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Dorothy Yeats (Stevens) MP (1582 - 1613)

'Dorothy Stephens1 F, b. 16 December 1582 Father Nicholas Stephens b. c 1558 ' Dorothy Stephens was christened on 16 December 1582 at Steventon, Berkshire, England. She married Thomas Yeats, so...

Elizabeth Yeats (Field) MP (1674 - d.)

Frances Ballentine (Yeats) MP (c.1638 - c.1702)

George Yeats MP (1639 - 1691)

'George Yeats1 M, b. circa 1640, d. 6 June 1691 Father John Yeats1 b. 10 Jan 1612, d. b 1654 Mother Mary (Elizabeth) Tattershall1 b. c 1613 ' George Yeats was born circa 1640 at of Buckland...

Hannah Yeats (Phillips) MP (deceased)

James Yeats MP (deceased)

John Yeats, Jr. MP (deceased)

John Yeats, I MP (1612 - 1654)

'John Yeats1 M, b. 10 January 1612, d. before 1654 Father Thomas Yeats1 b. c 1570 Mother Dorothy Stephens1 b. 16 Dec 1582 ' John Yeats was born on 10 January 1612 at of Lyford, Hanney, Berksh...

John Yeats MP (1734 - 1798)

Mary Yeats (Wells) MP (1643 - 1699)

The birth date for Mary Wells Stockett Yeats can probably be narrowed down by a few years. Her father, Richard Wells, probably embarked for Virginia at age 26, on the ship "Globe" of London on 7 August...

Sarah Deere (Yeats) MP (1780 - 1826)

Sarah Willemse Hoff (Yeats) MP (1651 - 1705)

Born in Heemstedt, Holland on 1649 to Teunis Janse Covert and Barbara Lucas Van Kessel. Aechje married Derrick Pauluszen Hoff and had 5 children. She passed away on 1700 in Jamaica, New York, USA.

Thomas Yeats MP (1510 - 1565)

'Thomas Yeats M, b. circa 1510, d. 28 November 1565 ' Thomas Yeats was born circa 1510 at of Lyford Grange, Berkshire, England.1 He died on 28 November 1565 at Lyford Grange, Berkshire, England. ...

Thomas Yeats MP (c.1570 - 1658)

Known children: Thomas, Dorothy, Prudence, William, John, Thomas, WIliam. _________________ 'Thomas Yeats1 M, b. circa 1570 Father Francis Yeats1 b. c 1545, d. 1588 Mother Jane Tichbourne...

W. B. Yeats, Nobel Prize in Literature 1923 MP (1865 - 1939)

William Butler Yeats (pronounced /ˈjeɪts/; 13 June 1865 – 28 January 1939) was an Irish poet and dramatist, and one of the foremost figures of 20th century literature. A pillar of both the Irish and Br...

Winifred Yeats Pycraft Williams Bertrand Wilson (Jacobus) MP (deceased)

Posted by: Betty Tartas (ID *****3449) Date: July 08, 2011 HENRY WILSON, son of ELIAS WILSON Sr & SUSANNAH unknown, married WINIFRED JACOBUS, d/o ANGELL JACOBUS & ELIZABETH CLARK, as per their marria...

Yeats MP (deceased)

(unknown wife of John) Yeats MP (deceased)

? Yeats (Ross) MP (deceased)

? Davidson (Yeats) MP (deceased)

[EDWINA'S DAD' Yeats MP (deceased)

[EDWINA'S MUM] Yeats MP (deceased)

[GEORGE'S MUM] Yeats MP (deceased)

[WINIFRED'S DAD' Yeats MP (deceased)

[WINIFRED'S MUM] Yeats MP (deceased)

Agnes Matilda Yeats-Brown (Bellingham) MP (c.1856 - 1940)

Marriage Notice Oct. 3, at St. Anne's, Dublin, Montagu Yeats Brown, Esq., H.B.M. Consul at Genoa, to Agnes Matilda, youngest daughter of Sir Alan Edward Bellingham, Bart., of Castle Bellingham, in th...

Agnes Yeats MP (1849 - 1930)

Agnes Yeats (Webster) MP (1678 - d.)

Agnes Yeats (Tennant) MP (deceased)

Agnes Yeats (Baird) MP (deceased)

Alan Geoffrey Yeats-Brown MP (1914 - 1978)

Engagement The engagement is announced between Alan Geoffrey, eldest son of Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. F. V. Yeats Brown, of Quenington Fairford (Glos.), and Mary Frances elder daughter of the late ...

Albert W Yeats MP (1898 - 1981)

Alexander Yeats MP (1877 - d.)

Alexander Yeats MP (1856 - d.)

Alexander Yeats MP (deceased)

Alexander Yeats MP (deceased)

Alexander Yeats MP (deceased)

Alexander Yeats MP (deceased)

Alf Yeats MP (deceased)

Alice Yeats MP (1860 - d.)

Alice Yeats MP (deceased)

Alice Yeats MP (1688 - d.)

Alice May Yeats (Naylor) MP (1884 - 1963)

Amalia Yeats (Carlo) MP (deceased)

Amanda Yeats MP (1966 - d.)

Anita Yeats MP (1909 - 1909)

Ann Japp Yeats MP (1864 - d.)

Ann Yeats MP (1869 - d.)

Ann Yeats MP (1878 - d.)

Ann Trevarthen (Yeats) MP (1801 - 1866)

Ann Yeats (Carnsew) MP (1741 - d.)

Ann Fulks (Yeats) MP (deceased)

ANN wilson (YEATS) MP (deceased)

Ann Yeats (Gundry) MP (1784 - 1866)

Anna Somerville (Yeats) MP (1737 - d.)

Anna Martin (Yeats) MP (deceased)

Anna Margaretha Magdalena Louw (Yeats) MP (1900 - d.)

Anna Elizabeth Yeats (Mostert) MP (1876 - 1951)

Anna Rachellina Yeats (Stadler) MP (1883 - d.)

Anna and Freda were twin sisters. Both were born on 07/07/1883. The witness to Anna Baptism are : George Petrus Johannes Koning, and Anna Rachellina Koning ( Verwey ), her Aunt........ Anna on frame 45...

Anne Yeats MP (deceased)

Anne Butler Yeats MP (1919 - 2001)

Bell Usher MP (1915 - 2007)

Annie Ruth Yeats MP (deceased)

Anthony Yeates (Yeats) MP (c.1819 - 1864)

Transcript marriage date "Elizabeth & Anthony" (Cornwall OLPC)

Anthony Yeates (Yeats) MP (1849 - d.)

Anthony emigrated to USA with siblings and mother about 1867 and evidenced with his mother on 1880,1900 & 1910 US Census records.

Arabella Yeats MP (deceased)

Arthur Raymond YEATS MP (1893 - 1898)

Arthur John Frederick Yeats MP (1896 - 1938)

Arvena Yeats MP (deceased)

Baby Yeats(Visser) MP (deceased)

Barbara Yeats (Dempster) MP (deceased)

Barbara (Descendant of Robert III, King of Scotland and of Henry I) Gibbon (Yeats) MP (1749 - 1791)

Benjamin Yeats MP (deceased)

Benjamin Yeats MP (1794 - d.)

Benjamin Yeats MP (deceased)

Benjamin Yeats MP (deceased)

Bergie Virginia Yeats (Pratt) MP (1907 - d.)

Bergie Virginia Pratt (Yeats) MP (deceased)

Bessie Bell Yeats (Goodrum) MP (1889 - d.)

Bob Yeats MP (deceased)

Bridget Yeats (Thomas) MP (1771 - d.)

Caleb Harmon Yeats MP (c.1885 - 1957)

Caroline Yeats MP (1841 - 1889)

Cassie Lee Yeats MP (deceased)

Catherine Yeats MP (c.1822 - 1902)

Catherine Craig MP (deceased)

Catherine Yeats MP (deceased)

Catherine Christina Yeats MP (1910 - d.)

Cecil Yeats MP (deceased)

Charles Yeats MP (1825 - 1907)

Charles Yeats MP (1852 - d.)

Charles J. Yeats MP (1825 - 1895)

charles adison levett-yeats MP (deceased)

Charles Frederic Yeats MP (1874 - 1922)

Charles Yeats MP (1801 - c.1890)

Charles P Yeats MP (deceased)

Charles R Yeats MP (deceased)

Charlotte Margaret YEATS MP (1889 - 1955)

Charlotte Fraser Porter (Yeats) MP (c.1854 - 1922)

Charlotte Yeats MP (deceased)