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Jose Villarama MP (deceased)

Jose Villarama was a physican by education and trade. He was already already a successful businessman (he operated two bus companies), he served as Vice-Governor, then Governor of Bulacan in the 1960s....

Alfredo Villarama (deceased)

Anacleta Villarama (Santos) (deceased)

Aniang (deceased)

Anicia Villarama (deceased)

Antonio Villarama (deceased)

Apas Villarama (Fernandez) (deceased)

Carmelita Villarama-Santiago (deceased)

Carmen Villarama (deceased)

Donato Villarama (deceased)

Quetang (1907 - 1990)

Felipa Mercadal Villarama (deceased)

Filomeno Villarama (deceased)

Filomeno Villarama (deceased)

Francisco Villarama, Sr. (deceased)

Francisco Villarama (deceased)

Francisco Villarama (deceased)

Hilarion Villarama (deceased)

Ignacio Villarama (b. - 1972)

Pito (deceased)

Josefina Tianco Villarama (Josefina Tianco) (1925 - d.)

Juan Villarama (deceased)

Juanito Villarama (deceased)

Juanito Villarama (deceased)

Julita Cruz (Villarama) (1900 - d.)

Julita Villarama (deceased)

Leonora Villarama-Sta.Cruz (deceased)

Lina Villarama (deceased)

Mameng Villarama (deceased)

Margarita Villarama (1972 - 1972)

Maria Villarama (deceased)

Menteng (deceased)

Mercedes Villarama Santos (Villarama) (deceased)

mirasol villarama (deceased)

Monica (deceased)

Pabling (deceased)

pablo villarama (deceased)

Patricia de los Santos (Villarama) (b. - 1929)

Pedro Villarama (deceased)

Pedro V Villarama, Jr. (deceased)

Petra Villarama (deceased)

Pilar Santos (Villarama) (deceased)

Pilar De La Paz Villarama (Buyson) (c.1920 - c.2011)

Pilar Buyson Villarama (Buyson) (c.1920 - c.2011)

RAding Villarama (deceased)

Ricardo Datuin Villarama, Jr (1931 - d.)

rodolfo villarama (deceased)

Rodolfo VILLARAMA (deceased)

Silverio Villarama (deceased)

Simeona Villarama Fulgencio (Villarama) (b. - 1990)

Simplicio Santos Villarama (deceased)

Trinidad Villarama (Hizon) (deceased)