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Yao Ming 姚明 MP

Ming (Chinese: 姚明; born September 12, 1980) is a Chinese basketball executive and retired professional basketball player who played for the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) a...

姚氏 (deceased)

Ah Nui Yao (Hong) (deceased)

Ah Ying Yao (deceased)

Andi Kardjo Yao Tjie Thian (deceased)

Antonio Yao (deceased)

Bama, Augustin Yao (deceased)

Benito Yao (1907 - 2001)

Yao Bo Long (1903 - 1942)

Died of tuberculosis.Likely contracted from his grandmother who also had TB and used to chew and feed food to him, as a baby, being that he was his paternal grandmother's favorite grandson.He had two y...

BONG LIM YAO (deceased)

YEOW Boon Kim, 姚文錦 (b. - 1904)

Brognan Jean-Noel Yao (deceased)

C K Yao (deceased)

Catalina Yao Quim Cuan (deceased)

Catherine Yao (deceased)

Chengdong Yao (deceased)

Chi-Shei Yao (deceased)

Chien-kuo Yao (deceased)

Chin Hwa Yao (deceased)

Chin Lung Yao (deceased)

Chin Sen Yao (deceased)

Clément Yao (b. - 1972)

Dorothy Wen Yao (Wu) (1922 - 2010)

eladia yao (deceased)

Elise Yao (deceased)

YEOW Eng Hock, 姚永福 (b. - 1901)

Er Bo Fu (Ah Gong) Yao (deceased)

Died at age 60, before any of the grandchildren (my father and uncles) were born.

Ernesto Yao (deceased)

Faššan 法式善 (1752 - 1813)

Fa-shih-shan 法式善 (T. 開文 H. 時帆, 梧門, 陶廬, 小西涯居士, original name Yün-ch'ang 運昌), Feb.-Mar., 1753-1813, official, scholar and poet, was a Mongol whose family belonged to the Plain Yellow Banner of the Imperi...

Father Yao (deceased)

Feng Nan Yao (aft.1941 - bef.1981)

fupei Yao (deceased)

Gaudencio Yao (deceased)

George Yao (deceased)

Gloria Yao (Sanchez) (1965 - d.)

Goh Yao Shan (deceased)

Grandfather Yao (deceased)

Gregorio Lim-Santi (deceased)

Marriage certificate

Ha Fee (Yao) Kao (Yao) (1916 - 1974)

Hau Yeoh Neo 候腰娘 (c.1788 - c.1826)

Post humous name 謚號:勤讓 Qin Rang

Hilda Maria Hsiang Yao (1956 - 2010)

hongyuan Yao (deceased)

Hsin-Nung Yao (1905 - 1991)

huamin Yao (deceased)

Hui Lan Yao (deceased)

Hui Yao (deceased)

Huy Yao (deceased)

Jacinto Ung Yao (deceased)

Jasper Yao (deceased)

Jean Yao (王世珍) (Wang) (1941 - 2011)

Jeffrey Yao (deceased)

Jessica Yao (deceased)

Joaquin Yao (deceased)

Johnson (deceased)

Jose Yao (deceased)

juanita ocampo yao (ocampo) (deceased)

KaHo Yao (deceased)

Khik Hien Edward Yao (deceased)

Khik Tie Oscar Yao (deceased)

Khun Yao (deceased)

Koc Yiong Yao (1934 - 2001)

Lan Chheav Yau 姚巧蘭 (deceased)

Lay Ching Alice Yao (Siu) (1938 - 1998)

Lay-Ching Alice Yao (deceased)

Le Chun Yao (deceased)

李 先耀 (deceased)

李 耀宇 (deceased)

李尧性 (deceased)

Li Lian Yao (deceased)

Ling Yi Guo Yao (Guo) (bef.1950 - bef.1986)

Lingyu Yao (deceased)

Liong Yao Fa (deceased)

Liu Yao (deceased)

Liu Yao (deceased)

Liu Yao (deceased)

Ly Yao (deceased)

Lydia Yao (deceased)

Mabel Yao (Hwa) (1913 - 2003)

Maggie Yao (Lo) (b. - 2011)

Main Ting Yao (deceased)

manuel cayamanda yao (deceased)

Ming Ting Yao (deceased)

Misis Yao (deceased)

Vajirayan (deceased)

Mother Liu/Yao (deceased)

Mr. & Mrs. Yao (deceased)

Nelson Yao (deceased)

Ng Yao Tang (Ng) (b. - 1956)

伍耀堂 (deceased)

Niancheng Yao (deceased)

Pa-Hon Yao (deceased)

Pablo Yao (deceased)

Pay Tsiong Yao (deceased)

PAZ YAO (AJAZ) (deceased)

Quie Shen Yao (deceased)

Robert Yao (deceased)

rudy yao (deceased)

Ruth Yao (Wang) (1916 - 1996)

Severina Yao (b. - aft.1870)

Shou-? Yao (1906 - 2005)