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Descendants of Aaron Jacobowitz

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  • Kuba Jacobowicz (1898 - 1944)
    Vera Jakubovics: "By the way Jakubovics Kuba was married to my mother relative, unfortunately I was too young and did ask enough questions about this relation, just remember that my parents found out t...
  • Norman B Jacobowitz (1912 - 1985)
    He would have been 100 this August 6, 2012. Norman Jacobowitz SSDI === Birth: Aug 6 1912 Death: Feb 1985 Last residence: San Diego, California 92128, USA Residence code: 05 = Norman B Jacobowitz...
  • Fancsi Jakubovics (1872 - 1944)
    David Jacobowitz put in a request to the International Tracing Service through the US Holocaust Museum for records of her death in the camps. DWJ, September 28, 2012. Vera Eigner's Yad Vashem Testimo...
  • Esti Klein (c.1850 - 1903)
    Jiri Jacobowitz has some e-mails received from Kovács Lewis and I was surprised with an e-mail dated November 10, 2005. I will reduce (summarize) his message; Kovac Lewis reports: JACOBOWITZ, ESTHER - ...
  • Chava Sofie Jacobowitz (1844 - 1904)

Aaron Jacobowitz's wife Fannie Klein's mother is Mema Zseni/Jeni Klein (Mittleman). Mema Jeni Klein Mittelman She may be the furthest back that we have an identified ancestor. She is the link to the Klein and Mittelmann branches of the family.

How to spell Jacobowitz/ Jaakobovic:

  • יאקאבאוויטש, Hebrew
  • Jakóbowicz, Polish,
  • Americanized as "Jackobo(w)ice.
  • bar Yaakov in Israel,
  • Iacobucci,
  • Jakubovics,
  • Jakubovič,
  • Jacobovitch,
  • Jakobovitz,
  • Jacobwitz (a common misspelling),
  • Jacobi (8),
  • Jackoboice (),
  • Jakóbowicz (),
  • Jacobowicz (2),
  • Jacobowitz (114),
  • Jacobs (27),
  • Jacobus (2),
  • Jacoby (11),
  • Jakobinski (1),
  • Jakobowicz (9),
  • Jakubovic (2),
  • Jakubovics (4),
  • Jakupović soccer player.
  • Yacobowitz.

Mike Jackoboice (Jakóbowicz) has written a paper entitled [ Jak%C3%B3bowicz (Jakobowicz, Jakubowicz) Surname Variants in Holocaust Records (ghettos, trains, camps, survivors, profiles) and Surname History, Emigrations, Descendants.]

Aaron Jacobowitz was born in the 1820s, probably in the Zemplin region of what is now Slovakia. He probably lived in the town of Szobránc, now in Slovakia. The known descendants of Aaron Jacobowitz and Fannie Klein now number over 1,500. There are multiple family members actively researching this family. I am sure there are a lot more family members out there.

DWJ: The Project Photo is a map of Riverside Cemetery where many of Wolf Jacobowitz's offspring are buried. [Wolf Jacobowitz] Hover a name to highlight where they are buried; or click the map to go to the person's profile.

A beautiful map of Riverside Cemetery:

DWJ: Paul Tyson: "My grandmother, Julia Neuman Presslaff, Cheva's granddaughter cared very deeply about family. Very deeply. She also said the Jacobowitzs were Sephadic and originally from Spain. " February 10, 2013.

DWJ: Susan Gorman Tyson is working on the tree in

Map: []

Eva Strum, Mar 2013: "David I have an explanation about the Klein family and Jakobowitz

Jakobowitz Josef, Jiri father (he died before the war), was the brother of my grandmother Jakobowitz Sala, before she married Josef Klein, who was the uncle of Blanca's mother Jiri. Moritz Klein Blanca's father was the brother of my grandmother. So Vera, Erzi and Ani, were cousins ​​of Jiri both sides, mother and father."


March 9, 2011: See Jiri’s excellent point below regarding Chava, Wolf, and Bernath’s siblings.

Harold Krongelb Dear Harold, I don't believe that Chava, Wolf and Bernath had other siblings, because my grandmother Fancsi she never mentioned other names. Beside of all, that all of our Jakobowicz and Klein/Kovács families origin is from 3 villages: SZOBRÁNCZ, HUMENNÉ and REMETSKÉ HAMRY. Komancza starts and ends with the children of my grandmother Fancsi. Also Esti was born in Humenné. What is more probable that KLEIN SIMON HAD SIBLINGS, BECAUSE Lewis Kovács research basicaly starts with SIMON. Lewis Kovács told me that he will try to discover. I BELIEVE THAT FOR OUR RESEARCH ARE MISSING DETAILS REGARDING ESTHER (ESTI) and Fannie Klein (Aaron's wife). I hope that the name of Mittelman can be useful. Jiri

-- How The Krongelbs Found the Jacobowitz Family Questions you posted on Geni

March 8, 2010

From Sol Krongelb

to David Jacobowitz, Beth Jacoby, Harold Krongelb

Hi to all!

I've been able to get some answers fairly quickly; the rest will take a little more digging into old notebooks and files.

1. Marriage date for Theresa and Max Jacobowitz David, your guess on the marriage date is right on. They were married in New York City on November 22, 1903.

2. Why didn't Wolf's family and Bernath's keep in touch? There's reason to believe that the older generations knew a lot more about each other than we do. For example: (a) My mother-in-law, Helen Jacobowitz (daughter of Aaron), knew that her father had a cousin Arnold Jacoby who was a lawyer. She had contacted him some time in the 1920's in the hope that he could help her find a job. It was this bit of information that caused Gladys and me to look for Arnold's family and has led to the connection we now have. (b) My mother-in-law also remembered family circle meetings, although she didn't recall and details. Apparently there was more interaction than we know of. (c) Gladys and I had the opportunity to look through Jennie Truehaft's personal phone book from the 1930's. Jennie (she was also known by the names Cecile and Jim) was a sister of Aaron and Elias. The phone book contained Arnold Jacoby's home phone number and address, so there must have been some contact there.

3. How did we make the Brazil connection? I'm not sure of all the details without digging through the notes, but the story goes something like this: As we identified new relatives, we visited them to see what they could add to the family story. We also asked to see any family photos, memorabilia, etc. that they might have because these items are interesting in their own right and can also provide clues to more relatives. I believe it was Henry Jacobs, son of Jonas Jacobs (he changed his name from Jacobowitz) who had some names and an old address for relatives in Brazil. We were able to track them down, and the connection was made.

It's great that our mutual interest in genealogy is restoring family contacts that have lapsed in past years. Our combined efforts should greatly enhance the knowledge of our family's history and hopefully lead to new friendships.



Late October, 2011. Charlie Hollander's Research on Bernath Jacobowitz ==

David, I found a few possibilities, but I think their likelihood is very slim. The NY branch of NARA has index fiches to NY State vital records. There I found only one possible record, searching 1913 to 1919:

Beleswaf JAKUBOWSKI died 14 Apr 1914, Buffalo, Cert. #21473

At the NY Public Library I searched their NYC Death Index and found these two:

Bernhard JACOBS died 27 July 1914, age 80, Manhattan Death Cert. #22722 Adolph B. JACOBOWITZ died 6 Apr 1914, age 55, Bronx Death Cert. #2352

I also found this one, just in case it matches up with anything of yours:

Wolf JACONOWITZ died 18 July 1914, age 58, Manhattan Death Cert. #21904

At NYPL I searched the years 1913-1915, all boroughs. I can look at those records without cost at the NYC Municipal Archives, in case you think one of them might be helpful. For the Buffalo one, the only way to know if it's right is to put the money ($21, I think) in the slot machine to the NY State Archives and see what comes out. It doesn't sound very promising. But let me know about the NYCMA records; I'm going back there in a few weeks. Let me know if there's anything else you want looked up--birth, marriage, death records.