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Rabbi Alexander Ziskind (of Grodno) MP (b. - 1793)

R' Alexander Ziskind z"l ("Yesod Ve'shoresh Ha'avodah") Hebrew Books Alexander Ziskind ben Moses, of Grodno, d.1793., זיסקינד, אלכסנדר ‪A Tale of Love and Darkness‬ By Amos Oz Page 83

(First Wife) Ziskind (deceased)

? Weinstein (Ziskind) (deceased)

? Ziskind Halevi (deceased)

? ziskind (deceased)

? Ziskind (deceased)

A. Perek Ziskind (deceased)

Aaron Ziskind (1884 - 1957)

Abel Ziskind (deceased)

Abraham Ziskind (1912 - 1998)

Abraham Alexander / Ziskind (deceased)

Abram Ziskind (1898 - d.)

Adela Ziskind (Borzekowska) (1891 - 1942)

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Aharon Ziskind (c.1810 - d.)

Ahron Ziskind (1907 - 1943)

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Alexander Ziskind (deceased)

Alexander Sigmund Ziskind (deceased)

Alexander Ziskind (deceased)

Alexander Ziskind (deceased)

Alexander Ziskind (deceased)

Rabbi Alexander Ziskind of Horodno (c.1744 - c.1794)

He was the author of the book Yesod V'Shoresh HaAvodah. More information can be obtained at Amoz Oz's book A Tale of Love and Darkness.

Alexander Ziskind (deceased)

Source The Unbroken Chain Volume 1, Chapter V P 440, G. 17.2 Married his relative Shulamit Tuchner He was son of Joseph David Shachor, a Tel Aviv Merchant.

Alexander Barend Berman Pruikemacher-Ziskind (c.1625 - 1707)

Alexander Ziskind Barend berman‏‎ Died ‎Aug 1707 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 10 Aw 5467 - the old pum Ziskint ben mohr"r Berman. Married ‎± 1650 to: reports ‎womanJudith Juttele Abraham‏‎ ...

Alice Eleanor Cohen (Ziskind) (1901 - 1969)

Buried in Montefiore Cementery in Pelham, NH

Aliza Ziskind (deceased)

Amel Ziskind (deceased)

Ancie Chana (Anna) Ziskind (Maizel) (1911 - 1998)

Anna Ziskind (1831 - 1833)

Anna Chaya Santel Ziskind Mozes? Pesach (1738 - d.)

Anne Ziskind (deceased)

Anne Sarbin (Ziskind) (1901 - 1990)

Anthony Ziskind (deceased)

Arie Ziskind of Horodno (deceased)

Arie Leib Ziskind (c.1899 - 1987)

Arthur Ziskind (1895 - 1983)

Avraham Ziskind (1941 - 1943)

Avrmum (Gabai) Ziskind (deceased)

Avrohom Zisha Ziskind (deceased)

Avrohom Zusha Ziskind (1904 - 1967)

Azriel Ziskind (deceased)

Baby Ziskind (1931 - d.)

Bajla Ziskind (deceased)

Barend Berman Pruikemacher-Ziskind (1596 - d.)

Bayla Ziskind (c.1840 - d.)

Beatrice Ziskind (1908 - 1912)

Beile ZIskind (Berlin) (1907 - c.1941)

Internal Passport #: 1266/1535917

Bella Rashe Kahn (Ziskind) (deceased)

Bella Woolf (Ziskind) (b. - 2013)

Bella Ziskind (Stren) (deceased)

Bencion Leyb Ziskind (1900 - 1977)

Benjamin Ziskind (1886 - d.)

Benjamin(Benyamin) Cohen (Ziskind) (1816 - d.)

Bernard Ziskind (1874 - 1924)

Bertha Gelb (Ziskind) (1901 - 1968)

Blume Ziskind (Brog) (1874 - d.)

Boris Ziskind (deceased)

Boruch-Don Ziskind (deceased)

Bushie (Basha) Ziskin / Ziskind (deceased)

Celia Ziskind (deceased)

Chaim Ziskind (deceased)

Chaim Ziskind (1936 - c.1944)

Chaim Hyman Ziskind (5th generation) (Ziskind) (deceased)

Chaim Alexander Ziskind (Shachor) (deceased)

Chaim Shmuel Ziskind (deceased)

Chaja Ziskind (c.1890 - 1944)

Chaja Sura Ziskind (LIBERMAN) (deceased)

Chana Rivka Abromowitz (Ziskind) (deceased)

Chana Ziskind (deceased)

Chana Kuperstein-Katz (Ziskind) (1916 - 1942)

[gallery2]/0/ I wonder if Chana's mom was a first wife, since it was not common to name a child after a living parent. Also the big gap in ages between her and the second child. Different town of bir...

Charlotte Lafer (Ziskind) (1931 - 1990)

Chava Ziskind (Wolraich) (1913 - 1977)

Chava Leah Ziskind (deceased)

Chaya Etta Ziskind (Tarschis) (1920 - 2013)

Chaya Ziskind (deceased)

Clare Ziskind (deceased)

Clare [Caila] Ziskind (Zabel) (1938 - d.)

David Ziskind (c.1878 - c.1929)

David Ziskind (deceased)

David Ziskind (deceased)

Davis Ziskind (deceased)

Davis ZISKIND (deceased)

Debbe ZISKIND (FIERSTEIN) (deceased)

Debora Jehuda (ZISKIND) (deceased)

Deborah Ziskind (Zuska) (deceased)

Debra Leah Kartus (Ziskind) (1887 - 1979)

Dolek Ziskind (deceased)

Dora Ziskind (Paulkevitch (Paulson)) (deceased)

Dorothy Ziskind (1905 - 1986)

Dorothy Tyre (Ziskind) (deceased)

Duvid Ziskind (deceased)

Dverke Dora Matosov (Ziskind) (c.1925 - d.)

Dvora Katz (Ziskind) (deceased)

Dvora Ziskind (deceased)

Dvora Ziskind (c.1880 - d.)

Dwojra Ziskind (Zylbersztejn) (1862 - d.)

Edith Ziskind (Bernstein) (deceased)

Edward David Ziskind (1905 - 1992)

Born and lived at 142 Howard St., Lowell, MA. He joined his father-in-law's company. Subsequently worked at Vita Foods then moved to Monticello with family and opened Ziskind's Smokehouse. After retire...

Edward Ziskind (deceased)

Efim Ziskind (deceased)

Eileen Ziskind (Bloomberg) (1925 - d.)