Marguerite “the elder sister” de Clermont, dame de Luzarches - -

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Theoderic, count of Flanders not her wiki or MedLands husband...


1. MARGUERITE de Clermont ([1104/05]-after 1145). .. ... ....

m firstly (before Jul 1119) CARL of Denmark, son of KNUD II "den Hellige/the Holy" King of Denmark & his wife Adela de Flandre ([1084]-murdered Bruges 2 Mar 1127, bur Bruges, St Donatien, later Saint-Sauveur). He succeeded in 1119 as CHARLES "the Good" Count of Flanders.

m secondly ([1128]) as his second wife, HUGUES [III] “Candavène” Comte de Saint-Pol, son of HUGUES [II] Comte de Saint-Pol & his wife Helissende de Ponthieu (-after 1145).

m thirdly BAUDOUIN d’Encre, son of ---.

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This is the missing husband: Hugues III de Candavène, sieur d'Hesdin, comte de Saint-Pol

b) HUGUES [III] de Saint-Pol "Candavène" (-1145 or after). .. ... ...

all exclusively blocked, in which it is therefore not possible to easily list the sources....
known with embarrassment in the list of changes and total blocks, always the same well-known names.

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coarseness resolved

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