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Edward Whaley (Wale), of Somerset, Maryland MP (c.1640 - 1719)

"Edward Wale and Elizabeth Ratcliff were married at Pocomoke by Mr. Wm. Stevens, one of his Lordship’s Justices of the Peace, for ye county 29th of January, 1669." family Children and birth ...

George Wale, Jr. MP (c.1658 - 1689)

George Wale, ll Birth: ABT 1658 in Lancaster County, Virginia Death: 8 AUG 1689 in Lancaster County, Virginia - Inventory Father: George Wale b: BEF 1626 Mother: Lettice MNU Lawson Wale Edmon...

Dr. George Wale, of Virginia MP (1626 - 1672)

George Wale Birth: BEF 1626 Death: 13 MAR 1671/72 in Lancaster County, Virginia - Inventory Parents: unknown Brother of Edward Wale of Somerset, Maryland Married: Lettice. She was also know...

Lettice "Lewys" Lawson Wale Edmonds (unknown) MP (c.1626 - c.1689)

Lettice Death: AFT 1689 in Lancaster County, Virginia Parents: unknown AKA Lewys, Lewes, Letticia, Lewye Married Marriage 1 Rowland Lawson b: 1609 in Brough Hall, Catterick, Yorkshire, ...

Sir Thomas Wale, KG MP (c.1303 - 1352)

Sir Thomas Wale (1303-1352) Born: 1303, possibly in Weedon, Northamptonshire Died: 26th October 1352 in Gascony, France This knight was the only son of Sir Thomas Wale, by Lucy, his wife, Lady of t...

unknown Wale MP (deceased)

George Wale of Lancaster, Virginia & Edward Wale or Whalley of Somerset, Maryland were brothers. Their origin is unknown. notes From ‘Records Are Remorseless As Regards Theory’ In...

2 Ann Wall Wale? (c.1642 - d.)

2. Elizabeth Wale (Hitch) (deceased)

? Wale (deceased)

Alice (1170 - d.)

? Wale, of Staplestown (deceased)

A Khanbahaddur wale (deceased)

Abdeali bhai Khandwa wale (deceased)

Abdul Jabbar Bhola Wale (deceased)

Abdul Mateen Bijli wale (deceased)

Abdul Matin Anbala wale (deceased)

Abdullah Bhai Mumbai wale (deceased)

Ada Wale (1877 - d.)

Adriaantje Wagemaker (Wale) (1794 - 1862)

Adriaantje Wagemaker (Wale) (deceased)

Aernaoud Dirksz van der Wale (1245 - d.)

Aftab Ahmed Sheshay wale (deceased)

Agnes Fitz Wale de Puttenham (Hertfordshire) (1234 - 1305)

Agnetam Wall (Wale) (c.1599 - 1651)

ahmed hulwe culkata wale (deceased)

ahtisham press wale (deceased)

Al Haj Rahim Buksh Lali Wale (deceased)

Albert Wale (deceased)

Alexander James Wale (1878 - d.)

Alice Fitz Wale (Fitz Alan?) (c.1185 - d.)

Alice Scafe (Wale) (deceased)

Alice Chamberlain (Wale) (deceased)

Alick Anna Fretter Ritchie (Wale) (1907 - 1994)

Altaf -ur- Rehman (Bhola wale) (deceased)

Alva K. Booth (Wale) (1938 - 1990)

Amelia Woehl Fish (1875 - 1944)

Amey Farrin (Wale) (c.1634 - d.)

Amie's mother AMEY Wale birth: 1634-1635 baptism: 29 Jun 1634-17 Apr 1635 Place of birth: Burbage, Leics Place of baptism: Burbage, Leics Notes: 2 Possible Persons from Burbage, Surname n...

amina bahen Gondiyawale (deceased)

Amma Dollar Ink wale (deceased)

Amna Yousuf Moor wale (deceased)

Amos John WALE (1858 - d.)

Anand Ram Oont Wale (deceased)

AnandRao Wale (deceased)

Anders Johnsen Wale Klovdal (deceased)

Ann Hunton (Wale) (1720 - d.)

Ann WALL WALE (1651 - d.)

Ann Paternoster (Hall (or Wale)) (c.1684 - c.1765)

Ann Ridgway (Wale) (deceased)

ann wale (smith) (1909 - 1986)

Ann PATERNOSTER (Hale or Wale) (1684 - 1785)

Ann Wale (deceased)

Ann Wale (b. - 1767)

Ann Wale (1698 - d.)

Ann Fanny (Fanny) Wale (c.1785 - d.)

Anna Wale (1702 - d.)

Anna Fidler (Wale) (deceased)

Annie Wale (Smith) (deceased)

Annie Jane Norman (Wale) (deceased)

Anusaya Bhavsar (Dal wale) (deceased)

anwar-ul-haq maniger chashmy wale (deceased)

Arfeen Ahmed Sheshay wale (deceased)

Ariana Gertrude Wale (1915 - 1917)

Arthur Wale (deceased)

Arthur William (Pard) Wale (c.1876 - 1934)

Astrid Marie Antonsdatter Wåle (1907 - d.)

atiq namoune wale (1951 - d.)

Audry Carter (Wale) (deceased)

Augusta Caroline Dill (Wale) (1824 - 1925)

Bachraj ji Agarwal Sojat wale (deceased)

Bahadra Bahadra Wale (1872 - c.1935)

Bal chand ji Agarwal .. Jodhpur wale (deceased)

BASAPPA Wale (deceased)

Basha (Kaikaluru wale basha) (deceased)

Begum Muhammad Amin Rorki wale (deceased)

Benjamin Wale (1671 - d.)

Bertha Mary Harris (Wale) (1888 - d.)

Berthe Marie Larsdatter Snørsvald (Wåle) (1858 - 1957)

Betty Harty (Wale) (deceased)

BHALCHANDRA Wale (deceased)

Brajendra Bhateyley(Etah wale) (deceased)

Britta Clarice Masreliez (Wale) (1910 - 1991)

Carl Josef J:son Wale (1882 - 1958)

Carl Josef Wale (Johansson) (deceased)

Caroline Wale (1857 - d.)

Caroline Wale (1834 - d.)

Caroline B. Reitz (Wale) (1869 - d.)

Carrie E. Kumpf (Wale) (b. - 1952)

Catharina de Wale (deceased)

Catharina van den Wale (c.1292 - c.1323)

Catharina de Wale (deceased)

Catherine Owen Moore (Wale) (1808 - 1859)

Catherine Owen Wale was also known as Katherine. She was christened on 19 October 1808 at Rothley, Leicestershire, England. She was born on 19 October 1808 at Rothley, Leicestershire, England. Sh...

Catherine Dare (Wale) (c.1694 - 1712)

Catherine Wale Birth: ABT 1694 in Lancaster County, Virginia Death: AFT 1713 in Lancaster County, Virginia Father: John Wale b: ABT 1667 in Lancaster County, Virginia Mother: Elizabeth Sallar...

Cecil Wale (deceased)

Celia Rebecca Baker Wale (1872 - 1965)

Chando Begum Bahadra Wale (1903 - c.1971)

Charles WALE (c.1856 - d.)

charles wale (deceased)

Charles H. Wale (c.1873 - c.1960)

Charles Wale (1762 - 1845)

Charles Wale (1670 - 1722)