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4/12/2010 at 2:24 PM

Global warming????? What are they talking about??? My friends and family I would like to inform you that this winter has been the coldest and longest in 30 years in England! It is now April and all the spring flowers should be in full bloom and we should be thinking of summer poor garden is still looking sad and I just can't wait for the summer to arrive. We had 3 sunny days this week, but I would not call them warm. As a friend of mine, Franz Botec said (when he was alive) this is the only country he has been, where standing in the sun is just as cold as in the shade! Laugh.....bless him. We spoke about global warming pet hate!! What is your pet hate?

4/17/2010 at 8:21 AM

You know I don't love the cold. My bones can't take the stress. We had one warm week so far for the year and now it's cold and windy again. 2 wks ago they had a tornado on one of the other islands in the Bahamas. Girl, I am only ticked off when I can't go in the pool, right now the breeze will blow me right outa it! I ain't mekking dat mad mi. Right now what pissing me off is these school administrators dat collecting $US1500 a term from us and don't know the damn first thing about running a school and how to deal with children. One woman walks around peeping on the kids, up down all around hoping to find a hem pulled out, shoes dirty, gum in the mouth, anything to rant about. She has the poor kids on edge. They mustn't laugh, nothing. Ah who she remind you of????!!!!!!!!!! Look ya mummy, nuh mek mi start! :-)

4/17/2010 at 8:54 AM

Baby girl, you think that your bones can't take the cold????? What about my poor bones at the age of 65????? Right now the sun is shinning and the house is as cold as ever! I would like to walk outside to warm myself but standing in the sun is just as cold as mother's best bet is to stay in and keep the central heating on!! Laugh. I do know about those people who like to take your money and don't give value. I would have thought that a teacher's life would be so hectic that they would not have time to walk around looking for petty things to argue about! The teachers in England have no time for that! Your teachers should be sent here to learn to work with our bad behaved children! You know love there are many "Hitlers" about. That teacher should be child can be at their best, in anything, if they are on edge!! The headteacher should be held responsible for the actions of her teachers and if she is the one doing silly things like that, she should be made to "walk"!

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