Stephen Graves Perkins - DAR update in August 2021 - Parents disproved

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Not the son of George Perkins

George Perkins, son of Joshua “Old Jock” Perkins & Mary, married Keziah Manning. Per his Rev War pension, their only child was Anna (Perkins) Graves.

Ref: DAR Ancestor #: A088771

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Here’s Stephen Perkins listed as a son of George & who predeceased him, which explains why he’s not in the Pension records, perhaps.


  • Free African Americans of North Carolina, Virginia, and South ..., Volume 2 By Paul Heinegg. Page 925. GoogleBooks

And the pension document:

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Another source for the George Perkins family.

North from the Mountains: A Folk History of the Carmel Melungeon Settlement ... By John S. Kessler, Donald B. Ball. Page 57. GoogleBooks

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Article on George Perkins Memorial w/photo states that George had two children: Anna and Steven Graves . "They raised a son Stephan and daughter Anna from which came a line of 500 descendants."

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