.)

Francisco Montes Vigil, II MP (1702 - 1776)

Francisco Montes Vigil the second and his wife, Antonia Jirón, were living at Santa Cruz de la Cañada in 1733, Antonia accused a man of entering her home at midnight when her husband was away. On 28 Ju...

Francisco Montes Vigil MP (c.1651 - 1730)

Francisco Montes Vigil and María Jiménez de Ancizo were colonist from Zacatecas. In 1695, in Santa Fé, he gave his age as thrity years. In 1710 he received a grand of land at Alameda, but sold it two y...

Francisco Montes Vigil MP (1728 - 1795)

Francisco de Vigil MP (c.1538 - d.)

Francisco Vigil MP (deceased)

Francisco Antonio Montes Vigil MP (1764 - d.)

Francisco Xavier Montes Vigil MP (1752 - d.)

Gertrudis Montes Vigil MP (1704 - 1782)

Ignacio Vigil MP (deceased)

Isabel de Vigil MP (c.1555 - d.)

Jesús Jacobo Vigil MP (1868 - d.)

Joaquina María Montes Vigil MP (1753 - d.)

Jose Antonio Vigil MP (deceased)

Jose Guadalupe Vigil MP (deceased)

José Julian Vigil MP (c.1766 - d.)

José Ramón Vigil MP (1805 - 1882)

From the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico's Great New Mexico Pedigree Database: Jose Ramon VIGIL 14 JAN 1805 - ____ NAME: Jose Ramon VIGIL BIRTH: 14 JAN 1805, Puesto de C...

Josef Ygnacio Vigil MP (1754 - 1818)

Josefa Montes Vigil MP (1760 - d.)

Josepha Vigil MP (1753 - d.)

José Agustin Vigil MP (1892 - d.)

José Antonio Vigil MP (1787 - d.)

José Belarmino Vigil MP (1890 - d.)

José Benjamin Vigil MP (1887 - 1937)

José Cornelio A. Vigil MP (1847 - bef.1930)

José Dolores Vigil MP (1817 - d.)

José Donaciano Vigil, NM Territorial Governor MP (1802 - 1877)

From the New Mexico Office of the State Historian: Arms, Indians, and the Mismanagement of New Mexico: author, Donaciano Vigil By David J. Weber Donaciano Vigil was born in Santa Fe on Septembe...

José Encarnación Epimenio Vigil MP (c.1860 - d.)

José Eusebio Vigil MP (1800 - c.1875)

José Francisco Vigil MP (1790 - d.)

José Francisco Vigil MP (1832 - d.)

José Joaquin Montes Vigil MP (1757 - 1803)

José Joaquín Vigil MP (1764 - 1853)

José Luis Vigil MP (1895 - d.)

José Miguel Vigil MP (1790 - d.)

José Miguel Antonio Vigil MP (1758 - d.)

José Rafael Vigil MP (1782 - d.)

José Rafael Montes Vigil MP (1823 - d.)

José Victor Montes Vigil MP (1751 - 1808)

Juan Montes Vigil MP (c.1630 - 1682)

MONTES VIGIL Below are some data recovered from research conducted in Zacatecas, Mexico for the Sephardic Legacy Project of New Mexico. The research was carried out by Dr. Stan Hordes, Richard Sala...

Juan Montes Vigil MP (c.1600 - c.1682)

Juan's record of passage carries the date of 22 June 1611 and refers to Juan Montes Vijil as a native of the Parish of San Martino de Siero who was seeking to go to Nueva España via Peru as an aid of d...

Juan Montes Vigil MP (c.1570 - 1611)

Juan Vigil MP (1762 - d.)

Juan Montes Vigil MP (1686 - 1762)

Juan Montes Vigil MP (1857 - d.)

Juan Vigil MP (deceased)

Juan Andrés Vigil MP (1862 - d.)

Juan Antonio Montes Vigil MP (1759 - d.)

Juan Bautista Vigil MP (c.1721 - d.)

Juan Bautista Montes Vigil MP (1746 - 1800)

Juan Bautista Vigil MP (c.1724 - 1749)

Juan Bautista Vigil MP (deceased)

Juan Cristóbal Montes Vigil MP (c.1721 - 1791)

Juan Cristóbal Vigil MP (c.1760 - 1832)

Juan Cristóbal Vigil MP (deceased)

Juan de Jesús Vigil MP (1792 - 1860)

Juan Francisco Vigil MP (1831 - d.)

Juan José Vigil MP (1787 - d.)

Juan José Montes Vigil MP (c.1750 - d.)

Juan José Vigil MP (1897 - 1957)

Juan Manuel Montes Vigil MP (1786 - 1862)

Juan Pedro Vigil MP (1777 - d.)

Juan Toribio Montes Vigil MP (c.1710 - 1762)

Juan Ángel Montes Vigil MP (1730 - 1780)

Juana Vigil MP (c.1747 - d.)

Juana Barbara Mestas Vigil MP (c.1752 - c.1792)

Juana Bárbara Vigil MP (deceased)

Juana Fedelina Vigil (Gallegos) MP (deceased)

Juana Josefa Vigil MP (deceased)

Juana María Vigil MP (1825 - 1843)

1900 U.S. Census lists one Juana Lujan of Rio Arriba, New Mexico Territory, b. Sept. 1816.

Juana Silveria Vigil MP (deceased)

From the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico's Great New Mexico Pedigree Database: Juana Silveria VIGIL CASTE: Mestiza Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico Family 1 : Ped...

Juana Teresa Vigil Martín MP (1749 - d.)

Julian Montes Vigil MP (1735 - 1772)

Julian Antonio Montes Vigil MP (1776 - d.)

Librada Vigil (Archuleta) MP (1865 - d.)

Librario Vigil MP (1863 - d.)

Lucas de Vigil MP (c.1540 - d.)

Luciano Vigil MP (1858 - d.)