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Dr. Albert Wakefield MP (c.1650 - d.)

Doctor in service of William of Orange (Battle of Boyne). Given an estate near battle site in Aughrim for services.

Ann Wakefield (Littlefield) MP (c.1617 - 1703)

One source [Jacobus? in "Ancient New Haven Families"] says surname Littlefield See this more thorough looking site See this site Daughter of Edmond Littlefield son of Francis Littlefield and Mary Fre...

Arthur Wakefield, Capt. RN MP (1799 - 1843)

Captain Arthur Wakefield (19 November 1799-17 June 1843) was the second brother of Edward Gibbon Wakefield, founder of the New Zealand Company. Wakefield resigned from the royal Navy in 1841 to join th...

Charles Cheers Wakefield, 1st & last Viscount Wakefield MP (1859 - d.)

From The Peerage Charles Cheers Wakefield, 1st and last Viscount Wakefield1 M, #472976, b. 12 December 1859, d. 15 January 1941 Last Edited=26 Jun 2011 Charles Cheers Wakefield, 1st and last Visc...

Daniel Bell Wakefield MP (1798 - 1858)

Daniel Bell Wakefield (1798–8 January 1858) was a notable judge in New Zealand during the mid-19th century. Wakefield was the second child of Edward Wakefield (1774–1854) and Susanna, née Crash (d. 1...

Daniel Wakefield MP (1776 - 1846)

Name Daniel Wakefield Gender Male Birth Date 23 Oct 1776 Birth Place Parish of St. Lawrence Jury, London, England Father Edward Wakefield Mother Priscilla FHL Film Number 817385 Reference ID 40 Danie...

Deliverance Wakefield (Tarne) MP (1641 - 1715)

This reference here seems to contain lots of information & asserts her death in 1691. However, then later (next page) it has her death at Jan 1716-1717

Edward Wakefield MP (1774 - 1854)

Edward Wakefield (1774–1854) was an English philanthropist and statistician, chiefly known as the author of Ireland, Statistical and Political, and as the father of several controversial sons. Edward...

Edward Gibbon Wakefield MP (1796 - 1862)

Edward Gibbon Wakefield (20 March 1796 – 16 May 1862) was a British politician, the driving force behind much of the early colonisation of South Australia, and later New Zealand. Biography Edward G...

Edward Jerningham Wakefield MP (1820 - 1879)

Edward Jerningham Wakefield (25 June 1820 – 3 March 1879), known as Jerningham Wakefield, was the only son of Edward Gibbon Wakefield. As such, he was closely associated with his father's interest in c...

Eleanor Braun (Wakefield) MP (1774 - 1842)

Elizabeth Wakefield (Morton) MP (1760 - 1845)

Not to be confused with Elizabeth Morton who died unmarried at the age of 20. (See below) "Chester (And Its Vicinity,) Delaware County, In Pennsylvania". 2017. Google Books. Accessed March 28 2017....

Elizabeth Wakefield (Littlefield) MP (1627 - 1676)

Emma L. Macdonald-Buchanan (Wakefield) MP

Felix Wakefield MP (1807 - 1875)

Felix Wakefield, (November 30, 1807 - March 28, 1875), was the seventh child of Edward Wakefield and Priscilla Bell, and brother of Edward Gibbon Wakefield. In 1831 he married Marie Bailley, by whom he...

Hannah Grannis (Wakefield) MP (1644 - 1711)

John Wakefield MP (1640 - 1703)

John was a shipwright in Boston like his father John the immigrant. He was elected "Hogg Reeves" (whatever that means) in 1674-75. -- From: (II) John Wakefield, son of John Wakefield (i) 1640...

John Wakefield MP (1618 - 1660)

John Wakefield was born around 1615 in Gravesend, County Kent, England. He immigrated to America about 1635. First he lived in Martha's Vineyard, then in Boston on Hanover Street on the North Square. H...

Martha Hiatt (Wakefield) MP (1700 - 1794)

The crest is of Belfast city of Martha s birth. JAT 10/21/2008 Another source has her name as Littlefield. JAT 12/29/2008--------------------Scotch-Irish Descent Martha was a Quaker minister from 1761 ...

Martha Buckland (Wakefield) MP (1650 - 1684)

Mary Hillyer (Wakefield) MP (1645 - 1703)

Patience Littlefield (Wakefield) MP (1624 - 1674)

Patience Wakefield (Toliver) MP (1827 - 1866)

Priscilla Wakefield (Bell) MP (1750 - 1832)

Priscilla Wakefield, nee Priscilla Bell (1751, Tottenham – 1832) was an English Quaker educational writer and philanthropist.

Robert Wakefield MP (1680 - 1712)

Sarah Abbott (Wakefield) MP (1747 - 1826)

Thomas Wakefield MP (deceased)

Wife of Albert Wakefield MP (c.1655 - d.)

Wife of Robert Wakefield MP (c.1685 - d.)

William Wakefield MP (1801 - 1848)

William Hayward Wakefield (1801 - 19 September 1848) was an English colonel, the leader of the first colonizing expedition to New Zealand and one of the founders of Wellington. In 1826, he married Emil...

Wakefield MP (c.1807 - d.)

Wakefield MP (1649 - 1703)

Wakefield MP (deceased)

Williams (Wakefield) MP (1847 - 1903)


"Fritz" Frances Wakefield (?) MP (deceased)

"John" Delbert Wakefield MP (1866 - 1936)

'Amma' Nettie Burton Wakefield (Thomas) MP (1878 - 1971)

Name: Nettie Wakefield SSN: 402-42-3083 Last Residence: 65265 Mexico, Audrain, Missouri, United States of America Born: 15 Dec 1878 Died: Jan 1971 State (Year) SSN issued: Kentucky (Before 1951)

'Macey' Rachel Arta Stowers (Wakefield) MP (1859 - 1932)

'Nana' Frances Stuart Clayton (Wakefield) MP (1899 - 1984)

Relationship to you: wife of grand uncle

(First Name Unknown) Wakefield MP (deceased)

(Infant Daughter) Wakefield MP (1915 - 1915)

(unk) de wakefield MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Wakefield (Hesser or Hester) MP (1622 - 1650)

, Elisa Goff Wakefield MP (deceased)

3rd wife Wakefield MP (deceased)

? Wakefield MP (deceased)

? Wakefield MP (deceased)

? Wakefield MP (c.1818 - d.)

? Wakefield (Kutz) MP (deceased)

??? Wakefield (Spurr) MP (deceased)

??? Wakefield (???) MP (deceased)

Died in a fire when house burned down. Kids are...Stewart Wakefield Jr.,

??? Wakefield MP (deceased)

??Joseph?? WAKEFIELD MP (deceased)

[Otho] Bruce Wakefield MP (1902 - 1991)

A C Wakefield MP (1906 - 1906)

A Wakefield (Gleaves) MP (deceased)

Aarena Wakefield MP (deceased)

Aaron A. Wakefield MP (1919 - 1919)

Aaron Wakefield MP (deceased)

Aaron Wakefield MP (deceased)

Aaron Wakefield MP (deceased)

Aaron Wakefield MP (deceased)

Aaron Wakefield MP (1744 - 1826)

Abbie L J Wakefield MP (c.1899 - d.)

Abbie Ann Pratt Wakefield MP (deceased)

Abel Wakefield MP (1696 - 1772)

General Notes: CHARLES COUNTY, MARYLAND INVENTORIES: Charles Co., an inventory of ye goods and chattels of Abel Wakefield late of said county, deceased, an appraised in current money the 11th day of Ap...

Abel Wakefield, I MP (1668 - 1731)

Abel’s will was written Feb 26, 1731 and probated Aug 17, 1732 in Charles County, Maryland. Notes for ABEL WAKEFIELD: Van Dyke: Abel died between 26 Feb, 1731 and 17 August 1732 in Charles County, MD. ...

Abel Wakefield MP (1736 - c.1815)

I have different years of birth for Abel III. One shows 1740 and another 1736. When Abel III and Ann Branson moved to South Carolina they settled along the Anderson and Abbeville County line. Here wi...

Abel Wakefield IV MP (1764 - 1836)

Rosters of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution buried in Tennessee by Bates. “Wakefield, Abel, born 21 January 1764, service in Virginia line: age 70 in 1832 pension list of Lawrence Cou...

Abel Wakefield MP (deceased)

Abel Wakefield MP (deceased)

Abel Wakefield MP (c.1700 - c.1790)

Abel Wakefield MP (c.1668 - c.1731)

Abel Wakefield MP (1764 - 1836)

Abel Wakefield MP (1699 - c.1735)

Abel Wakefield MP (1668 - 1732)

Abiah Wakefield (Trumbell) MP (deceased)

Abigail Wakefield (Lord) MP (1674 - c.1705)

Abigail Wakefield MP (1712 - d.)

Abigail Wakefield MP (1744 - d.)

Abigail Wakefield (Damon) MP (deceased)

Abigail Wakefield (Watts) MP (deceased)

Abigail Wakefield MP (1784 - 1810)

Abigail Wakefield (Lord) MP (1674 - 1705)

Abigail Wakefield (Whitney) MP (deceased)

Abigail Roberts (Wakefield) MP (1770 - 1852)

Abigail Fobes (Wakefield) MP (deceased)

Abigail Wakefield MP (1735 - d.)

Abigail Wakefield MP (c.1750 - d.)

Abigail Wakefield MP (c.1771 - d.)

Abigail Wakefield (Watts) MP (deceased)

Abigail Wakefield (Damon) MP (1763 - 1856)

Able Wakefield MP (deceased)

Able Wakefield MP (b. - 1815)

Abner Wakefield MP (deceased)

Abraham Wakefield MP (1813 - 1896)

Abraham Wakefield MP (1818 - 1882)

Abraham Brady Wakefield MP (1858 - d.)

Abraham Wakefield MP (c.1813 - d.)