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Mary Wollstonecraft MP (1759 - 1797)

"I am going to be the first of a new genus. I am not born to tread in the beaten track - the peculiar bent of my nature pushes me on" Mary Wollstonecraft in letter to Everina, 1774 Mary Wollstonecr...

Britannia Wollstonecraft (Wood) (c.1715 - c.1740)

1732 when only seventeen years old, Charles Wollstonecraft had married Britannia Wood. The marriage was "irregular" and may have been "clandestine" too, it was a "Fleet Marriage". Four years later, on ...

Britannia Wollstonecraft (1765 - 1830)

Charles Wollstonecraft (1770 - 1817)

Charles Wollstonecraft did not stay in this country but emigrated to the United States of America. His career in the army there is recorded in Francis B Heitman’s Historical Register and Diction...

Charles Wollstonecraft (c.1715 - c.1749)

Charles Wollstonecraft (c.1748 - c.1748)

Churchey Wollstonecraft (c.1722 - c.1722)

Edward John Wollstonecraft (1736 - 1803)

Edward Wollstonecraft (1783 - 1832)

Edward Wollstonecraft (1783-1832), merchant and landowner, was the son of Edward Wollstonecraft, a London solicitor, who was a brother of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. Edward and his sister Elizabeth wer...

Edward Wollstonecraft (deceased)

Edward Wollstonecraft (c.1721 - c.1721)

Edward Wollstonecraft (c.1688 - c.1765)

Edward Wollstonecraft (c.1744 - c.1745)

Edward Bland Wollstonecraft (1735 - 1795)

Edward Wollstonecraft (c.1768 - d.)

Elizabeth Wollstonecraft (Dixon) (1729 - 1782)

Elizabeth Dixon was born in Main Street Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal. Ballyshannon meaning "The Mouth of Seannachs ford" is stiuated at the mouth of the River Erne in south Donegal. The river Erne that ...

Elizabeth Berry (Wollstonecraft) (1782 - 1845)

Elizabeth Wollstonecraft (c.1716 - c.1746)

Elizabeth Bishop (Wollstonecraft) (1763 - c.1829)

Rotherhithe shipwright who in 1782 married Elizabeth Wollstonecraft; they separated in 1784.

Elizabeth Wollstonecraft (Munday) (1778 - c.1807)

Elizabeth Ann Rutson (Wollstonecraft) (c.1718 - c.1735)

Everina Wollstonecraft (1765 - 1843)

[January 1784.] “Here we are, Everina; but my trembling hand will scarce let me tell you so. Bess is much more composed than I expected her to be; but to make my trial still more dreadful, I was...

Hazel Wollstonecraft (deceased)

Henry Woostock Wollstonecraft (1761 - d.)

James Wollstonecraft (c.1768 - c.1806)

James Wollstonecraft (1713 - 1713)

Jane Nelson Wollstonecraft (c.1806 - d.)

Jane Wollstonecraft (c.1719 - c.1722)

Jane Wollstonecraft (Mason) (c.1685 - c.1733)

John Wollstonecraft (c.1713 - c.1717)

John Wollstonecraft (c.1745 - c.1746)

Lydia Wollstonecraft (deceased)

Lydia Turner (Wollstonecraft) (1762 - 1833)

Lydia Wollstonecraft (Cooke) (1741 - 1785)

Martha Wollstonecraft (c.1722 - c.1727)

Mary Wollstonecraft (Trevett) (c.1694 - c.1747)

Mary Wollstonecraft (Bird) (deceased)

Mary Wollstonecraft (deceased)

Mary Wollstonecraft (c.1900 - d.)

Nancy Wollstonecraft (deceased)

Sarah Wollstonecraft (Garrison) (deceased)