Tom Hanks connection to Abraham Lincoln via the Hanks family

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10/27/2010 at 5:21 PM

According to the IMDB page for Tom Hanks:

"He is a third cousin, four generations removed, of former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. Their common ancestor is John Hanks (1680 - 1740), who was the great-great-grandfather of Lincoln, and the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather of Tom Hanks."

John Hanks, I is Tom Hanks' 6th g-grandfather here on geni, so far so good.

William J. Hanks, II is Abraham Lincoln's 2nd g-grandfather on geni though.


5/21/2011 at 1:41 PM

Often wonder were the connction was with Tom Hanks our family is also related to Lincoln on my mothers's side her grandma Frances Reed- Andrus and g grandma Andrus's mother was a Hanks we think that her first name was Hannah.

11/12/2012 at 5:35 AM

The whole family descendents are Thomas Hanks, William Hanks, John Hanks, Joseph Hanks, Lucy Hanks, Nancy Hanks Lincoln. There are no direct descendents of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, but there are many descendents remaining of Joseph Hanks. I am a descendent of Thomas Hanks, oldest son of Joseph and Ann Lee Hanks, and brother of Lucy Hanks.Vicky Reany Paulson

11/14/2012 at 1:46 PM

William Hanks JR is the oldest brother of John Hanks, and was his guardian, when their father died. William Jr. was 20, and John Hanks was 6 years of age.

11/28/2012 at 5:56 AM

In case you were wondering, Vicky has done the most authoritative research on the Hanks line. Her information -- and the current Geni connections -- are correct.

So, yes, Tom Hanks the actor *is* related to Abraham Lincoln (via Lincoln's wife Nancy) -- just one more generation back to find the common parents (as opposed to siblings).

11/29/2012 at 4:53 AM

Oops, Dan, Lincoln's wife is Marry Todd, and his mother is Nancky Hanks Lincoln. Yes, I have done so much research on the Hanks family, I'm working on book #2. Book #1 should come out soon, within a week, or so now. After each chapter, I list references, and sources, so it will be easier for all of you to use it, and make your connections to the Hanks family. You will find no Shipleys in our family tree, and no Abraham Hanks and Sarah Harper Hanks. ( He would have been 70 when Nancy Hanks was born,but was already dead) The correct connection is John, not Luke. I will be so happy to offer all of you the tools to find your correct family tree!

11/29/2012 at 6:46 AM

Oops is right ... brain mis-connect!

12/14/2012 at 4:52 AM

The book, Abraham Lincoln's Hanks Family Genealogy should be available in the next week, or so. It is an 8 1/2 by 11, so it is easy to use, for all Hanks families, searching for their roots. First book of Hanks genealogy based entirely on documentation! Cost:$29.95. I am writing book #2, with more information that will be usefull to all of those researching their families.

12/22/2012 at 4:21 AM

It's December 22nd, and the book "Abraham Lincoln's Hanks Family Genealogy, by Vicky Reany Paulson, is now available, at

Private User
7/9/2015 at 11:27 PM

Just found out I am 7th cousin to Tom Hanks. Very exciting to find out who is in your family tree!

7/12/2015 at 9:38 PM

I've seen a few variations on Tom Hanks, the actor's genealogy, and unsure which one is correct. Wish he would go on "Who Do You think You Are" or the genealogy program PBS does. You can always email me, with your information. I don't charge anybody to help them with their genealogy. You may be closer than you think, of being related to Lincoln, than he is!

8/5/2015 at 3:06 AM

I just know why now i enjoy Tom's movies & acting...its coz we are related...:D :D

8/5/2015 at 3:06 AM

I just know why now i enjoy Tom's movies & acting...its coz we are related...:D :D

8/6/2015 at 9:38 PM

I'm a second cousin 5 x removed. Much closer than Tom Hanks!

1/31/2017 at 10:52 AM

I'm the 2nd cousin 7 tines removed to Abraham Lincoln through Nancy Hanks but I'm just trying to figure out how the Hanks and I are related.

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