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Adolf Vohryzek (deceased)

Alice Biederer (Vohryzek) (1897 - 1945)

Alice Biederer nee Vohryzek was born in Chrudim in 1897 to Emmanuel and Hedvika nee Meislova. She was married to Emmanuel. Prior to WWII she lived in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. During the war she was ...

Aloisie Singer (Vohryzek) (deceased)

Bertha Vohryzek (Steinschneider) (deceased)

Ellen Fleischner (Vohryzek) (deceased)

The name should read Lili Fleischner. Lili Fleischner nee voyrysek- was the sister of Franta Vohrysek. The mother of Lili Fleischner and Franta Vohyryek was named Emile Novak

Emanuel Vohryzek (1860 - 1925)

Obituary dates are different to profil !!!

Eva Vohryzek (1932 - d.)

Filipina (Pnina) Vohryzek (deceased)

František Vohryzek (deceased)

Franz Efraim Vohryzek (deceased)

Franziska Vohryzek (Kohn) (deceased)

Hedviga Vohryzek (Meisl) (1877 - 1943)

Hedvika Meislová, born 23.05.1877, last place before deportation: Nasavrky, transport Cf-233 (05.12.1942 Pardubice -> Terezín), transport Dr-1405 (15.12.1943 Terezín -> Auschwitz),...

Hermina Vohryzek (deceased)

Jakob Rudolf Vohryzek (1872 - 1932)

Marriage information from, Benešov Bk 47, Image 207. ~jb

Jiři Vohryzek (deceased)

Josef Vohryzek (1896 - d.)

Josef Vohryzek (1897 - 1944)

Karel Vohryzek (1895 - 1944)

Karel Vohryzek (1894 - 1945)

Krimhilde Vohryzek (Egerer) (1885 - d.)

Leo Vohryzek (deceased)

Leopold Vohryzek (deceased)

Lev Vohryzek (deceased)

Lev Vohryzek (deceased)

Marie Gunsburg (Vohryzek) (c.1892 - c.1943)

Marta Beckova (Vohryzek) (deceased)

Mathilde (Matylda) Vohryzek (Neumann) (1868 - 1921)

Mathilde and Jakob were married in Poříčí nad Sázavou on June 2, 1895, Rabbis Uttitz and Königsberg officiating. Witnesses were Leopold Hermann and Josef Reine...

Matilda Stukart (Vohryzek) (deceased)

Matylda Vohryzek (deceased)

Max Vohryzek (deceased)

Max Vohryzek (deceased)

Olga Vohryzek (deceased)

Ota Vohryzek (deceased)

Pavel Vohryzek (1901 - d.)

Petr Vohryzek (1935 - c.1944)

Petr Vohryzek (deceased)

Sara Vohryzek (deceased)

Vera Vohryzek (b. - 1944)

Vera Sandor (Vohryzek) (deceased)

Viktor Vohryzek (c.1864 - d.)

Viktor Vohryzek (1864 - c.1918)

From Dagmar Greslova's interview with Jiri Franek: This is a picture of Viktor Vohryzek, taken in the Atelier Stoklas in Pardubice in the 1910s. Viktor was the brother of my grandmother Filipina Vohr...

Viktoria Gocev (Vohryzek) (deceased)

Vilma Vohryzek (Smrčková) (1904 - 1944)

Vilém Vohryzek (1888 - 1944)

Vitezslava Gocev (Vohryzek) (deceased)

Vitezslava Vohryzek (Vohryzkova) (deceased)