Origins of the name Tindell

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10/11/2010 at 5:36 PM

The surname Tindell originated in or near Tynedale, the valley of the river Tyne, or in a place called Tindale in Cumberland, which is in Scottland. The name derived from the Celtic word tina, which means to flow. This was commonly adopted as a river name. The second part of the name comes from the Old English word dale, which means valley. The earliest records of this surname indicated that members of the family Tindell resided in Northumberland, along the banks of the river Tyne.
(taken from 11 October 2010).

If anyone else has information on this name and our ancestors I would like to know.


8/7/2015 at 10:52 PM

I am interested in the Tindell family history. My name is Lura Tindell and my daddy's name was Joseph Earl Tindell.

8/8/2015 at 7:21 AM

Yes, the name is originally a place name, meaning "the valley of the Tyne." You can find it in early MSS as " de Tyndale," meaning "from Tyndale." (my ex husband is a Tindall, and I worked on his genealogy.)

So the earliest Tindalls are in Northumbria, though from there they move into the south of England, and into the New World.

But sometimes the name simply means "people who live in the Tyne valley." There is a letter to Queen Elizabeth I, from one of her sergeants patrolling the Scottish Borders (where both the Scots and the English were raiding each other) in which he remarks that "the Tynedale men are worse than than the Scottis."

8/8/2015 at 1:34 PM

Alas, I cannot find the quote I remember so vividly. However, I do have this: In 1514, said that the Redesdale men (the Scots), were "less bold and hardly so misbehaved as the men of Tyndale."

Here's a link:

I used to get such a kick out of this; my ex was descended from the Tyndales, but I am descended from the Elliotts, a notorious border clan. But not as bad as the Tyndale men. Ha ha!

Very funny, I thought, especially since in this time and place, my ex is a much nicer person than I.

8/8/2015 at 4:53 PM

How about from here? (I can never resist a good cattle rustling story)

Abstracts From Nevill Records In State Paper Office

May I, 1558.—The Council to the Earls of Westmoreland and Northumberland.— We have much complaint for lack of justice ministered to manifest offenders in Tynedale and other places upon the Borders, and are informed that not only are poor men's cattle stolen, but men taken out of their houses and carried prisoners into Scotland, and that by their own neighbours, without punishment, so that the honest inhabitants of the Borders say that they are worse handled by the Tynedale men than by the Scots themselves.

This we think strange, considering your charge to see thereto, viz., you my Lord of Northumberland, by force of your wardenry of the East and Middle Marches, and you my Lord of Westmoreland, by force of your lieutenancy of that country. In case this outrage be not reformed, and that country brought to better order, Her Majesty must think a great negligence of duty in you, which we would be loath she should do. Therefore lend yourselves wholly to advance her service, and administer justice, weighing what danger may ensue by your disagreeing, as well to your own persons as to the whole country.—Dom, Add. Mary, Vol. VIII., 91.

8/8/2015 at 7:17 PM

Yep, this is good. The complaints about the men of the Tyndale go on for decades. They were well known in their day.

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