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Abigail Yates (Rogers) MP (1678 - 1746)

From her Thomas Rogers Society page: Abigail Rogers [1] F, b. 2 March 1677/78, d. between 18 January 1745/46 and 29 May 1747 Abigail Rogers was born on 2 March 1677/78 at Eastham. She w...

Abigail Whitman Yates (Cole) MP (1819 - 1900)

Adelaide W Yates (Veazey) MP (1911 - d.)

Agnes Bell Yates (Haigh) MP (1839 - 1920)

Probate Record:

Alice Yates (Hyde) MP (1487 - 1515)

A. Richard Yate of Charney m. ?? (dau of __ Ashendon or of ?? of Ashendon) i. Edmund Yate of Stanlake m. Margaret Cornwall (dau of John Cornwall of Stanlake ii. John Yate of Charney and Lyford...

Ann Prather (Yates) MP (c.1673 - 1734)

Anne Yates Her mother was a descendant of Baron Richard de Clare,one of the 25 sureties who stood at Runnemeade and forced King John,on the 15 Jun.1215 to sign the Magna Charta. Ann is the daughter o...

Lady Ann Leech (Yates) MP (c.1555 - 1612)

Anna Yates MP (1833 - d.)

Anne Assheton Nooth (Yates) MP (c.1744 - 1818)

Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : May 25 2016, 14:11:56 UTC * Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British Empire . London : ...

Atlas B. Yates MP (1838 - 1890)

Beulah Veazey (Yates) MP (1911 - 1995)

Birth: Aug. 12, 1911 Death: Apr. 27, 1995 Family links: Spouse: Edward Bolton Veazey (1879 - 1964) Children: Betty Lou Veazey (1940 - 1945)* Calculated relationship Burial: Procto...

Clarrenda Yates (Selvey) MP (1856 - 1938)

Photo by: CAC, added April 19, 2011 to Find A Grave Memorial# 68621336 When Clarenda Selvey was born on October 12, 1856, in West Virginia, her father, Thomas, was 20 and her mother, Frances, was 2...

Cloie Yates MP (1843 - d.)

Edith Yates MP (1799 - d.)

Edward Yates MP (deceased)

Eli Yates MP (1792 - 1881)

Eli Yates MP (1778 - 1859)

Source for death info was the 1860 Mortality Schedule, Heard County, Georgia. Eli was 81 when he died. 1799 - Montgomery County land transaction; 1820 - Emanuel County, Georgia census (p. 90); 1824 - T...

Elinor Yates (Walters) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth A. Yates (Kilgore) MP (c.1720 - 1793)

Elizabeth Yates MP (c.1676 - 1699)

Not the Elizabeth who married Thomas Plummer, Jr. That was her older half-sister, Elizabeth Stockett. There are no definite records of this Elizabeth Yates, and she may have died young (before 1699),...

Elizabeth Yates (Tucker) MP (1675 - 1712)

Elizabeth Virginia Newlon (Yates) MP (1847 - 1909)

Find A Grave Memorial# 140020591 her father is: Martin Yates,son of John Yates (1768-1853) & Margaret Jean Hawkins (1768-1854) Martin Yates included her in his will: " to daughter Elizabeth Vir...

Elizabeth Yates / Wayne (Moran) MP (1802 - c.1875)

Elizabeth Wilson (Yates) MP (1580 - d.)

Emily Jane Ball (Yates) MP (1869 - 1934)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Aug 11 2016, 16:26:11 UTC

Ethel Rose Yates (Reed) MP (1880 - 1933)

Births Dec 1880 REED Ethel Rose Uxbridge 3a 37 REED Rose Ethel Uxbridge 3a 37 Marriages Jun 1900 Reed Ethel Rose Brentford 3a 192 Reid Ethel Rose Brentford 3a 192 ...

Frances Helen Yates MP (1831 - 1898)

Frances Yates (White) MP (1514 - 1585)

Frances Ballentine (Yates) MP (1635 - 1702)

George Ballentine was born about 1635, and died about 1702. He is mentioned in Lower Norfolk Co. court record book C, p. 55, 4 Feb. 1652/53, as "George Valentine servant of Christopher Burrow decd. hav...

Francis Yates MP (c.1545 - 1588)

Imprisonment Unknown Jul 1581 Died in Prison Because he refused to convert from roman catholic to Church of England

Francis Jane "Fannie" (New) Yates MP (1845 - 1914)

Birth: Aug. 29, 1845 North Carolina, USA Death: May 9, 1914 Richmond County North Carolina, USA Daughter of John Yates and Mary Cole. Wife of Rev. James Columbus New. Mother of Emma, Anna Manerva, ...

George W. Yates MP (1813 - 1895)

George Yates, Jr. MP (c.1674 - 1717)

Hannah Eveline Shelton (Yates) MP (1743 - 1812)

Henry Yates MP (1832 - 1872)

Probate Reference:

James Yates MP (1710 - 1772)

James B Yates MP (c.1801 - 1884)

James is in the 1820 Laurens County, Georgia census, 1830 Houston County, Georgia census, 1840 Talladega County, Alabama census; 1850 in the Heard County, Georgia census. James' wife may have been Cree...

James D. Yates MP (1845 - d.)

Jane Yates (Tichborne) MP (1548 - 1581)

Known Children: Thomas, Francis. _______________________ Nicholas Tichborne, Sheriff of Hampshire (a 1553) m1. Juliana Fenrother (dau of Robert Fenrother of London) 1. Julian Tichborne m. Th...

Jane Yates (Smith) MP (b. - c.1665)

Jane Yates (Goddard) MP (b. - c.1508)

A. Richard Yate of Charney m. ?? (dau of __ Ashendon or of ?? of Ashendon) i. Edmund Yate of Stanlake m. Margaret Cornwall (dau of John Cornwall of Stanlake ' ii. John Yate of Charney and Lyfor...

Jane Yates MP (c.1808 - 1890)

Jemima Yates (Frier) MP (deceased)

Jesse Yates (Taylor) MP (1885 - 1958)

Residence: (1900 — Age: 15) Monticello, Piatt, Illinois, USA* Updated from Ancestry Genealogy via mother Mary A. Nelson by SmartCopy : Jun 30 2015, 18:40:48 UTC

Joan Yates (Ashendon) MP (1462 - 1500)

Joan Yates (Jobe) MP (c.1615 - c.1666)

Joane (Latin form Johanna) Yates received grants in her own name of 200 acres in Elizabeth River (now Nansemond River) parish, Lower Norfolk Co., December 6, 1652, and of 300 acres in the same parish...

Joan Yates MP (c.1628 - c.1644)

Joan Yates (Keesee) MP (1694 - d.)

Jochabed Samuel (Yates) MP (1787 - 1870)

John Yates of Nansemond County MP (c.1640 - 1731)

Known as John of Nansemond County, he was the founder of the Yeates Free Schools. He had two wives. Apparently the Johyn Yeates who received 20 acres with William Edwards in the lower parish of Nanse...

John Estes Yates, III MP (1715 - 1777)

John Yates of Dan River. He owned a tavern near Gretna, Virginia (on Rte. 29 near Chatham) that is on the Historic Site register. John Yates is listed on the tithables of Pittsylvania Co. with hi...

John Yates, Jr. MP (b. - 1730)

From his Thomas Rogers Society page: John Yates1 M, d. before 31 July 1730 John Yates was the son of John Yates. John Yates married Abigail Rogers, daughter of James Rogers and Mary Paine, on 1...

John Yates, II MP (1694 - 1731)

John L. Yates, IV MP (c.1737 - 1798)

John Yates, Esq. MP (c.1575 - d.)

John Yates MP (c.1479 - 1541)

A. Richard Yate of Charney m. ?? (dau of __ Ashendon or of ?? of Ashendon) i. Edmund Yate of Stanlake m. Margaret Cornwall (dau of John Cornwall of Stanlake ' ii. John Yate of Charney and Lyfor...

John Yates MP (deceased)

John Yates of Duxbury MP (c.1624 - 1651)

from Richard Higgins, a Resident and Pioneer Settler at Plymouth and Eastham, Massachusetts, and at Piscataway, New Jersey, and His Descendants by Mrs. Katharine Elizabeth Chapin Higgins Publisher- Hig...

John L. Yates, Sr. MP (1754 - 1835)

campaign against the Indians to the West of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Battle of Kings Mountain in Orange County Virginia DAR A204069, Pvt. NC.

John Yates, Sr. MP (deceased)

John Edmund Yates MP (1782 - d.)

John Yates MP (c.1808 - 1880)

John Yates, I MP (1672 - 1722)

Known children: Richard, Mary, Frances, Joan, John.

John Yates the Immigrant MP (c.1606 - 1648)

From Gina S. Lanier's Online Family Tree: John (the Emigrant) Yates (son of John Yates, Esq.) [21] was born Abt. 1616 in England [21], and died 1648 in Upper Norfolk County or Elizabeth City,...

John Yates MP (1650 - d.)

from Richard Higgins, a Resident and Pioneer Settler at Plymouth and Eastham, Massachusetts, and at Piscataway, New Jersey, and His Descendants by Mrs. Katharine Elizabeth Chapin Higgins Publisher Higg...

Joseph Yates MP (1805 - 1863)

Forty years ago, my branch of the family thought we descended from William. About 25 years ago I started receiving notices from more scholarly researchers that they had change their mind and now though...

Joseph Anderson Yates MP (1815 - 1890)

Leona Yates (Herr) MP (1885 - d.)

Louisa Mary Lethbridge (Yates) MP (1799 - 1876)

Lucille Jeanette Yates (Veazey) MP (1918 - 2013)

Birth: Dec. 24, 1918 Arkansas, USA Death: Feb. 15, 2013 Arkansas, USA Lucille Jeanette Yates age 94 of Bismarck died Friday, February 15, 2013 in Arkadelphia. She was born December 24, 1918 in Fu...

Lucy Frier Nicely (Yates) MP (1837 - d.)

Luke Anthony George Yates MP (1982 - 1986)

Lydia Yates (Parsons) MP (1757 - 1805)

Richard and Lydia Brigg were married in 1740 in Goochland County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Ralph Brigg & Mary Elizabeth Wright. They had the following children, all born in Pittsylvania County...

Lydia Yates (Bryant) MP (1813 - 1845)

Margaret Delilah Hale (Yates) MP (1835 - 1927)

Residence : ED 14 Kenady District, Dickenson, Virginia, United States - 1900** Reference: FamilySearch Genealogy - SmartCopy : Nov 18 2016, 15:38:12 UTC

Marie Yates (Tregian) MP (1570 - d.)

Martha L. Estes (Yates) MP (c.1762 - 1834)

Martha Crisp (Yates) MP (1820 - 1883)

Martha Yates (Morgan) MP (1777 - d.)

Martha E. Stikeleather (Yates) MP (deceased)

Mary Doane (Yates) MP (1676 - 1743)

Mary Rogers (Yates) MP (c.1700 - d.)

From her Thomas Rogers Society page: Mary Yates F, b. circa 1700 Mary Yates was born circa 1700 at prob., Harwich. She was the daughter of John Yates and Abigail Rogers. Mary Yates marr...

Mary Yates MP (1765 - d.)

Mary Yates (Dearing) MP (deceased)

Mary Elizabeth McMillion (Yates) MP (deceased)

Mary Horne (Yates) MP (c.1636 - c.1652)

Mary Yates MP (deceased)

Mary Yates (Cole) MP (deceased)

Mary Ann Money (Yates) MP (c.1732 - 1799)

Mary Ann Moran (Yates) MP (1828 - 1909)

Mary Willis (Yates) MP (1629 - 1684)

Maude Briece (Yates) MP (1547 - 1624)

Nancy Malinda Yates (Anderson) MP (1785 - d.)

Nancy Belcher (Yates) MP (1824 - 1874)

Residence : Tazewell county, part of, Tazewell , Virginia - 1850* Residence : [Blank], Clay, Virginia, United States - 1860* Residence : West Virginia, United States - 1870** Reference: FamilySearch Ge...

Nancy Poston (Yates) MP (deceased)

Phillis Yates MP (1702 - d.)

Rachel Yates (Warfield) MP (c.1681 - 1709)

Dtr. of Richard Warfield and Elinor Browne of Welsh Nobility. Had 7 children and one of the other children of Richard and Elinor was ancestor of Duchess of Windsor. __________________ 'Rachael ...

Rebecca Yates (Ragsdale) MP (1758 - 1844)

Rebecca Ragsdale & Thomas Yates Evelyn Yates Carpenter has written two books dealing with this family: Thomas Kilgore, Sr. 1712-1822, and his Proven Descendants to 1991 (Nashville, TN: Lithographic...

Rebecca Alley (Yates) MP (1827 - c.1870)

Rebecca Yates was born in 1822 in Virginia. She was the daughter of Valentine Yates and wife Susannah. She married Turner Alley in Floyd County, Kentucky, on June 24, 1841. Children of Turner Alley a...

Reggie Yates MP

Reggie Yates (born 31 May 1983) is a British actor, television presenter and radio DJ, best known for his roles for the BBC in radio and television. He presented various shows for BBC Radio 1 alongside...