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Wife of Robert Peck (Waters) MP (deceased)

Waters MP (deceased)

Abigail Reed (Waters) MP (1702 - 1770)

She was born Abigail Waters, a daughter of Richard and Martha Waters. She was married first to Samuel "Cornet" Dudley. After his death in 1751 she married the recently widowed Peter Reed. She was Pet...

Abigail Cleveland (Waters) MP (1683 - 1761)

Alice Waters (Canon) MP (1560 - 1620)

↑ Willian (All Saints), in FreeREG, Secondary quality. m. 14 Oct 1582, All Saints, Willian, Hertfordshire: William Waters & Alice Canon christening: 5 June 1560 WILLIAN,HERTFORD,ENGLAND; fa...

Amanda L. Eastman (Waters) MP (1844 - 1921)

Ann Poston (Waters) MP (deceased)

Ann Hennen (Waters) MP (deceased)

Ann Reno (Waters) MP (1687 - d.)

Ann WATERS(5) (206)(4) (2) was born in 1687 in Virginia. She died in Prince William, VA. She has Ancestral File number GJP6-RJ. Parents: Thomas WATERS. She was married to Lewis RENO in 1702 in Of Sta...

Ann Waters (Peake) MP (1619 - 1700)

the will of Ann Waters, dated 7 Sep 1697, of St. Sepulchre, London, England, specifically calls her daughter Elizabeth Overton "now in Virginia".

Anna Waters (Linton) MP (1613 - 1679)

Aquilla Waters MP (1778 - 1857)

No SmartMatches, please! There is too much disinformation out there about him, his parentage, and his siblings (he had exactly one, as far as is known - his brother Edward).

Asenath Elder (Waters) MP (1791 - 1859)

Carole Waters (Upchurch) MP

Charity Waters (Ijams) MP (c.1707 - 1768)

This is the sister of Mary Ijams (Waters), who married John son of John son of John Waters.

Christina Yates Bertram (Waters) MP (1840 - c.1908)

Christina came to New Zealand on 22 January 1841 on the ship Slains Castle with her father John, mother Marion, elder brother John, and possibly her elder sister Jessie.

Clarissa Waters (Dorsey) MP (1790 - d.)

Col. William Waters MP (1623 - 1689)

His parents were Lt. Edward Waters (born in England sometime between 1584 and 1589, died in Virginia 1630) and Grace Neale (not O'Neil), born c. 1603. (She wasn't Irish, she wasn't nobility, and she wa...

Daniel Waters MP (c.1691 - 1776)

Daniel Waters Birth: Oct 10 1691 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA Death: July 22 1776 - Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA Parents: Samuel Waters, Mary Waters (born Hudson) Wife: Ab...

Daniel Waters MP (1818 - d.)

Dorothy Waters (Marriott) MP (1640 - 1717)

As far as can be determined, all of William Waters' known children were by his second wife, Dorothy Marriott. She may have been deceased prior to 1685, as she is nowhere mentioned or referred to in W...

Earl Dean Waters MP

Lt. Edward Waters MP (c.1584 - 1630)

Birth date uncertain, perhaps c. 1584 (he claimed to be forty in 1624). The date "30 November 1589" is a christening date which may not have been transcribed correctly - "4" and "9" can be easily confu...

Edward Edwards Waters MP (1777 - 1852)

No SmartMatches, please! There is too much disinformation out there about him, his parentage, and his siblings (he had exactly one, as far as is known - his brother Aquilla).

Edwin Waters MP (1847 - 1933)

Residence: (1850 — Age: 1) Wright, Ottawa, Michigan, USA* Residence: (1860 — Age: 11) Wright, Ottawa, Michigan, USA* Marriage: (1870 — Age: 21)* Residence: (1870 — Age: 21) ...

Eliza Jane Waters (Lee) MP (1854 - 1909)

Residence: (1860 — Age: 8) Wright, Ottawa, Michigan, USA Residence: (1870 — Age: 18) Wright, Ottawa, Michigan, USA Residence: (1880 — Age: 28) Wright, Ottawa, Michigan, USA R...

Eliza Waters MP (1839 - d.)

Elizabeth Taylor (Waters) MP (c.1710 - 1829)


Elizabeth Cook Lawrence (Waters) MP (1610 - 1663)

The book, New England Marriages Prior to 1700, shows the marriage of John and his first wife, Elizabeth (Cooke) of Groton who was born in 1635 and died in 1663. Since the Cooke is in parentheses, it ...

Elizabeth Bates (Waters) MP (1732 - 1812)

Elizabeth Eleanor Waters (Booker) MP (1817 - d.)

Elizabeth Waters (Giles) MP (1668 - 1746)

Elizabeth Giles was a Quaker, from the West River Landing settlement in what became Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Elizabeth Neal (Waters) MP (1804 - 1865)

Elizabeth Habgood Waters (Luxford) MP (c.1830 - 1917)

Elizabeth Ann Overall (Waters) MP (1752 - 1780)

Elizabeth Penn (Waters) MP (1715 - 1791)

Ellen Bedward (Waters) MP (deceased)

Ellen Cecilia Grafham (Waters) MP (1833 - 1907)

Enid Blyton MP (1897 - 1968)

Enid Blyton (11 Aug 1897- 28 Nov 1968) is pehaps on of the best known British writers who published over 600 children's or juvenile books in her 40-year career. Blyton's most famous series was The Famo...

Enki, Lord of Earth & Waters MP (deceased)

Wikipedia: Enki and Ninhursag Enki is part of the Sumerian Pantheon of demigods. He is the Sumerian parallel to Biblical Adam . Please do NOT merge these trees as this will only create conflicts ...

Enoch Waters MP (1786 - 1855)

Enoch Waters is a 4 yr. old (Ref: the 1790 Census, Caswell County, NC+it is his birthplace)-living with his parents, Ezekiel Waters, Sr. & Unknown Wife, Female Waters. In 1805, at 19 years of age, Enoc...

Ephraim Waters MP (1687 - d.)

Ethel Waters MP (1896 - 1977)

Ethel Waters (October 31, 1896 – September 1, 1977) was an American blues, jazz and gospel vocalist and actress. She frequently performed jazz, big band, and pop music, on the Broadway stage a...

Frances "Frankie" Waters (Bourne) MP (deceased)

George Waters MP (1811 - 1873)

George Waters Born Bath Somerset Plumber and agricultural labourer 1811 George Waters is born in Bath, Somerset England 15th October 1835 George Waters, bachelor of the Parish of St James married...

Roger Waters MP

Waters is an English musician, singer-songwriter and composer. He was a founding member of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd, serving as bassist and co-lead vocalist. References, Sources and Furth...

Georgiemma Vivian (Waters) MP (1854 - 1923)

Hannah Ferdig (Waters) MP (1795 - 1870)

Honora Waters (Penn) MP (1783 - 1852)

Isaac Waters MP (1750 - 1808)

Isabel Waters (Harmanson) MP (1667 - c.1700)

Pvt. James Waters, C. S. A. MP (1840 - 1864)

CSA, Company D, 54th Georgia Infantry Find A Grave

James Waters, Jr. MP (1737 - 1771)

James Waters MP (c.1680 - 1741)

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Joan Peck (Waters) MP (c.1524 - 1556)

John Waters MP (1640 - 1707)

John Waters will dated 14 Feb. 1706/7, sworn to be authentic 1 Mar 1707/08 The will names wife (no name) sons John, Richard, Nathaniel, daughters Elizabeth {single}, daughters Symonds & Jacobs.49 Lin...

John Water, of St. Mary's MP (c.1660 - 1692)

Will Waters, John, St. Mary's County, 26th Feb., 1692 To sons James, Joseph, and Lewis and their hrs, 50 A., Bristol," and 100 A.., "James Gift." to sons Thomas and William, sd. lands in event ...

John Waters, Gent. MP (c.1606 - c.1670)

John Waters sailed to Virginia on the ship Transport , out of London, in 1635, when he was about 29 years old. (Name, date and age found in passenger list; also cited in Newman, Anne Arundel Gentry, p....

John Waters, II MP (1660 - 1704)

John Waters, the son of John, was born about the year 1660 at his father’s homestead on West River. He inherited “The Forks” after the settlement of his parent’s estate and ...

John Waters of London MP (1638 - d.)

This is not the same person as John Waters, Gent. Since both his names are so common, finding out where he actually belongs is going to be a challenge. He occurs in a number of family trees (often mash...

John Waters of "Waters Lotte" MP (1698 - 1771)

Depending on interpretation, John Waters of "Waters Lotte" was either the third or the second of that name and line to live in Anne Arundel, MD. He had connections with, and was believed to be related ...

John Waters I MP (c.1640 - 1704)

This is the first member of the line of Waters of Anne Arundel who we can be reasonably sure was born in the Colonies. He was resident in Maryland in the Middle Hundred (by then established as Anne Aru...

John Waters, cult film director MP

Growing up in Baltimore in the 1950's, John Waters was not like other children; he was obsessed by violence and gore, both real and on the screen. With his weird counter-culture friends as his cast, he...

John Waters, of Anne Arundel MP (c.1730 - d.)

John Waters of "Jericho" MP (1698 - 1774)

John Waters of Yorkshire MP (c.1587 - 1644)

Brother of Lt. Edward Waters; was living in Middleham, Yorkshire, in 1630; sent his son (John Waters, Gent.) to settle his brother's estate in Virginia. Existence deduced from the uncertainty of earl...

John Waters, of Trinity Parish MP (1743 - 1770)

comments Re: Charles County, Maryland Families Posted by: Shirley Edillon (ID *****8366) Date: July 25, 2011 at 14:00:56 In Reply to: Charles County, Maryland Families by Wanda Simmons of 1045 ...

Joseph Waters, of Trinity Parish MP (1710 - 1777)

will Charles County MD Will Book 1777-1780; Page 14_ Joseph Waters' Will. .. I, Joseph Waters, Sr .. To my wife Mary and my daughters Sarah and Elizabeth - the use of my dwelling house, with 50 a...

Joseph (2) Waters, of Anne Arundel MP (1703 - 1765)

Joseph Waters Birth: Dec 1703 - West River, Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA Death: Dec 12 1764 - West River, Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA Parents: John Waters, Elizabeth Giles notes Joseph the...

Joseph (1) Waters MP (1700 - c.1701)

Joseph Waters MP (1680 - 1709)

notes Joseph Waters 29.332 I CH £57.7.10 Mar 23 1708/9 The amount of the inventory also included #5126. Appraisers: John Dent, Jr., John Cartwright. Bondsmen: Jos. Watters, Thomas Hunt...

Joseph Waters, Jr. MP (1738 - 1771)

Twin to Mary Links Shirley Edillon's tree

Joseph Waters MP (deceased)

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Josephus W. Waters MP (1742 - 1800)

This is not the same person as Josephus Burton Waters.

Josephus Burton Waters MP (c.1745 - 1837)

Do not confuse, or merge, him with his cousin Josephus W. Waters! Raised in Frederick County, Maryland. Emigrated to Mason County, Kentucky, circa 1770 and married and raised a large family there. (A...

Kitty Waters (Hawker) MP (1750 - 1818)

Lawrence Waters MP (1601 - 1687)

Occupation: Carpenter Immigration 1634

Louisa Anne Gray (Waters) MP (1837 - 1875)

GRAY. Wellington Tribune, 18th May 1875. On the 16th inst, Foxton, Louisa, the beloved wife of Mr Alexander Gray, and eldest daughter of Mr George Waters, of this city, age 39 years. No buriel deta...

Lucinda Nelson (Waters) MP (1730 - 1796)

Lydia Hardin (Waters) MP (1720 - 1800)

Lydia Stanley (Waters) MP (1720 - 1800)

Margaret Waters (Cornell) MP (deceased)

Margaret Minerva Shaw (Waters) MP (1864 - 1951)

Margaret Ann Waters (Clarke) MP (c.1625 - 1660)

Margaret Robins was the daughter of Obedience Robins and his first wife, Margaret. Whether she was the same person as the "Margaret, widow of George Clarke" whom William Waters Sr. married is much less...

Margaret Lanier (Waters) MP (c.1760 - 1792)

Margaret Waters (Lansdale) MP (c.1753 - c.1800)

Maria D. Harkness (Waters) MP (1806 - 1884)

Updated 6/11/2015: I have little on Maria.

Marie Waters (Powell) MP (1912 - d.)

Martha Waters MP (deceased)

Martha Charlton (Waters) MP (1851 - 1927)

Mary Elizabeth Waters (Luttrell) MP (1681 - 1760)

Mary Ijams (Waters) MP (c.1765 - d.)

Mary Waters (Hancock) MP (deceased)

Mary Waters (unknown) MP (1719 - 1775)

Mary Birth: BEF 1719 in Trinity Parish, Charles County, Maryland Death: AFT 1775 in Charles County, Maryland Marriage Joseph Waters b: ABT 1715 in St. Mary's County, Maryland Married: BEF...

Mary Elizabeth Overton (Waters) MP (1654 - 1697)

SOURCE: ] View Tree for Mary Elizabeth WatersMary Elizabeth Waters (b. December 30, 1654, d. 1697) Mary Elizabeth Waters was born December 30, 1654 in St. Sepulcher, Parish, London, England, and died...

Mary Waters (Wilder) MP (1692 - 1756)

          v.  Mary, July 30, 1692, m. Oct. 9, 1740, Daniel Waters, widower. Links

Mary Waters (Ijams) MP (1705 - 1773)

Mary Waters (Morgan) MP (c.1697 - 1747)

Mary Morgan. Book. 1710 Mary Waters Died July ye 22, 1747.The wife of Richard Waters and Mother of James, Richard, Charles, Mary, Thomas and Joan Waters.

Mary Waters MP (1665 - 1740)

Birth name unknown. Married twice: 1) Benjamin Baynton, 2) William Waters, Jr.

Mary Gaither (Waters) MP (c.1620 - 1652)

There is some doubt as to the antecedents of Mary (Waters?) Gaither. In Lower Norfolk County, Virginia on 16 February 1645 (1646) John Geather was granted administration on the estate of Henry Walt...