Shaindy Bleier - Participating in the Jerusalem International Marathon 2012 for kids with Cancer.

Started by Shaindy Bleier- Cohen on Thursday, February 9, 2012


2/9/2012 at 3:25 AM

Dear friends, family and all.

I live in Israel and I volunteer with kids that unfortunately have Cancer.
I deal with these kids every day. I go to the Hospital, sit with them play with them. Take them on trips. I try to cheer them up to put a smile on their faces.
Every year we send these kids to a camp in NY -Camp Simcha where these kids can forget about chemo, needles, pain and just be happy and have a great time. In order for them to go we need the money to fly them in. So that's why I am running this marathon on March 16,2012 for these kids with Cancer.
If you can please take a few moments and help me send them to Camp Simcha where they can have a smile on their face and be happy for sometime out of the Hospital, please help me to raise the money for them.
You can sponsor me by going to this link-

Thank you,
Shaindy Bleier.

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