William "Red Eagle" Weatherford, Muscoke Creek - Incorrect father?

Started by Erica Howton on yesterday
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yesterday at 12:58 PM

It looks like current research indicates he was not the son of this Charles Weatherford

From https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Weatherford-300

Disputed Origins

The Internet and many Weatherford descendants show William's father Charles as the son of Martin Weatherford, descendant of a family of early Virginia settlers, but that doesn’t seem to be possible. Martin was born in Virginia about 1729 and first appears in records in Georgia in 1757, obtaining land in what became Wilkes County with his brothers William and Charles. [1] Martin’s 1800 Bahama's will named wife Isabella, and children John, William, Charles, Richard, Caty, Charlotte, and Isabella. [2] The Charles Weatherford named in the will was still living in the Bahamas in 1828 but according to researcher Sandra Riley the family eventually moved to Key West, Florida. [3]

Martin Weatherford and his brothers were Loyalists. Georgia passed an act for expulsion of the Loyalists in September, 1777, but Georgia was occupied by the British until 1781 so Martin and his brothers were not actually expelled from Georgia until 1783. There are records that show that some Georgia Loyalists fled to the Muskogee to avoid American persecution, but none that mention Charles Weatherford.



yesterday at 1:00 PM

In other words, Sehoy lll Weatherford was his mother but his father was not Charles Weatherford

Well I find Charles Weatherford b. (Ca) 1752 d. ?? Married 1780 to Sehoy III is father to Red Eagle.

Do not use Wikipedia or wikitree as a research tool. If not allowed for reference on college papers then not any good.

My spouse is descended from Weatherford line- his 2nd great grandmother is Nancy Weatherford. And she is linked to Red Eagle. His line -
Nancy Weatherford- James Weatherford- William Weatherford- John - Thomas- William II- William III- Martin - Charles then Red Eagle

Sehoy III married William Dixon Moniac - 2. John Tate (m 1778) 3. Charles Weatherford (m 1780)

(Moniac) had Hannah Moniac
(Tate) had David Tate
(Weatherford) had William Red Eagle - Elizabeth- John- Rossannah

This is info passed down by family - I am sure there is more somewhere.

It was said Charles was a Scotsman
All I have in notes -

yesterday at 10:03 PM

It’s not Wikipedia, it’s a well researched / cited study on wikitree.

It’s saying that the Charles Weatherford who was the father of Red Eagle was not the same person as the Charles Weatherford who was the son of Martin.

Martin’s son Charles was a a loyalist and exiled with him to the Bahamas, at the same time the other Charles was an Indian Trader in Georgia.

Today at 10:23 AM

William Red Eagle was only 1/8 Indian he was a descendent of a Scottish Trader, He was recognized as full blooded Children of recognized unions by the elders are considered full blooded. Are you a member of Fold 4? that is an excellent resource native american information.

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