Families Holló (Hirschberg) and Lázár

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(based on http://www.balassagyarmatizsidosag.hu/en/family-history)

Joachim Hirschberg - as it is written on a certificate by the Rabbinate of Léva - was born on 15. June 1790, at the village of Garammikola (today, Mikula, part of the city of Zseliz - Želiezovce in Slovakia) in the house No. 30.
(In Geni: Birth: July 17, 1791 Bečov nad Teplou, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic Death: November 24, 1859 (68)
Mikula, Nitriansky kraj, Slovakia Place of Burial: Mikula, Nitriansky kraj, Slovakia.
His parents:Salamon Hirschberg and Amalia (Malka) Hirschberg

His wife, Kati Hirschberg (Katalin Hirschberg) was born on 13. August, 1813.
Children: Hani Frankel; Getty Hirschberg; Vilmos Hirschberg; David (Gotthold) Hirschberg; Samuel Hirschberg;
Rozália Stein; Ignácz Hirschberg; Simon Hirschberg; Karolin Hirschberg and Adolf (Israel) Hirschberg,

]]6000000011243941388]], was born on 20. October 1840, in Léva (today Levice, Slovakia). His wife was Júlia Hirschberg (Kohn) (Júlia Kohn), who was born in the village of Szügy (5 kilometers south from Balassagyarmat.)

They married on 30. August 1864. in Szügy. They lived and raised three children there. Their fourth child, Fülöp Hirschberg was born 8 kilometers away from Szügy, in the village of Magyarnándor, on 21. October 1870. He married Ida Frisch in the village of Alsóbodony, (today its name is Kétbodony). Ida Frisch was born in the village called Szente, on 13th November, 1871. Salamon Hirschberg also had a brother called Ignátz Hirschberg. Salamon had 6 children.

Fülöp Hirschberg had a twin sister called Sali/Rozália, who died in 1871, and a brother József (Joseph), who was born in 1872 and died in 1953.
Mári (Ida) Hirschberg (Ida Frisch) and Fülöp Hirschberg got married on 14th April, 1896. The parents of Ida Frisch were: Zátok (Sámuel) Frisch (Samuel Frisch) and Franciska Frisch (Knöpfelmacher) (Fáni (or Fanni) Knöpfelmacher). Fáni Knöpfelmacher was born in Losonc (today Lučenec, Slovakia).
Fülöp Hirschberg and Ida Frisch raised 3 children: Etelka, (she was born in the small town called Mohora, 10 kilometers from Balassagyarmat, on 27th April 1897),
Jenő Holló (Hirschberg), (who was born in Balassagyarmat on 9th April 1899, he later became a decorator and also a handicraft, he died because of a motorcycle incident on 12th September 1938 at the Rókus Hospital in Budapest. His gravestone is located in the cemetery on Kozma Street in Budapest.). The third child was Imre, he was born in Balassagyarmat on 22th July 1906. Considering the records, he lived in the Nagyhíd (Big Bridge) Street, under the house number 17. Today that street is called Mikszáth Kálmán Street.

Jenő Hirscberg got married on 1st September 1929. His wife was called Natalia Holló (Fürst) (Natalie Fürst). She was born in 1905, at the village called Tótújfalu, near Nagyszombat (Trnava). Her parents were the following: Her father: Moritz Fürst owner of a lordship, and Malvina Fürst (Hirschfeld) (Malvin Hirschfeld). Malvin was born in Nógrádvadkert (today it is called Érsekvadkert), on 28th November 1879. Malvin”s parent were:Adolf (Moshe Avraham) Hirschfeld and Nina Hirschfeld (Klein) (Anna (Nina) Klein), who got married in Balassagyarmat, on 28th August 1867.
Anna was born in 1846, in Lukanyénye (today its in Slovakia) and died in 1905 in Vác. Her parents were: Móricz (Mózes) Klein and Mária Klein (Fischer) (Mária (Mirjam) Fischer). Mária lived in Alsópetény and she was the child of Jakab Fischer and Lina Fischer. She died on 19th April 1897.
Mozes Klein was born in Balassagyarmat either in 1814 or in 1815, and he died on 2nd February, 1909. In his death certification you can read the following: „Place of death: Óvárostér (Old Town’s Square), house number 42. Age: 94. Occupation: Contractor Status: Married”.
His children: Johanna (Hani) Wohl; Netti (Ester) Schmiedl; Ferencz Klein; Nina (Nani) (Lina) (Chava) Hirschfeld (Klein); Róza (Rachel) Barok; Bernad Klein; Matild Barok; Markusz Klein; Mina Klein; Franciska (Fáni) Silberfeld; Lujza (Louiza) (Rivkah) Berczeller;Jakab Klein; Adolf (Abraham) Klein; Leonóra (Leona) (Lea) Binetter; Kálmán (Baruch) Klein and Sarolta (Szali) Dach

David Hirschberg was born on 12 February 1874 in Mohora, died on 25 October 1957. His wife was Etelka Stern (born in 1881, died on 16. May, 1951). They had four children: Sárika, Margit, Sándor and László. Sárika was born in 1914- and died in 1928 in Spanish flu (or tuberculosis). Margit was born on 8. August 1908, and perished in 1944 in forced labour in the quarry of Fertőrákos. The name of his husband was Lajos Lendvai, their daughter was Anikó Lendvai. Sándor, who was born on 16. May 1915 and worked as a pressman and László, who was born on 1918 they both died in December, 1944 somewhere around Mauthausen. László had two children, who are still alive, János Hirschberg (born in 1940) and Peter (born in 1944). Son of Sándor, Tamás (Hegyi) Hirschberg was born on 31. March 1944 (he provided many of these informations about the family) and has a son, Tamás (born on 1st March 1987) .

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