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Yap Ah Loy, 葉亞來 MP (1837 - 1885)

Yap Ah Loy (b. March 14, 1837, Kwangtung Province, China--d. April 15, 1885, Kuala Lumpur, Malay Peninsula), leader of the Chinese community of Kuala Lumpur, who was largely responsible for the devel...

James Yap MP

James Carlos Yap Sr. (born February 15, 1982), from Escalante City, Negros Occidental, is a Filipino professional basketball superstar player for the Derby Ace Llamados in the Philippine Basketball Ass...

Juan Veloso Yap MP (deceased)

Juan Yap was a Chinese merchant in the Parian district of Cebu. Together with his wife Maria Florido, he built his home in the 17th century on present-day 155 Lopez Jaena corner Mabini Streets, Cebu. T...

Yap MP (deceased)

Yap MP (deceased)

>> Yap MP (deceased)

(wife 2) YAP MP (deceased)

Yap MP (deceased)

. Yap MP (deceased)

.. Yap MP (deceased)

.. Yap MP (deceased)

.. Yap MP (deceased)

.. Yap MP (deceased)

... ... Yap MP (deceased)

2nd Tai Ku Yap MP (deceased)

? Yap (Lue) MP (deceased)

? Yap (Yap She) MP (deceased)

? YAP MP (deceased)

? Yap MP (deceased)

? Eng Yap MP (deceased)

?? Yap MP (deceased)

??? Yap MP (deceased)

???? Yap MP (deceased)

????? Yap MP (deceased)

A Yap MP (deceased)

A Fa Yap MP (deceased)

A Tong, Yap MP (deceased)

A Zulkifly Yap MP (deceased)

Abowa Yap MP (deceased)

Adela Yap Sia MP (deceased)

Aer nio Yap MP (deceased)

Agatha 'Miss Gatti' Etheldreda Yap (Kameka) MP (1898 - d.)

Agnes Josephine Clark (Mills) Yap MP (1932 - 2013)

Agripino Pascual Yap, Sr MP (deceased)

Agusgtina NoMN Yap MP (deceased)

Agustina NoMN Yap-Kaamiño MP (deceased)

Agustina NoMN Yap-Kaamiño is your third cousin's wife. You → WENCISLAO GALARRITA KAAMIÑO your father → Jose Nacalaban Kaamiño SP-1 his father → CINANDO NACALABAN KAAMIÑO his father → Cristino Nacal...

Ah Kang Yap MP (deceased)

Ah Phiang Yap MP (deceased)

Ah Njoen Yap MP (deceased)

Ah Bai Yap MP (deceased)

Ah Choy Yap MP (deceased)

Ah Goong Yap MP (deceased)

Ah Juan Yap MP (deceased)

Ah Juan Yap MP (deceased)

YAP Ah Lin MP (deceased)

Ah Liou Chan Lam (Yap Luk Moy) MP (1890 - 1974)

Ah Mui Yap MP (1928 - 2000)

Ah Ng Yap (Chek) MP (b. - 1982)

Yap Ah Sak 叶阿石 MP (deceased)

Ah Sam (aka Samuel) Yap MP (1902 - d.)

Ah Seong Yap MP (deceased)

Ah Yee Yap MP (deceased)

AhJan YAP MP (c.1870 - c.1945)

Ai Fen (爱芬) Yap MP (c.1958 - 1958)

Ai Se (Elsje) Yap MP (c.1945 - 2015)

Air Yap MP (deceased)

Albert Ah Lo Awa Yap MP (1888 - 1946)

Alberto Yap MP (deceased)

ALBINO yap MP (deceased)

Alfred Victor Yap-Chung MP (1921 - 2001)

Alice Yap MP (deceased)

Alice Goo Awa Yap (Hoi) MP (deceased)

Alvin Yap MP (deceased)

Amelia "Ely" Cura Yap (Amelia Cura) MP (1941 - 2004)

AMOY CHINA Yap MP (deceased)

Yap Ampang MP (deceased)

Notarial registers: October 18, 1911 (Casiano Causin): & November 13, 1917 (James C. Vickers):

Amparo Villarino Yap MP (deceased)

Yap An Nio MP (deceased)

Anda Delgado Yap MP (deceased)

Andrew Yap MP (deceased)

andy yap MP (deceased)

Angel Yap Genato MP (deceased)

Angela Gusi Yap MP (deceased)

Angelina Conception Yap (Conception) MP (deceased)

angelina yap MP (deceased)

Angelina Ermino Yap MP (deceased)

Angelita Yap MP (b. - 2014)

ANGELITO YAP MP (deceased)

Aniceto Yap MP (deceased)

Yap Ankog MP (deceased)

Notarial registers: October 18, 1911 (Casiano Causin): &

Ann Yap Suan Gaik MP (c.1916 - 2002)

Anna Yap MP (deceased)

Annie Smith/ Yap (Annie Mowe) MP (1877 - 1966)

Anthony Yap Ah Kwee MP (deceased)

Anthony Lawrence YAP MP (b. - 1984)

Yap Anton MP (c.1868 - bef.1948)

Yap Anton's notarial register dated July 11, 1907: "Ratification of a pledge to guarantee existing effects in a store located at Magallanes St., Cebu, Cebu, detailed in an inventory attached two shee...

Antonio Yap MP (deceased)

Antonio Yap MP (deceased)

Antonio Loreto Yap MP (deceased)

Antonio Loreto Yap MP (aft.1940 - 1992)

Antonio Ermino Yap MP (deceased)

Antonio Yap MP (deceased)

Apolinaria Yap MP (deceased)

Apolinario Yap MP (deceased)


Apolinario Yap MP (deceased)

(nee ?) Ark Boh MP (deceased)

arman yap MP (deceased)

armando ermino yap MP (1969 - 2014)

Armando Ermino Yap MP (1969 - 2014)