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Anna Francina Yselle (Koekemoer) MP (deceased)

August Ernst Yselle, b2 MP (1765 - d.)

Elizabeth Cornelia Yselle, b11 MP (1786 - 1850)

SAG Vol 17: b11 Elizabeth Cornelia YSSEL ≈ 22.10.178 † 7.6.1850 x Kaapstad 29.7.1810 Johannes WEIDEMAN * DEPOT KAB SOURCE MOOC TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 13/1/208

Gabriel Ernst Yssel (Yselle), b4 MP (c.1770 - 1837)

left Cape Town 29.10.1789 with attestation for Swellendam and became burgher of Graaff-Reinet, farming in the Field Cornetcy Upper Zeekoei River, District Cradock

Gert Yselle MP (deceased)

Hendrik Jacobus Johannes Yssele (Yselle) MP (deceased)

Jacob Lodewyk Yselle, b12 MP (1788 - d.)

Johan Christiaan Yselle, b1 MP (1764 - d.)

farmer in the Field Cornetcy Lower Zeekoei River, District Cradock.

Johann Christiaan Yselle, SV/PROG MP (b. - 1807)

Yselle / Esseling / Yssel / Iseli, Jan Christiaan Born in 1732 on the farm Bärgli near Hasle BE [Iseli of Hasle BE - also spelled Yssel after clergy who studied in Holland associated the name with th...

Johanna Hendrina Aletta Susanna Yselle MP (1827 - 1892)

Johanna Magdalena i Yssele (Yselle), b6 MP (1773 - d.)

Johanna Magdalena ii Yselle (Ysselle), b7 MP (1775 - 1782)

Maria Louisa Sturt (Yselle), b10 MP (1783 - d.)