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Aletta Sophia Visagie (Yselle) MP (1864 - 1947)

Andries Gerhardus Christiaan Yselle MP (1834 - d.)

Andries Gerhardus Christiaan Yselle MP (deceased)

Andriesina Cecilia Jacoba Yselle (Jooste) MP (deceased)

Andrisina Christina du Plessis (Yselle) MP (deceased)

Anna Francina Yselle (Koekemoer) MP (deceased)

Anna hendrina Engela Yselle (du Plessis) MP (1793 - c.1823)

August Ernst Yselle, b2 MP (1765 - d.)

Elizabeth Cornelia Yselle, b11 MP (1786 - 1850)

SAG Vol 17: b11 Elizabeth Cornelia YSSEL ≈ 22.10.178 † 7.6.1850 x Kaapstad 29.7.1810 Johannes WEIDEMAN * DEPOT KAB SOURCE MOOC TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 13/1/208

Gabriel Ernst Yselle, b4 MP (c.1770 - 1837)

left Cape Town 29.10.1789 with attestation for Swellendam and became burgher of Graaff-Reinet, farming in the Field Cornetcy Upper Zeekoei River, District Cradock

Gert Yselle MP (deceased)

Gertruida Catharina Fourie (Yselle) MP (deceased)

Hendrik Jacobus Johannes Yssele (Yselle) MP (deceased)

Hester Cornelia Jooste (Yselle) MP (deceased)

Hester Cornelia Stander (Yselle) MP (1897 - 1955)


Izak Hendrik Yselle MP (deceased)

Jacob Lodewyk Yselle, b12 MP (1788 - d.)

Johan Christiaan Yselle, b1 MP (1764 - d.)

farmer in the Field Cornetcy Lower Zeekoei River, District Cradock.

Johann Christiaan Yselle, SV/PROG MP (aft.1720 - 1807)

Yselle / Esseling / Yssel / Iseli, Jan Christiaan Born in 1732 on the farm Bärgli near Hasle BE [Iseli of Hasle BE - also spelled Yssel after clergy who studied in Holland associated the name with th...

Johanna Hendrina Aletta Susanna du Plessis (Yselle) MP (deceased)

Johanna Magdalena i Yssele (Yselle), b6 MP (1773 - d.)

Johanna Magdalena ii Yselle (Ysselle), b7 MP (1775 - 1782)

Johanna Maria Dalton (Yselle) MP (deceased)

Johannes Petrus (Pieter) Yselle MP (deceased)

Maria Aletta Sophia du Plessis (Yselle) MP (deceased)

Maria Catharina van der Walt (Yselle) MP (deceased)

Maria Louisa Sturt (Yselle), b10 MP (1783 - d.)

Sylvia Braudé (Yselle) MP (deceased)