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? Zioni MP (deceased)

Adele Lavezzi viuva do irmão de G.Lavezzi Zioni MP (deceased)

Aharon Zioni MP (1902 - 1965)

Aharon Zelig Zioni MP (b. - c.1873)

Varaklani, a part of the Latgale region, is located 88 km north of Daugavpils. It lies just south of the largest body of water in Latvia, Lake Luban. Not far to the the south of the town is the rai...

Aharon-Zelig Zioni MP (1882 - d.)

Aron-Zelik MRezekne1882 07/14Itzik Naftali not statedKhava Yosel Ludza Rabbinot rich

Alexandre Zioni MP (1915 - 1987)

Ana Lucia Catarina Zioni (Nina) MP (1818 - d.)

Angelo A. A. Zioni MP (1913 - 1980)

Antonio Zioni MP (1880 - 1953)

Antonio Henrique Inacio Zioni MP (1919 - 1943)

avraham ben-zioni-zalogen MP (1899 - d.)

Avraham Zelig Zioni MP (deceased)

Avraham Zioni MP (deceased)

Avrham Ben-Zioni MP (deceased)

Batya Litovski - Ben Zioni MP (deceased)

Ben Zion Zioni (Zilber) (Tzioni) MP (1885 - 1944)

Chaim Zioni MP (deceased)

Chaim Zioni (Lavotznik) MP (1907 - 1989)

Chaya Don Yechiya (Zioni) MP (c.1873 - 1941)

Rēzekne (IPA: [ræ:zekne], is a city in the Latgale region of eastern Latvia, 242 km east of Riga. It has a population of 36,646 (2006). Built on seven hills, Rēzekne is situated at the intersection...

Dani Ben Zioni (Newmark) MP (deceased)

David Asher Zioni MP (1763 - 1808)


David Zioni MP (deceased)

David Zioni MP (1816 - d.)

Dina Zioni MP (deceased)

Dina Shneer (Zioni) MP (deceased)

Doroty Poli Zioni MP (1925 - 1980)

Dvora Malka Zilov (Zioni) MP (1851 - d.)

Eliezer Zioni MP (deceased)

Elisa Zioni MP (deceased)

Elka Don-Yachya (Zioni) MP (1840 - 1915)

Elka Zioni (unknown) MP (deceased)

Esterina Zioni MP (deceased)

Etel Zioni MP (deceased)

Faustina Zioni MP (1909 - d.)

Feiga Pesya Pesha Soyer (Zioni) MP (b. - c.1892)

Filipina Perotti Zioni MP (deceased)

Genia Zioni (Yaroshewich) MP (1909 - 2005)

Gershon Zioni MP (1917 - 1942)

Tsijuni Gershon Zelikovich Born 1917 in Ludza Recruited to the old Latvia army, after 1940 - to the Red Army His friends told, that he served in 43 division in 1942 and was killed near Staraya Russa. N...

Giovacchino Zioni MP (deceased)

Giuseppe Zioni MP (deceased)

Giuseppe A.T. Zioni MP (1878 - 1957)

Giuseppina Lavezzi viuva Capelli Zioni MP (deceased)

Hava Zioni (Ravinson) MP (c.1856 - d.)

Haya Ben Zioni (Newmark) MP (deceased)

Henya Kikoin (Zioni) MP (1862 - d.)

16 20 1884 07/24 Rezekne KIKOIN Peretz 23 Vulf-Khaim not stated TZION Gena 22 Itzik Rabbi Zalman and Beinus ASKNAZI 200 zlotys Minsk Ludza

Israel Zioni MP (1861 - 1927)

Israel Ziony from Russia to New York in 1894 This data is useful for Israel Ziony family history research, birth record, occupation, family members who may have arrived with them at New York from Russi...

Italia Roma de Natale Zioni MP (1919 - 1999)

Lauretta Meda Zioni MP (deceased)

Lea Aronov (Zioni) MP (deceased)

Lea Gitel Zioni (Shapiro) MP (1890 - 1949)

mala ben-zioni-pekel MP (deceased)

Mala Ben-Zioni MP (deceased)

Malka Don-Yachya (Zioni) MP (c.1817 - 1866)

Malka Zioni (Don-Yachya) MP (1866 - 1950)

Maria Zioni MP (deceased)

Maria Luisa Marchetti Zioni (Marietta) MP (1891 - 1987)

Maria Teresa Leonardi Zioni MP (b. - 1920)

Menachem Zioni MP (deceased)

Menachem Meir Zioni MP (deceased)

אב"ד בתל אביב.

Minda-Dina Zioni MP (deceased)

Miriam Zioni MP (1898 - 1952)

Miryam Ravinson (Zioni) MP (deceased)

Mordechai Zioni MP (deceased)

Mordechay Zioni MP (deceased)

Mordechay daughter Margalit (Zioni) MP (deceased)

Moshe Zioni MP (deceased)

Musha Zioni (Broide) MP (deceased)

Musya Hutner (Zioni) MP (1847 - 1905)

Naftali Zioni MP (1785 - 1856)

לאחר פטירת אביו, הגאון רבי דוד ציוני זצ"ל רבה של העיר לוצין (לודזה) שבלטביה, ישב על כסא הרבנות למעלה מחמישים שנה בנו, רבי נפתלי זצ"ל.

Nechama Braude (Zioni) MP (deceased)

Rachel Zioni MP (deceased)

Rachel Lea Aizenshtat (Zioni) MP (b. - 1913)

Rafael Zioni MP (deceased)

Rafael Zioni MP (1900 - 1984)

rahamim Zioni MP (deceased)

Raya Zabludowski (Zioni) MP (deceased)

Rivka Braude (Zioni) MP (1876 - 1905)

Rivka Zioni MP (1786 - 1871)

Sara Efrat (Zioni) MP (1947 - 2011)

Sarah Gitel Zioni (Svetlitsyn) MP (deceased)

Shara Elazari-Volcani MP (deceased)

Shmuel Zioni MP (deceased)

Teresa Zioni MP (deceased)

Vicente Zioni MP (1911 - 2007)

Vicente Zioni MP (b. - 1883)

Vicente Zioni MP (b. - 1907)

Wolf Zioni MP (deceased)

Yaakov Ben Zioni (Newmark) MP (deceased)

Yaakov Zioni MP (aft.1838 - 1905)

Yaakov Zioni MP (1791 - 1838)

Yakov Zioni MP (deceased)

Yitshak Zioni, rav MP (1825 - 1900)

6 died 1900 01/15 in Rezekne TZIONI Itzik son of: Naftali Rabbi X age: 76 Cause of the death: Old age origin: Ludza ---

Yitshak Zioni MP (1900 - d.)

TZIUNI Itzik M Rezekne 1900 06/1 David Itzik not stated Minda-Dina Movsha Ludza Khaim BUZHANSKI 81

Yona Zioni (Berlovitz) MP (b. - 1997)

Zioni Zioni - Backman MP (deceased)

Zipora Zioni MP (1903 - 1990)

Zvi Ben Zioni MP (deceased)

Zvi Zioni MP (deceased)

Zvia Zioni MP (deceased)