History of Mohyals

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Brahmins Fought for Imam Hussain in battle of Karbala. Dattas are also known as Sultan. It shows that Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh are all human beings. Marriages between each religion was very common. All were living togeather in peace.

The British Raj had named certain Indian races martial. In undivided Punjab besides the Muslims and Jats this designation was given among Hindus only to the Mohyal Brahmins. They were a militant clan, descended according to legend from Dronacharya, the initiator of the Pandava in to the art of war. Mohyals were primarily farmers and fighters. They were a rugged, sturdy folk, straightforward in the...ir dealings and ever ready to lay down their lives in defense of their honor.

Mohyals comprise seven sub castes-DATT ( poularly known as Datta), Chhibber, Bali, Mohan, Vaid, Bhimwal and Lau. It is said that Porus , who fought the Greek invader Alexander the Great was a Vaid. Titles like Bakshi , Chowdhury, Raizada and Mehta were conferred on them by various rulers of Punjab for the distinguished services they rendered on the battlefield.

Mohyal always sacrificed their lives for any cause. Mohyal opposed Moghuls. Chhibber ,Bhai Mati Das , suffered for refusing to become a Muslim at the behest of Emperor Aurangjeb. Mati Das was sawn in two at Chandani Chowk, where the Fountain now stands.

According to official records, probably, the first Military Cross won by a member of the Indian Army in World War I went to a medical officer Bali. In the recent operations against China and Pakistan fighting men of the Mohyal clan received three Mahaveer Chakras and more than 11 Vir Chakras besides several other citations.

The Mohyals , emotionally closely knit, spread themselves in the 19th century in the Northwest Frontier Province, in Gurdaspur district of Punjab and places like Gulyana, Veerum, Daoba and Kanjrur in the Jhelum Valley. Some of the families were living near Jaffarwal and Ballarwal.

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