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Abraham Lincoln Wigfall MP (deceased)

Alice Hamilton (Wigfall) MP (c.1876 - d.)

Alice Wigfall MP (c.1855 - 1936)

Anne Wigfall MP (deceased)

Rev. Arthur Wigfall MP (deceased)

Arthur T. Wigfall MP (1808 - 1866)

Augusta Wigfall (Weniger) MP (aft.1874 - 1948)

Barbara Thomas Wigfall MP (deceased)

Bertha Lee President- Wigfall MP (deceased)

Carolyn Josephine Wigfall MP (deceased)

Catherine M. Schwengel (Wigfall) MP (1906 - 1936)

Mr charles m wigfall MP (deceased)

charles wigfall MP (deceased)

charlie wigfall MP (deceased)

Charlotte Maria Wigfall (Cross) MP (b. - 1893)

Mrs. Wigfall's Wedding Dress Charlotte Maria Cross Wigfall, wife of the 1st Texas Regiment's Colonel, made her wedding dress into a Lone Star Flag for the Regiment, and presented this flag that she h...

Clara J Wigfall MP (c.1835 - d.)

Daniel Wigfall MP (deceased)

Daniel Wigfall of Renishaw MP (deceased)

Eliza Moore Simons (Wigfall) MP (1823 - 1897)

Eliza Thomson Wigfall (Thomson) MP (b. - 1829)

Eliza Thomson Wigfall MP (1803 - 1838)

Elizabeth Wigfall (Gell) MP (1618 - d.)

Elizabeth Moore Wigfall (Flagg) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Chester (Wigfall) MP (b. - 1737)

Elizabeth Chester (Wigfall) MP (deceased)

Emma Elliott (Wigfall) MP (deceased)

Emmot Wigfall MP (deceased)

Ernestine Wigfall MP (19 - d.)

Eulie (June Bug) Wigfall, Sr. MP (deceased)

Florrie Wigfall MP (deceased)

Francis Halsey Wigfall MP (1844 - 1897)

Frank Wigfall MP (1895 - d.)

George Wigfall MP (deceased)

Hamden Wigfall MP (b. - 1824)

Hannah Oldale (Wigfall) MP (c.1738 - d.)

Henry Wigfall Faircloth MP (1864 - 1929)

Findagrave memorial # 89165004

Henry Wigfall MP (deceased)

James Wigfall MP (deceased)

Jesse James Wigfall MP (deceased)

Jessie Wigfall MP (1916 - d.)

Joe Wigfall MP (deceased)

John Wigfall MP (c.1877 - 1963)

John Manning Wigfall MP (deceased)

Johnnie (Honey) Will Dempsey (Wigfall) MP (c.1917 - c.1997)

johnny wigfall MP (deceased)

Joseph Wigfall MP (1802 - 1884)

Katherine Cheatham (Wigfall) MP (1849 - 1926)

katie mae wigfall MP (deceased)

Levi Durand Wigfall MP (b. - 1818)

Levy Wigfall MP (deceased)

Lilia mae Bolger- Wigfall MP (deceased)

Lilly Nelson-Wigfall MP (deceased)

Louis Trezevant Wigfall, U.S. Senator MP (1816 - 1874)

Louis Trezevant Wigfall (April 21, 1816 – February 18, 1874) was an American politician from Texas who served as a member of the Texas Legislature, United States Senate, and Confederate Senate. Wigfa...

Mabyn Gertrude Wigfall (Casto) MP (1897 - 1980)

Marie Wigfall MP (deceased)

Mary Frances Taylor (Wigfall) MP (c.1853 - 1924)

Mary Cook (Wigfall) MP (deceased)

Mattie Wigfall (Charlie Jr wife) MP (1886 - 1983)

Minnie Wigfall MP (1885 - 1967)

Patricia Wigfall MP (deceased)

Pending Wigfall MP (deceased)

Peter Akins Wigfall/Whitfield MP (1896 - d.)

Richard Wigfall MP (1871 - 1919)

Richard Wigfall MP (1898 - d.)

Robert Taylor Wigfall, Taylor MP (deceased)

roosevelt wigfall MP (deceased)

Ruth wigfall (smith) MP (deceased)

Samuel Wigfall MP (b. - 1725)

Samuel Wigfall, Marine Free "Sirius" 1788 MP (deceased)

Sarah Wigfall MP (1866 - d.)

Sarah Hasell (Wigfall) MP (1730 - 1805)

Sarah Louisa Wright (Wigfall) MP (1846 - 1915)

Louise Wigfall Wright, 1846-1915 Author of: A Southern Girl in '61: The War-Time Memories of a Confederate Senator's Daughter. Wife of Judge D. Giraud Wright. Louise "Luly" Wigfall was the daught...

Sarah Agnes Wigfall (Bacon) MP (1807 - 1898)

Wife of Rev. Arthur T. Wigfall of the Episcopal Church. (He is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave next to his wife). Another child of Edmund S Bacon & Sarah Agnes Bacon is John Edmund Bacon F...

Sarah Trezevant (Wigfall) MP (1834 - 1917)

Susan Wigfall MP (deceased)

Susannah Wigfall (Durand) MP (1804 - d.)

Susannah Maybank (Wigfall) MP (deceased)

Switzon Samuel Wigfall MP (1919 - 1982)

Thomas Wigfall MP (c.1831 - d.)

Thomas Wigfall MP (1768 - 1843)

Willie Wigfall MP (1878 - d.)

Willie James Wigfall MP (deceased)