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The earliest mention of Alpin is in a 10th century pedigree constructed to give the kings of Scotland an ancient heritage. Alpín, mac Eochaid, King of Dal Riada, Argyll, Kintyre

2/16/2007 10/27/2013

Kenneth I Mac Alpine, king of the Picts MP (c.810 - 859)

"Cináed mac Ailpín", "MacAlpin", "Coinneach mac Ailpein", "An Ferbasach", "The Conqueror", "Kenneth MacAlpin", "Kenneth I", "King Kenneth I of /Scotland/", "Kenneth I /MacAlpin/ King of Scotland", "Macalpin", "Cruaidh", "/Macalpi", "The Hardy/'The Conqueror'/'Kenneth I", "Clan M..."

It is possible that Cináed mac Alpín is himself fictitious, but there are arguments to be made for his historicity. His supposed father, however, ín-mac-Echdach-Rí-na-Dál-Riata-Fictitious/6000000001041...

2/16/2007 10/27/2013