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Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky MP (1828 - 1868)

Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky was born at Königsberg (Kaliningrad), East Prussia, on 15 February 1828. He was the younger son of Julius Louis von Tempsky and his wife, Karoline Henriette Friederike Wi...

Agnes Valeska Eugenie Von Tempsky MP (1833 - 1888)

Alexandria Zabriskie (von Tempsky) MP (1893 - 1975)

Amy Dulcibella von Tempsky (Wodehouse) MP (1866 - 1909)

Annie May Von Tempsky MP (1893 - d.)

August Wilhelm Friedrich von Tempsky MP (1755 - 1824)

Auguste Luise Dorothea von Tempsky MP (aft.1799 - 1868)

Beate Juliane von Tempsky (von Kurssel) MP (1750 - 1793)

Benno Waldemar von Tempsky MP (deceased)

Carl Joseph von Tempsky MP (deceased)

Christoph von Tempsky MP (deceased)

Dora Melville Von Tempsky (Dowsett) MP (1865 - 1939)

Eleonore Charlotte von Tempsky (von Tschirnhaus) MP (1689 - c.1752)

Emelia Ross von Tempsky (Bell) MP (1823 - 1900)

His time in California probably had something to do with the fact that before he left he had been courting Emelia Ross Bell at the nearby British settlement of Bluefields, but her father did not approv...

Ernst Gottlob Seebold von Tempsky MP (deceased)

Ernst Gottlob Seebold von Tempsky MP (1726 - 1780)

Errol Wodehouse Von Tempsky MP (1906 - 1964)

Ethel Armine Von Tempsky MP (1892 - 1943)

Armine von Tempski (or Tempsky) (1892, Maui, Hawaiian Islands—December 2, 1943, Fresno, California) was an American writer[1][2] and one of Hawaii's best known authors.[3][4] She was a granddaughte...

Georg Friedrich Leopold von Tempsky MP (1763 - 1819)

Helene von Tempsky (von Rothenburg) MP (deceased)

Isabella Telford (von Tempsky) MP (deceased)

Julius Louis von Tempsky, Lt.Col MP (1797 - 1868)

Karl Gustav von Tempsky MP (deceased)

Karoline Henriette Friederike Wilhelmine von Tempsky (von Studnitz) MP (deceased)

Karoline von Tempsky (Priesdorf) MP (1772 - 1837)

Leila Gwendolen Bridgeford (Von Tempsky) MP (1894 - 1974)

Lena Kettle (von Tempsky) MP (1859 - 1938)

Headstone 1: In loving memory of Emelia Rose v TEMPSKY widow of the Late Major v. TEMPSKY At rest 15th Oct. 1900 Thou shalt lie down and thy sleep shall be sweet Prov 3.24 The faith, the love, the loft...

Lorna Amy Von Tempsky MP (1902 - 1957)

Louis von Tempsky MP (1859 - 1922)

Otto Friedrich von Tempsky MP (deceased)

Randall von Tempsky MP (1856 - 1898)

Raymond Von Tempsky MP (deceased)

Robert Gordon von Tempsky MP (1896 - 1976)