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Link with Karottu Family

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Around 1720 A.D. Pothen Tharakan from Kallarackal, Kuruppumpady came to Puthuppally, got married to Kochumariam of Valiaveedu, at Anchery, near Puthuppally and settled down at Karottu house,Puthuppally.

This Karottu house is Oommen Chandy’s tharavadu,where his younger brother is residing at present.


Pothen Tharakan had two sons Mathew Tharakan, Thazhathu, Puthuppally, and Pothen , Kaippanattu, Puthuppally. The descendants of Mathew Tharakan form the presnt Thazhathu Karottu Family, and the descendants of Pothen form the present Kaippanattu Family ; both based at Puthuppally. Both these families are having separate family meets and have their Annual General Body Meeting separately on 1st of May , every year.

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