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Cecilia Kohn-Zerkowitz (Kohn-Boschan (Kohn or Bosany)) MP (1794 - 1885)

Cecilia (Kohn-Boschan) Knopfelmacher Zerkowitz was born in Ilava, Trencin Co., Hungary in 1794, and died in Trencin on 9 February 1885, age 90 years. She was married first, about 1816, to David Knopfel...

Fanny Rebenwurzel (Zerkowitz) MP (c.1809 - 1893)

Fanny Zerkowitz was born in Leipnik, Moravia about December 1809, approximately one month after the death of her great-grandmother, widow Fradl Zerkowitz (1726-1809), after whom she was named. When...

Guttl Kohn-Zerkowitz (Deutsch) MP (1753 - 1839)

At the time of her death, Gutl (Deutsch) Zerkowitz was residing in household #4 in Leipnik's Jewish quarter. Her death record refers to her as Gutl Zerkowitz, age 86, widow.

Jacob Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1761 - c.1827)

As a young man, Jacob Kohn-Zerkowitz left Moravia and followed his brother Lazar over the border to Trencin, Hungary. He is said to have lived in Trencin for a few years during the early 1780s, then la...

Jonathan (Mayer Jonas) (Markus Jonas) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (1765 - 1821)

Mayer Jonas Kohn-Zerkowitz was the youngest son of Juda Löbl Kohn-Zerkowitz. At various times in his life, he is seen as "Mayer Jonas", "Markus", "Jonas", and "Jonathan" . He was born after his parents...

Lazar (Eleazer) (Lazarus) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1756 - 1809)

The recent discovery of a set of notes made by a Zerkowitz descendant [Emil Zerk (1892-1988)] shows that the brothers Leopold and Nathan Kohn-Zerkowitz of Trencin City were not the sons of Simon Kohn-Z...

Leopold (Juda Löbl) (Jehuda Aryeh-Leib) (Löw) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1720 - 1765)

Leopold had the Hebrew name of "Yehuda Aryeh Leib Kohn", meaning "Lion". As an adult, he was known as "Leib" or as "Leopold". His family was "kohane", meaning they were descendants of Aaron, the first ...

Michael Löbl Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (1748 - 1822)

Michael Kohn-Zerkowitz moved with his parents from Zverkovice to Mahr. Weisskirchen [now Hranice, Czech Republic] in the early 1760s. He was the only Zerkowitz son to remain in that area. Jewish record...

Nanetta Tauber (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (1815 - 1900)

Nanetta (Kohn-Zerkowitz) Tauber, known alternately as "Anna", "Netty", and "Nany", was born in Trencin City in 1815 and was still alive in 1890. Her deathdate is unknown. It is believed that she left T...

Nathan Samuel (Nesanel) (Sándor) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (1783 - 1847)

Nathan Samuel (Nesanel) (Sandor) Kohn-Zerkowitz was b. in Trencin, Hungary in 1783, and remained there his entire life. Upon his father's murder (prior to 1809), rights to his father's residence in Tre...

Oscar Ulysses Zerk (Oskar Zerkowitz) MP (1878 - 1968)

Oskar Zerkowitz emigrated to the United States and changed his name to "Oscar Ulysses Zerk". He was also known as "Oscar V. Zerk". He became a world-famous inventor and one of his most prominent creati...

Reichel Schück (Zerkowitz) MP (1791 - d.)

She was the child of Michael Zerkowitz whose birth is entered indistinctly -- and probably after the fact -- as occurring in July 1791. See bottom of the left side of this page: She is never seen as ...

Salomon Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (c.1743 - 1809)

Salomon Kohn-Zerkowitz was the eldest son of Juda Lobl Kohn-Zerkowitz. As a young adult, he moved to Prague where he was to remain for the rest of his life. Records show that he was a wealthy merchant ...

(daughter) Zerkowitz MP (c.1790 - d.)

(daughter) Zerkowitz MP (c.1796 - d.)

(daughter) Zerkowitz MP (c.1799 - d.)

(daughter) Zerkowitz MP (c.1801 - d.)

(daughter) Zerkowitz MP (c.1795 - d.)

(daughter) Zerkowitz MP (c.1792 - d.)

(daughter) Zerkowitz MP (c.1803 - d.)

(daughter) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1797 - d.)

(name unknown) Zerkowitz MP (deceased)

(son) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1799 - d.)

It is possible, but not yet proven, that he was identical with David Kohn (b. Trencin, 1799, d. Trencin, 16 June 1867). Research is ongoing to confirm this.

(unidentified son) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1745 - d.)

He was likely Nathan (or Nesanel), but proof of this is still lacking. By tradition, he is said to have remained in or near his town of birth, and used the surname KOHN -- never "Zerkowitz" or "Kohn-Ze...

Abraham Zerkowitz MP (1807 - 1810)

Abraham (Lazar-Abraham) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (1817 - 1840)

Lazar-Abraham Kohn-Zerkowitz was known throughout his life as "Abraham Kohn". He died in Trencin City on 23 May 1840, age 23.

Adel (Adele) (Hindel) Krieger (Zerkowitz) MP (1874 - d.)

Adele Zerkowitz (Spitzer) MP (1855 - 1924)

At the time of her death in 1924, Adele Zerkowitz (Spitzer) was residing at 19, Arbesbachgasse 21 in Vienna. According to her death notice, she was survived by two sons, Adolf and Hans Zerkowitz, by a ...

Adele (Adela) Zerkowitz (Schwarz) MP (1868 - 1938)

Heirat 28 Okt 1888 Wien Quelle GenTeam IKG Austritt am 15. Oktober 1927 Örtliche Zuständigkeit Magistrat 1. Bezirk Wien Bei Ableben Abgabe an IKG Baden bezahlt

Adolf (Adolph) Zerkowitz MP (1848 - 1881)

Vienna newspaper notice -- December 1881 (obituary) Adolph ZERKOWITZ, age 33 years, died in Vienna on 8 December 1881. Services to be held on 13 December 1881, with burial on 14 December 1881... Surv...

Adolf (Samú) (Samuel) Zerkowitz MP (1877 - 1942)

Adolf Samuel Zerkowitz was a resident of Liectensteinstrasse 133, Vienna 9, when he was transported to Maly Trostinec concentration camp on 1 October 1942. His name is listed "in memoriam" on the grave...

Adolf M. (Fufi) Zerkowitz MP (1884 - 1972)

On 3 January 1909, on the ship "Rhein", Adolf Zerkowitz, age 25, "merchant, b. Vienna, Austria", arrived in New York Harbor. The ship manifest indicates that his destination was Cleveland, Ohio, and th...

Alajos (Alois) (Eleazer) Zerkowitz MP (1862 - 1914)

According to his birth record, Alois Zerkowitz had the Hebrew name of "Eleazer". He was named in honor of his paternal great-grandfather, Eleazer (Lazar) Kohn-Zerkowitz (c1756-bef 1809) of Trencin. A...

Alajos (Aloys) (Eleazer) (Lazar) Zerkowitz MP (1798 - d.)

In 1828, "Aloys Cserkovitsz" is seen living in Pozsony-Ternio (later Pressburg), Pozsony megye, Hungary. When the Jewish census of 1848 was taken, he and his family were still residing in Pozsony: Po...

Albert Zerkowitz MP (1821 - 1902)

Albert (Béla) Zerkowitz MP (1904 - 1964)

On 14 October 1941, Albert Zerkowitz, age 36, merchant, born in Budapest, Hungary, accompanied by his wife, Elizabeth V., age 26, born in Berlin, Germany, arrived in New York Harbor on the ship "Exeter...

Alberto Zerkowitz MP (c.1930 - 1999)

Alexander Zerkowitz MP (1860 - 1927)

Alexander Zerkowitz lived in Graz, Austria. He was a famous architect and his specific Jugendstil approach was influenced by the Vienna style of Wagner and Loos, and was regarded as unique in Austria. ...

Alexander (Nesanel) Zerkowitz MP (1857 - 1858)

Alexander was named in honor of his paternal grandfather, Nesanel Kohn-Zerkowitz (1783-1847) of Trencin. He died in June 1858 at the age of 10 months.

Alfred Zerkowitz MP (1857 - 1931)

Converts in Vienna No. 242 Last Name Zerkowitz Baptism First Name Alfred Date of Birth 1857.06.08 Birth Place Wien Profession Privat Conversion 1894.04.12 Baptism Parish AB Baptism ...

Aloise Rosa Zerkowitz (Grünholz) MP (1834 - 1902)

At the time of her death in 1902, Rosa Zerkowitz (Grunholz), "kaufmannsgattin", was residing at 9, Clusiusgasse 1 in Vienna.

Alzbeta (Elizabeth) (Elza) (Elsa) Zerkowitz (Singer) MP (1882 - c.1944)

Elisabeth Zerkowitz (Singer) was born in Vnorovy, Moravia on 27 January 1882, and was known as "Elsa". She was sent on Transport U from Brno to Theresienstadt on 28 January 1942. On 18 December 1943, s...

Amailia (Emilia) Zerkowitz (Zwicker) MP (1856 - 1933)

Amalia's maiden name is also seen as "ZWICKER". She was born in Boskovice, Moravaia on 9 December 1856 and died in Brno, Czechoslovakia on 3 June 1933.

Amalia (Malka) Karpeles (Zerkowitz) MP (1772 - 1852)

Amalia (Zerkowitz) Karpeles was a widow living in Prague in 1852: Prague, Bohemia, 15 July 1852: KARPELES, Amalia geb. ZERKOWITZ, b. 1775, Prag -- widow of Wolf Karpeles She died in Prague on 9 Aug...

Amalia (Maly) (Malka) Zerkowitz (Erber) MP (1823 - 1897)

Amalia Zerkowitz (Erber) was born in 1823 and was married to Isaias Wolf Zerkowitz on 4 May 1848. Witnesses to the marriage were the groom's uncle, Mayer [Markus] Zerkowitz, "familiant in Leipnik", and...

Amalia Martha Zerkowitz MP (1863 - 1864)

Anczi Zerkowitz MP (deceased)

Andor Zerkowitz MP (1895 - 1971)

Andor Zerkowitz and his wife, Vilma Zerkowitz (Stroche), both survived World War II. According to the Klarsfeld database, they were residing at 95 Andrassy utca, Budapest, in the post-war years. Both h...

Dr. András Zerkowitz MP (1900 - 1977)

Angela Zerkowitz (Rokszer) MP (1913 - 2000)

Anna Sontag (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (1758 - d.)

Anna Kohn-Zerkowitz moved with her parents to Mahr. Weisskirchenm (Hranice), Moravia in the early 1760s. When she married Leopold Sontag in October 1793, her age was given as 35.

Anna Zerkowitz MP (1788 - 1812)

Anna Zerkowitz MP (1872 - d.)

Anna Fränkel (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (1822 - d.)

Anna Zerkowitz MP (1850 - 1913)

Anna Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (1835 - 1837)

Anna (Ema) (Nanschi) Löwy (Zerkowitz) MP (c.1809 - 1846)

Anna (Zerkowitz) Lowy died in childbirth in 1846. Her infant daughter was named in her honor.

Anna (Handel) (Hani) Reicher (Zerkowitz) MP (1841 - 1877)

HERZKA, Nathan (age 28, b. Okrut) son of Salamon & Fani (Grun) married REICHER, Roza (b. Chumecz) daughter of Mor Reicher & Anna (CSERKOVICS). Marriage Registration: 11-Dec-1888 (Zsolna [Zilina], Trenc...

Anna (Nina) Zerkowitz MP (1873 - 1877)

Anna (Netti) Dietrichstein (Zerkowitz) MP (1815 - 1898)

Even though her age is given as 26 in the 1848 census, she is listed as age 83 when she died in Budapest on 13 August 1898. The birth year of 1815 is believed to be accurate.

Anny Zerkowitz (Rappel) MP (1905 - 1999)

Anny (Rappel) Zerkowitz was born on 24 February 1905, and died in Graz, Austria in April 1993, age 88 years.

Antónia Weissmayer (Zerkowitz) MP (1831 - 1884)

Death record 1602/30:

Aranka Tarnai (Zerkowitz) (Mérő) MP (deceased)

Aranka (Rachel) Mohrer (Zerkowitz) MP (1891 - 1944)

Aranka Zerkowitz had the Hebrew name of Rachel. She married a Mohrer and died early in life. Her young daughter, Edith, was raised by her three unmarried sisters, Frida, Roza, and Jozefa.

Armin (Herman) (Emanuel) Zerkowitz MP (1858 - 1895)

Armin Zerkowitz was living at Gr. Mohrengasse 9, Vienna 2, at the time of his death. His occupation is given as "Comptorist". Wedding record 1057: Death record 396:

Augusta (Auguste) Zerkowitz (Elbogen) MP (1873 - 1942) AUGUSTE ZERKOWITZ Born 04. 10. 1873 last residence before deportation: Wien, 1, Seitenstettengasse 4 Transport IV/12, č. 814 (01.10.1942 - 02.10.1942 Vienna -> Terezín) Murdere...

Axel, Dr. Zerkowitz MP (b. - c.2008)

Dr. Axel Zerkowitz was a physician in Berlin, Germany.

Babet (Babette) (Bertha) (Berta) Zerkowitz (Goldberg) MP (b. - 1909)

Bertha Zerkowitz (Goldberg) was still living in Budapest, Hungary in 1909.

Babeth (Betti) Kohn-Zerkowitz (Hoffman) MP (1786 - c.1871)

Babeth Zerkowitz (Hoffman) was born in Turzovka, Trencin Co., Hungary in 1786. She was deceased by 1871.

Babetta Blau (Zerkowitz) MP (1837 - 1915)

Barbara (Babeth) Diamand (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (1778 - 1854)

Listed as witnesses on her marriage record (20 July 1797) are Barbara's father, "Simon Zerkovitz" [Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz, c1754-1817], and her uncle, "Jonas Zerkovitz" [Markus Jonas Kohn-Zerkowitz, 1765...

Barbara (Betti) (Lotti) Zerkowitz (Urban) MP (1818 - 1855)

Barbara (Elisabetha) (Babeti) Kohn-Zerkowitz (Graner) MP (1768 - 1836)

Barbara is listed in the 1828 census of Obuda, Hungary as "Barb. Czerkowitz".

Béla Zerkowitz MP (1896 - 1944)

Bela Zerkowitz was named in honor of his grandfather, Bernard Zerkowitz (1824-1894), who died two years prior to his birth. Bela resided at 49 Szent Laszlo utca, Budapest. He did not survive World War ...

Bela Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (1804 - d.)

Benedikt Zerkowitz MP (1808 - 1810)

Bernard (Baruch) Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (1821 - 1883)

In 1870, "Bernhard Zerkowitz, goldabeiter" [Geldarbeiter?], was living at 2, Praterstr. 65 in Vienna.

Bernard (Baruch) Zerkowitz MP (1829 - 1845)

Bernard (Dov-Ber) (Bernát) Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (c.1824 - 1894)

Bernard Kohn-Zerkowitz was named in honor of his great-grandfather, Bernard Pick (c1740-c1822), who died in Trencin City a couple of years prior to his birth. In the 1848 Jewish census of Trencin, Be...

Bernhard Lazar Zerkowitz MP (1850 - 1940)

Bernhard Zerkowitz resided in his native Leipnik until about 1876 when he moved to Vienna. In 1877, "Bernhard Lazar Zerkowitz" is listed as a part of the Leipnik religious community (the Kultusgemeinde...

Berta Zerkowitz MP (1892 - 1942)

Bertha Zerkowitz of Vienna was transported to Riga concentration camp on 26 January 1942. She perished there.

Bertha Bondi (Zerkowitz) MP (1861 - 1942)

Bertha (Zerkowitz) Bondi was deported to Theresienstadt where she died on 18 June 1942, age 81 years. She is buried next to her brother, Karl Zerkowitz, in Vienna's central cemetery. Due to the cemen...

Bertha (Betty) Zerkowitz (Groag) MP (1833 - 1907)

Bertha (Groag) Zerkowitz was born in Leipnik, Moravia on 18 June 1833, and died in Vienna, Austria on 7 May 1907, age 74 years. At the time of her death, she was living at Vienna 2, Novaragasse 87. N...

Betti Zerkowitz (Goldschmied) MP (1800 - d.)

Betti (Lotti) Zerkowitz (Brandeis) MP (1829 - d.)

In 1880, she may have been the "Betti Zerkowitz, brantwein", who was living at 9, Nussdorfestrasse 51, Vienna, Austria.

Betty Zerkowitz (Winter) MP (1822 - d.)

Blanche C. Zerkowitz (Zeletsky) MP (1910 - 1993)

Bruno Zerkowitz MP (1889 - 1942)

Bruno was a twin to Oskar, and was a resident of Graz, Austria when he was transported to a concentration camp in 1942. He was shot by the Nazis in Kz Jesenovae, Yugoslavia on February 24, 1942.

Carcelyna Zerkowitz, Dr. MP (deceased)

Cecilia (Cacilie) (Cilli) (Cilly) (Zartl) Hochfelder (Zerkowitz) MP (1845 - 1893)

Cecilia Hochfelder (Zerkowitz) had the Hebrew name of Zartl. She died in Visoka on 16 August 1893, age 48 years. Her gravestone still remains standing and the Hebrew writing on it has been translated a...

Cecilia Vogel (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (c.1812 - d.)

Cecilia (Cilli) Zerkowitz (Schwarcz) MP (1860 - 1942)

Cecilia (Schwarz) Zerkowitz was born in Pjecho, Trencin Co., Hungary in 1860. She was murdered at Auschwitz in 1942, age 82 years. In 1900, Cecilia (Schwarz) Zerkowitz was a widow living in Trencin Cit...

Cecilia (Zily) (Zwiele) (Cvile) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1802 - 1819)

Cecilie (Zartl) (Zilly) Wolkenstein (Zerkowitz) MP (1854 - d.)

Cecilie Wolkenstein (Zerkowitz) and her husband, Siegfried Wolkenstein (a director of a company), were divorced in Vienna on 1 September 1901 after 19 years of marriage.

Chaja Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1809 - 1818)

She was named in honor of her paternal grandmother, Chaja (Pick) Kohn-Zerkowitz (b. c1763) of Trencin.

Chaja Kohn-Zerkowitz (Pick) MP (c.1763 - 1787)

The 1781 Jewish census of Trencin shows that Chaja was living in her parents' household, along with her newlywed husband, "Lazarus Konn". She was deceased by 1795 when her husband, Lazar Kohn-Zerkowitz...

Cheile (Eva) (Ester) Janowitz aus Neuern (Zerkowitz) MP (1766 - 1805)

When Cheile (Eva) Zerkowitz was married to Abraham Samuel Janowitz (aka Neuern) on 25 May 1785, witnesses on the marriage record were the groom's father, Samuel Janowitz, and the bride's maternal grand...

Clara Angela Schulz (Zerkowitz) MP (1891 - d.)

Cytina Bodelli (Zerkowitz) MP (deceased)

Cäcilie Zerkowitz MP (c.1866 - 1936)

Residence 1917: Lipník nad Bečvou (Leipnik), Moravia, Czech