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[Unknown] Warshall (deceased)

Bune (Bertha) Warshall (Kolnik) (deceased)

Caroline Warshall (deceased)

Child1 Warshall (deceased)

Child2 Warshall (deceased)

David Warshall (deceased)

David Warshall (1880 - c.1965)

GEDCOM Note ===The ship Blucher arrived in New York in December of 1902, bearing two men from Slutz: David Warschal, a shoemaker aged 20; and Berko Grobstein, a tailor aged 32. Both men were going to D...

Florence "Fannie" Warshall (1912 - d.)

GEDCOM Note ===On January 28, 1926, the Brooklyn Standard Union listed the graduates of P.S.189. Among them was Florence Warshall.

Frank Warshall (1888 - 1982)

Gitel Warshall (deceased)

Henry "Harry" S. Warshall (1903 - 1981)

GEDCOM Note ===He had a psychiatric illness - possibly Bi-Polar Mood Disorder (manic Depression)

Hinda Warshall (deceased)

Ida Warshall (c.1886 - c.1968)

Isador Warshall (1910 - 1945)

GEDCOM Note ===Name listed as Irving on 1930 census

Isadore Warshall (deceased)

Isidor Warshall (1884 - 1948)

GEDCOM Note ===On September 21, 1903, a single "leather-laborer" from Slutsk named Isser Warschall arrived in New York on the Kroonland. He was 20 years old and going to his brother Meyer Warschall at ...

Jack Warshall (deceased)

Jacob Warshall (1912 - 1997)

GEDCOM Note ===Social Security death index lists birthdate of 3/1/1912Other public records show birthdate of 3/8/1912

Martin Warshall (1937 - 1990)

Mollie Warshall (1908 - d.)

Tilly Warshall (deceased)

unk Warshall (deceased)