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  • Elizabeth Wright (1731 - 1807)
    Not the daughter of Major John Kennon Bolling, II . “He had 3 daughters named Elizabeth, all who died young.”* John Thornbury did not have a daughter Elizabeth * DNA studies suggest relationship to Rev...
  • Rev. Benjamin Franklin Bolling (1734 - 1832)
    Parents possibly out of wedlock, based on the testimony of son Jeremiah. Colonel Isham Randolph Mary Fleming Benjamin Franklin Bolling Sr (1734 - 1832) Reverend Benjamin Franklin Bolling Sr...
  • Penelope Clark (1684 - 1760)
    not the child Colonel Robert Bolling, II See Media Tab. - adding a few more pictures. 7 Children on the will for the Penelope Clark. Children mentioned in the will: 1). Agnes Clark (1712-1754...
  • Robert Bolling, Sr. (c.1590 - 1639)
    Marriage to: Anne Clarke (Bolling) on Nov 23 1615 London, England Robert Bolling was born in 1590 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England and died November 13, 1639 in London, Middlesex, England. He was the so...
  • Thomas Bolling (1619 - 1678)
    Biography== Thomas Bolling was born in 1619. His parents were Col Robert Bolling, Sr. and Anne Bolling . Thomas married Elizabeth Ellis . Together they had the following children: Richard Bolling of No...

3/16/19 Looks like all the primary evidence is in for the books and their screen shots in for all the problem Penelope Clarks. (The one named "Bolling?" from the Early Settlers of AL and the one name Johnson from New Kent's Edward Johnson from the book on the Ulster Plantation which is in the media sections of the New Kent Johnson/Clark profiles. In the About section of John Fairfax Bolling, it lists the children presumed to be his yet not on the will, this profile: Penelope Clark which is a 1700 or after born Penelope (Bolling) Clark.

2/27/19 The Red Bolling compared to the Johnson Clark vetted who also share a common trending super SNP on chrome 2 at 206ra, or both using cM levels on Genesis down to the now allowable 1 cM levels; but the X matches go back 1000 years and had already shown a commonality in thesee clusters from Pre-Brit La Louisianne claimants of Bryant, Bernard, Brashier, and Nicholson of La Louisianne Era prior to 1607, with Anderson connectivity running through all of the above. The Bryant connection for Keziah is overwhelmingly 1 145 SNP with a 3D view that shows BLUE for random claimants that you can replicate in a group chromosome browser and put in up to 50 of the kits into Tier One 3D group browser for any of the claimants. All of this is archived in the fb group, viewable at Adventurers 7.0.

2/16/18 Penelope Johnson Clark b. 1694 in New Kent, both primary and atdna evidence in primary source puts her to Edward Johnson of New Kent and supplies the Johnson line back to Scotland.

2/15/18 The line of Oliver to Sarah Bolling (Clark) Fugate was cut; but, it remains the NPE line from his ex partner in the line to the claimants on either side of the family in half cousin triangulations at 9 136 SNP, which is where the atDna comes in tying the Oliver / Brown / to Fugate / Clark.

What ethnicity was the Clark MRCA of the Oliver/ Brown / Fugate / Clark at 8 gens back? She was mixed. Ethnicity Painting Aps for the 10 4,6,8,- 66 SNPS are in by the hundreds. We can spare the details and say that the shot in this projects photo is the typical find: Some got the orange (Native of North America) and some got the red (C-1 type native). Not everyone gets the same thing at the same place and from the same time, in terms of ethnic alelles. It is like a bowl of skittles and you get what you get. That some got the orange means it was there to be given out. Some got it passed down and some did not. There was some SSA available too likely from the Moorman grandmother who was the reason for the Norwood grandson's tithable status. That would have been from Barbados despite her being on the ship direct from England, there were also Barbados lands from this family, the first Clarks to settle in North America and well entrenched in the Perquimans' Parish.

---------------------------------------------NEW NEWS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update 2/10/18 We have a consusus on the last name for Penelope due to 2 primary sources calling it Bolling: one is in the book Early Settlers of Alabama and the other in a Library of Virginia article, both put into the Source section of Penelope (Bolling) Clark. Also, we have a few SNPs that are common to the Martin /Fugate side of the cousin aisle that lines up beautifully on the 10 4,6, through 66 to the Powell claimants of Bolling on the side of the aisle from the same said Clarks from England and here is the Bolling side of the aisles' claimed ancestor: Elizabeth (Bolling) Ellis-Ferrabee- Powell, a paper trail (and SNP mapped) descendants x 150 participants comparison study ancestor. These kits were compared to the 1/3 total dna matching Johnson descendants on 23andMe which automatically comes up with a compact triangulation embedded into its service and at a glance, is easy to see that they do not line up with the Bolling cousins in the same SNPS. For example: This is the line to the 150 participating claimants to Bollings in the line of → Capt Kedar Keaton, Voting legislator for founding of Old Cheraws' District, SC his father → Hester Keaton his mother → John Powell her father → Elizabeth (Bolling) Ellis-Ferrabee- Powell his mother → Richard Bolling of Norfolk her father → Thomas Bolling his father → Anne Bolling his mother - common to the Bollings and the Johnsons down the line from the daughter of Penelope (Clark) Bolling's daughter who married a Johnson. Rule out Johnson as Penelope's birth sirname for the Penelope who married Capt Christopher, I.

-----------------------------------OLD NEWS--------------------------------------------------- Update 9-3-18 We have no consensus on a last name for Penelope. We do have a concensus on what is a growing circle of matchers and where and in what way and place. More as it comes in.

Connecting with DNA

Moytoy Study Summary: He did not have a group of claimants out of 100 run in DNA PAINTINGS who matched in any common way to each other in ways that were in the time frame of his life when looking at their cM amounts. ~ ~ Adventurer DNA

Current Project: WHO IS PENELOPE Bolling? A Bolling ? Johnson? or Massey? Posit that Pvt. Christopher Clark, Sr. was connected dna wise to this line Martha Owen and that is probably the Penelope Bolling connection.

SNP --- 3 . 3m, Linda Carr Buchholz and DeeJay Moss Hollan match to Bolling kits same place. Linda's Bolling kit match at 4 .4m is abutting your and DJ's .6 here.

Dianne Dearing - maternal aunt (A758873) and her first cousin (A793335) instead of mine. They are one generation closer to Mary.Fugate.

a730856 Kelly Dunn, 8 pages of matches to this line on Ancestry Dna

Linda Carr Buchholz A411704 or AY2736327 (genesis)

Renee Hallman Marsh M306717

Mary Smith Hallman (Renee's mom) AS3447917 & M306717

Christie Haynes A045039

Laura Brown McKenzie A125538

Wiki Kits - M277473; M910713; M175141; T629749; M693826; T262294

Ancestry Kits - A825428; M564260; M850437



Tery Davis Kempf T128396, F321598, A141113, T510179 (or M510844,A789505)

Bolling kits F389388, FTDNA kit #389388 ... Manage WIKITREE.COM Elijah Bowling (1785-1833) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

Benjamin Bolling Sr born 1734 Henrico, Virginia died ... One of the "Blue" Bollings. .... Tree DNA Family Finder, GEDmatch F389388, FTDNA kit #389388; Bette (Lasley) Huddleston

Kelly Dunn I might be a direct. I dont know for sure. I do know that i have 8 pages of Bolling dna matches on ancestry and half have him in their trees

Ben Around The World A771238

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