Titus Flavius Sabinus, Consul (47) - Has Titus been Accidentally 'Married' to Mariamne III?

Sharon Lee Doubell发起于2012年4月9日(星期一)

I can't find sources for this Titus being the 3rd husband of Mariamne ., III, of Judaea. Does anyone have any, or have they been married by mis-merging?

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Wagner, Sir Anthony Richard; ‘Pedigree and Progress: Essays in the Genealogical Interpretation of History’ has him as her 3rd husband of Mariamne III - so, it's not a mis-merge; but I still think we should be looking for evidence to corroborate this, as Wagner also thinks Mariamne III is Arria, despite the lifestory looking completely wrong. ( see the Discussion aboit that here: http://www.geni.com/discussions/107111?msg=782184)

Anybody have thoughts?


This was the question I was working on when you started doing the Herodians, Sharon. Still hoping to get back to it when I can catch my breath from all the Herodian questions.


I found an informal discussion of this here: http://www.jjraymond.com/comments/mariamnebataristobulus.html, but I think the argument that the dates of Titus are out is probably based on the wrong Titus. Wagner has Mariamne born abt 5 C, n Titus born about 8 CE.


http://www.geni.com/people/Justin-Swanstr%C3%B6m/6000000007278581048, I'll add anything I come across to this and the discussion on Mariamne III " Arria Elder, but otherwise will get out your way in this area until you have time to work on it :-)

2012年4月10日下午 8:46

Sharon, I thought you had disconnected this marriage, but now it's back. Perhaps from a merge.

I don't find any reliable evidence that Mariamne III was married to Titus Flavius Sabinus II - although the line appears in many internet genealogies, and is very popular in the Holy Blood, Holy Grail books and in conspiracy of the Illuminati books.

Sabinus's known wife was Arrecina Clementina. I wonder if something triggered a confusion with Mariamne III. The problem is finding a reliable source for the parents of "Mariamne "the Younger" Caecina Arria, said to have been daughter of Sabinus, and the wife of Gaius Calpurnius Piso (and Sillius Domitius and Lucius Calpurnius Piso. If her name was really Mariamne, we might have a clue to the source of the problem.

2012年4月11日上午 9:51

I don't think I disconnected this marriage - I was waiting for more (dis)proof, as I think a good conspiracy theory deserves a chance :-)
I can't find her in the appendix of my version of Holy Blood, Holy Grail (maybe because I've got the cheap paperback version). I'll go wade through Eisenman's New testament Code, if that's helpful.


The revision history shows you disconnected her, then later merged in (No Name). It was this that orphaned Caecina Arria, and alerted me we are working in the same area.

Today I found that the wife of Gaius Calpurnius Piso (and Sillius Domitius) was Arria Galla, so the problems seem to be deeper than first appears.

Give me a few days and I can pull out the references to this line from some of the Holy Blood, Holy Grail books. I don't think it's in the first one, but in one of later.


Eish, sorry - Alzheimer's! :-( - but somebody's got to have it :-)

Let me know which Holy Grail conspiracy theory book to look in - I loved the background they all tended to provide; so have quite a few of them, and love dipping in to them (even with my tongue in my cheek)

Shmuel is also a conspiracy theory lover.

Eisenman has an interesting take on the Herodian connection to the Romans (he thinks the Herodian 'orphans & 'hostage' children who were brought up in Rome are a possible intellectual source of the gospels); He also has some useful diagrams of the genealogy as he sees it - but Arria isn't there so far. I'll keep on looking. I'll look too for mentions of Gaius Calpurnius Piso (and Sillius Domitius) and Arria Galla.

2017年8月4日下午 2:15

I have been trying to reconcile this 'match' as well. It looks like there was a Titus Flavius Sabinus who was a Roman Consul but not married to a Mariamne - I've marked her (Mariamne's) partner as NN for the time being. I am trying to now also verify her daughter was Mariamne Caecina.

2017年8月4日下午 2:39

it looks like someone has been trying to tie the Romans to the Maccabees and then them to the Ptolemies! And it just doesn't look solid aside from people building trees that they blindly believe from someone's initial mismatch. Where are the sources for these matches?


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