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audie marin villarruz MP (deceased)

Beltran Villarruz MP (deceased)

Catalina L. Villaruz-Quisumbing MP (1896 - 1996)

Cecille Villarruz MP (1910 - 1988)

Corazon Villarruz MP (deceased)

Corazon Vito MP (deceased)

Eugenia Rizal Lopez MP (1913 - d.)

eugenia villarruz MP (deceased)

George Villarruz MP (1913 - 1973)

Helen Villarruz MP (1925 - 2010)

Tita Helen is a retired seamstress, dress designer, coutourier, and a very pleasant lady. I have never seen her frown, always smiling, and always looking her best even if she does not go out of the hou...

Hilda Villarruz Corcino (Villarruz) MP (deceased)

Illuminado Villarruz MP (1888 - 1967)

Mario Villarruz MP (1921 - 1987)

Medrina Villarruz MP (deceased)

medrina marin villarruz MP (deceased)

Nicolas V Villarruz MP (deceased)

Nicolas Bermejo Villarruz, Jr. MP (1952 - d.)

ramon villarruz MP (deceased)

recaredo villarruz MP (deceased)

Receredo Villarruz MP (deceased)

Remedios Bermejo Villarruz MP (deceased)


Virginia Villarruz-Hilario MP (deceased)

Vivencio Laserna Villarruz, Sr. MP (deceased)

vivencio villarruz MP (deceased)

William Villarruz MP (1912 - 1987)

William Villarruz MP (deceased)