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William Apes (Apess) (1798 - 1839)

"William Apess"

2/7/2020 5/30/2021

wikipedia "Most of his (Philip Sheridan's) service with the 4th Infantry was in the Pacific Northwest, starting with a topographical survey mission to the Willamette Valley in 1855, during which he b...

5/22/2021 5/22/2021

Tyee George Harney (deceased)

This photograph was taken in Washington D.C. when the group were traveling as part of A. B. Meacham's entertainment show, which included people involved in the Modoc War. Subjects Takelma Indians....

5/22/2021 5/22/2021

Tolt-Nys (deceased)

"Aggie’s Great-Grandfather, Jack, or “Shulth-tah-sah” (Song in mid-air), lived from 1815-1895." "Most of (Philip Sheridan's) service with the 4th Infantry was in the Pacific Northwest, starting with ...

5/22/2021 5/22/2021

Metacomet "King Philip" MP (c.1639 - 1676)

"Philip", "King Phillip", "Pometacomet", "Pometacom", "Phillip"

1. Metacom's name was changed at the Plymouth Colony Court on June 13, 1660 at the request of his brother Wamsutta: "Att the earnest request of Wamsutta desiring that in record his father is lately d...

8/9/2008 4/27/2021

1/26/2020 4/27/2021

Chief Joseph Brant, Thayendanegea of the Six Nations MP (1743 - 1807)

"Chief Joseph", "Thayendanegea"

A GREAT BOOK TO READ ABOUT JOSEPH BRANT IS "Joseph Brant - King of the Mohawks" by Jonathan Bolton and Claire Wilson Brant is his Step Fathers Last Name Last words were "If you can get any influe...

3/18/2009 4/27/2021

Crispus Attucks (c. 1723 – March 5, 1770) was a black man in the American Revolutionary War, was the first person shot to death by British redcoats during the Boston Massacre, in Boston, Massachusetts....

6/8/2011 4/27/2021

Sainte Kateri Tekakwitha MP (1656 - 1680)

"Catherine", "Tagaskouïta", "Tekaouïta"

Kaia'tanó:ron Kateri Tekakwitha 1656-1680 Saint Kateri Tekakwitha was baptized as Catherine Tekakwitha and was informally known as Lily of the Mohawks. She is the fourth Native American to be ven...

5/18/2014 4/27/2021

George Bonga (c.1803 - 1874)

"Bonggaa", "Bungo"

9/16/2014 4/24/2021

Jessica Biel MP


Jessica Claire Timberlake (née Biel /biːl/; born March 3, 1982) is an American actress, model, producer and singer. Biel began her career as a vocalist appearing in musical productions until she was ...

2/7/2011 4/23/2021

Lucy Poolaw (1882 - 1969)

"Princess Watahwaso"

Lucy Nicolar Poolaw Vaudeville performer and political activist. A member of the Penobscot Indian Tribe, she was born on Indian Island, Maine (Penobscot Indian Reservation, Penobscot County), one of ...

11/16/2010 3/20/2021

Bruce John Poolaw (1903 - 1984)

Showman and Rodeo Star. A Kiowa, who was born and grew up in Mountain View, Oklahoma (Kiowa County). He was one of at least eleven children of Tsomah and George Poolaw. His father had at least two wive...

11/15/2010 3/19/2021

Chatt Well Done, Thou Good And Faithful Servant . . . .Enter Thou Into The Joy Of The Lord. Matthew 25:21 The Rev. Dr. Chatt Served As Minister of The Comanche Reformed Church And Its People For 39 Yea...

3/19/2021 3/19/2021

Raymond Lee Doyebi Darby (1938 - 2016)

Raymond Lee Doyebi / Darby, 77, Lawton, went to his heavenly home on Wednesday Jan. 13, 2016. He passed away with pneumonia at a Lawton hospital. Funeral will be at 11 a.m. Monday, Jan. 18, 2016, a...

3/19/2021 3/19/2021

Billy Evans "The One Who Sits in the Middle" Horse (1934 - 2014)

"The One Who Sits in the Middle"

The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma lost a great "Chief" of the Kiowa tribe on Saturday, August 9, 2014. Billy Evans Horse, a long time resident of Carnegie, Oklahoma passed into the Kingdom Of God at approx...

3/19/2021 3/19/2021

Monroe Tsatoke (1904 - 1937)

Member of the Kiowa Six Monroe Tsatoke (1904-1937): Monroe Tsatoke was a gifted painter, as well as a bead worker and singer. As the Kiowa Five's fame grew, it was increasingly obvious that Tsatoke...

3/19/2021 3/19/2021

Walter Lone Wolf (1868 - 1924)

Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Mar 9 2021, 23:48:42 UTC * Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Mar 19 2021, 5:41:16 UTC The Kiowa Tribe -

3/9/2021 3/18/2021

Robert Larry Redbird Sr. (Stinson) was born to Violet Hawzipta and Ernest Emhee Redbird on July 22, 1939, in Lawton. Funeral wil be at 11 a.m. Thursday, March 10, 2016, at Watchetaker Hall, Comanche Na...

3/18/2021 3/18/2021

Poolaw has been called America's most decorated Indian soldier with 42 medals and citations. Among his medals are four Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars. He also earned three Purple Hearts, one for ea...

2/18/2010 3/14/2021

Billie Germaine Galindo (1962 - 2018)

Billie Germaine Foreman went to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on December 17, 2018 in Carnegie, Oklahoma. Billie was born January 19, 1962 in Pawnee, Oklahoma to Patricia Jermaine (Botone) a...

3/14/2021 3/14/2021

Jack Bointy (1869 - 1927)

Whipman of the Kiowa Tribe. Son of Chief Red Tipi and Taim-Al-Ol-Day Tipi Husband of Ah-Hah-Poie The Kiowa Tribe Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Mar 11 2021, 3:16:18 UTC

11/15/2010 3/14/2021

Chief Red Tipi (deceased)

"Red Tipi", "Chief Red Teepee"

Chief Red Tipi Satanta was born the son of Chief Red Tipi and a Spanish captive and spent his youth south of the Arkansas River enjoying the peaceful alliance between the Kiowa and Comanche tribes. ...

11/15/2010 3/14/2021

Chief Satank Sitting Bear MP (c.1810 - 1871)

"Chief Topinabee A quiet Sitting Bear", "Satank", "Set-angya", "Set-ankeah"

Chief Satank , known to his people as Setangya or Sitting Bear, was a noted Kiowa chief, medicine man, and leader of the Kiowa honor society called “Koitsenk”, or the “Ten Bravest Warriors.” He was b...

3/10/2021 3/10/2021

Excerpt: Kale-pi-thay (Sioux Woman) As it turns out, this is actually a portrait of Ahpeatone (Wooden Lance), the last traditional chief of the Kiowa . Ahpeatone, whose mother Kale-pi-thay (Sioux Wom...

3/9/2021 3/10/2021

Chief Ahpeatone Wooden Lance MP (1855 - 1931)

"A'piatan", "Ahpeahtone", "Apeahtone", "Ah-pe-a-ton", "Wooden Lance", "Kills With a Lance"

Ahpeahtone , also known as Que-Tah-Tsay or Apiatan (1856 – August 8, 1931) was a chief of the Kiowa tribe in Oklahoma, who is regarded as the last traditional chief of the tribe. Ahpeahtone was born ...

3/9/2021 3/10/2021

Au-Pia Goodle or Red Otter, Kiowa Medicine Man and Wife The Kiowa Tribe [Au-Pia Goodle or Red Otter, Kiowa Medicine Man and Wife] Creator: Bretz, George W. Date: ca. 1894-1895 Place: Fort Sill, India...

3/9/2021 3/10/2021

Paugei-to (Pursuing Them Along A River) Excerpt from Lone Wolf the Younger Lone Wolf was the son of Audlekoety (Big Black Hair) and Paugei-to (Pursuing Them Along A River) . He was a full brother to ...

3/9/2021 3/10/2021

Chal-ko-gai Black Goose MP (1844 - 1900)

"Chal-ko-gai", "Bolekonegeah (Black Goose)", "Chaddlekaungy-ky", "Chaddle-Kaungy-Ky"

Chal-ko-gai - Black Goose Chal-ko-gai, Bolekonegeah, Chaddlekaungy-ky, Chaddle-Kaungy-Ky, Chaddle-kaunky or Black Crane The Kiowa Tribe Note: Black Goose has several names as of 10 March 2021, I welc...

3/10/2021 3/10/2021

Audlekoety (Big Black Hair) Excerpt from Lone Wolf the Younger Lone Wolf was the son of Audlekoety (Big Black Hair) and Paugei-to (Pursuing Them Along A River). He was a full brother to Saudlekongeah...

3/9/2021 3/10/2021

Mamadayte - Guopahko, "Lone Wolf the Younger." Inscription: Brought his people to Christianity and Civilization. Quo Pah Ko appointed chief in 1883. United States Scout in 1883. Deacon of Elk Creek B...

3/9/2021 3/9/2021

Guipago Lone Wolf MP (c.1820 - 1879)

Born around 1820, Lone Wolf was a principal chief of the Kiowa , following the death of Chief Dohäsan . The Kiowa lived in what became Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. In reaction to massive encroachm...

3/9/2021 3/9/2021

The Oglala Lakota Nation American Horse agreed to send two sons and a daughter for first class: Ben American Horse, Samuel American Horse and Maggie Stands Looking . Charles A. Eastman recalled, "His...

3/9/2021 3/9/2021

Satanta White Bear (1820 - 1878)

"White Bear"

Kiowa Sub-chief. Born Set-tain-te which roughly translates to White Bear. From the 1830s to the 1850s he participated in campaigns against the Cheyenne and Ute and rose to become an important sub-c...

11/15/2010 3/7/2021

Chief "Set-Imkia" Stumbling Bear (1830 - 1903)

"Set- Em-Ge- Ah", "Stumblingbear", "Set-Em-Ge-Ah", "Chief Stumblingbear", "Stumbling Bear", "Set-Em-Ge-Ah Stumbling Bear"

Kiowa Chief and Treaty Signer. During his youth, he became an influential war chief noted for his raids against the Sac, Fox, Pawnee, and Navajo tribes, as well as against white settlers. In November...

3/7/2021 3/7/2021

Guy Aut Dough “Aut Dough” Ware (1869 - 1935)

"Aut Dough Ware"

Private 7th. Calvary . ∼ Anadarko Tribune Prominent Kiowa Indian Dies Here Guy Ware, 56, Served in Fort Sill Cavalry, Military Rites Held Guy Ware, one of the most outstanding members of the Ki...

3/7/2021 3/7/2021

Jereaux Lee Sanders (1954 - 2020)

Jereaux Lee Nevaquaya Sanders went to be with her Lord and Savior on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020. She passed suddenly at her home and will forever leave a void in the hearts of all who knew and loved her. ...

2/28/2021 2/28/2021

Joyce Lee Tate “Doc Tate” Nevaquaya (1932 - 1996)

"Doc Tate Nevaquaya", "Doc Tate"

Doc Tate Nevaquaya, Comanche, was a self-taught artist with an interest in preserving the traditions and history of his people. He was born born July 3, 1932 in Oklahoma and named Joyce Lee Nevaquaya a...

3/21/2016 2/28/2021

Wanada Woon-ardy 'Stand Up and Be Strong' Page (Parker) (1887 - 1970)

"Woon-ardy", "Stand Up And Be Strong", "Woonardy", "Annie Parker"

Conflicting birth and death dates: Headstone has Birth 1887 and death Oct 26, 1970 Obituary From The Lawton Constitution, Wednesday, October 27, 1971 has 1882 and death Tuesday October 26, 1971 Wanada ...

3/18/2010 2/27/2021

Dorothy Sunrise Lorentino (1909 - 2005)

"Tab-By-Yetchee", "Parker Lorentino", "Parker Tab-By-Yetchee Lorentino Sunrise"

Granddaughter of Chief Quanah Parker The Comanche Nation Saturday, June 28, 1997 Honored teacher early victim of segregation Last modified at 6:36 a.m. on Saturday, June 28, 1997 By KRISTEN L. HAYS T...

2/22/2021 2/23/2021

Sgt Tabbyyetchy was a WWII Comanche Code Talker . Thanks, Suse (sniksnak #47573113) Sgt. Morris Sunrise Tabbyyetchy was the Grandson of Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief The Comanche Nation Nʉmʉrekwa’e...

2/22/2021 2/23/2021

Chief Ten Bears 'Padda-Wah-Ser-Man-Oh' (1792 - 1872)

"Padda-Wah-Ser-Man-Oh - Paruasemana"

The Comanche Nation The Statement Of Ten Bears To William Tecumseh Sherman, October 1867 Native American Chief. He was born about 1790 and shortly thereafter was orphaned when his band was wiped ou...

1/17/2009 2/23/2021

Markwayne Mullin, a Representative from Oklahoma; born in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Okla., July 26, 1977; graduated from Stillwell High School, Stillwell, Okla.; attended Missouri Valley College, Marshall...

6/8/2016 1/14/2021

Heid Ellen Erdrich (born November 26, 1963) is an Ojibwe (Turtle Mountain Band) writer and editor of poetry, short stories, and nonfiction, and maker of poem films. References

10/22/2020 10/22/2020

Louise Erdrich , (born Karen Louise Erdrich, June 7, 1954)is an American author, writer of novels, poetry, and children's books featuring Native American characters and settings. She is an enrolled mem...

10/22/2020 10/22/2020

Nancy "Yellow Bird" (Brown) Ward, Southern Tuscororan MP (1738 - bef.1777)

"Sarah", "Birtie", "Yellow Bird"

Not the same as Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NameJames Ward, 6G Gran...

3/7/2007 10/8/2020

Gilbert Blue (1933 - 2016)

The grandson of former chief Samuel Taylor Blue, Gilbert Blue was elected chief of the Catawba Tribe of South Carolina in 1973. Under Chief Blue’s leadership, the Catawba successfully pursued their l...

7/12/2020 7/12/2020

George Major Cook (1860 - 1930)

George Major Cook, also known as Wahunsacook or Wahansunacoke, served as chief of the Pamunkey Indians from 1902 until his death in 1930. Born on the Pamunkey Reservation in King William County in 18...

3/7/2020 6/20/2020

Andrew Washington Adams (1905 - 1985)

Andrew Adams served as the Upper Mattaponi chief from 1974 until his death in 1985. Born in King William County, Adams attended the Sharon Indian School and served in the U.S. Army during World War I...

6/26/2017 6/4/2020

Arataswa Hagler, Chief of Catawba MP (1680 - 1763)


Chief Arataswa Nopkehe Hagler was born in 1680 in Catawba Indian Nation, Rock Hill, York, SC,. Nopkehe married Unknown Cherokee Hagler . Together they had the following children : * Need actual proof o...

6/14/2009 4/10/2020

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nimrod Jarrett Smith (1837–1893), or Tsaladihi, was the fourth Principal Chief of the Eastern...

3/5/2011 3/10/2020

Zitkala-Sa (1876 - 1938)

"Gertrude Simmons Bonnin"

Zitkála-Šá (1876–1938) (Lakota: Red Bird = Cardinal (bird)), also known as Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, her missionary-given and later married name, was a Yankton Dakota Sioux writer, editor, translator,...

3/7/2020 3/7/2020

Osley Bird Saunooke, Principal Chief MP (1906 - 1965)


Osley Bird Saunooke Principal Chief (1951-1955) Osley Bird Saunooke, chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and world heavyweight wrestling champion, was born near Cherokee, N.C., the son of...

3/5/2011 2/21/2020

Fidelia Smith Fielding / Dji'ts Bud dnaca / Flying Bird was a highly respected Mohegan nanu , best known as the last fluent speaker of the Mohegan language. She was committed to the revitalization of t...

7/7/2016 2/19/2020

Bessie Coleman - Wikipedia Bessie Coleman - more details at Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman (January 26, 1892 – April 30, 1926) was an American civil aviator. She was the first femal...

7/12/2014 2/4/2020

Raquel Montoya-Lewis MP

Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington, United States

Raquel Montoya-Lewis is a Native- and Jewish-American attorney and jurist who is an Associate Justice of the Washington Supreme Court. Montoya-Lewis was nominated by Governor Jay Inslee on December 4, ...

1/14/2014 1/7/2020

Please research carefully found inconsistencies in some stories that were found. Buried: Black Hills National Cemetery

12/6/2019 12/6/2019

Randolph Mantooth (born Randy DeRoy Mantooth , September 19, 1945), is an American actor who has worked in television, documentaries, theater, and film for more than 40 years. A graduate of the America...

10/13/2019 10/16/2019

Doris Jean McLemore MP (1927 - 2016)

Doris Jean Lamar McLemore was born April 16, 1927 in Lawton, Oklahoma to Mae Lamar of Gracemont, Oklahoma and raised by her grandparents Walter and Hushseah Lamar, along with her brother Newton. She pa...

5/21/2017 9/22/2019

Newton Lamar MP (1928 - 1989)

One of three most influential modern Native American tribal leaders in the U.S. Reference: Newton Lamar - ===================================== Newton Lamar Newton Lamar (Nov...

5/21/2017 9/22/2019

Frank Garvin Yerby MP (1916 - 1991)

Frank Yerby was an American writer, best known for his 1946 historical novel The Foxes of Harrow . He was of African, Seminole, and Ulster Scots heritage. Wikipedia: Frank Yerby

6/21/2007 8/31/2019

Rina Swentzell MP (1939 - 2015)

Santa Clara writer, historian, lecturer, and activist. See

3/21/2016 8/13/2019

Santa Clara artist, the daughter of the artist Pablita Velarde and the mother of the artist Margarete Bagshaw. She described herself as Anglo socially and Indian artistically. Her art was contemporary,...

3/9/2016 8/13/2019

Weetamoe (1624 - 1676)

"Nanumoum Tatapanum Weetimore WEETAMOO Narragansett", "Weetamoo"

Frind Josiah Winslow Governor of Plimoth Colony Weetomuw the quene of Pocaset and hir husband, showd mee a leter Constant Southworth and others names to it dated aprell 30: 75 - by which thay have gr...

8/9/2008 7/27/2019

Wes Studi MP


Santa Fe, NM, United States

Native Oklahoman, Vietnam veteran, sculptor, musician, author, activist. Each of those describes the legendary actor Wes Studi . Within a few years of his arrival in Hollywood, Studi caught the attenti...

2/22/2011 6/11/2019

Chief Black Hawk MP (1767 - 1838)

"Sparrow Hawk", "Black Hawk", "Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak", "Black Sparrow Hawk"

Black Hawk (1767 – October 3, 1838) was a leader and warrior of the Sauk American Indian tribe in what is now the United States. Although he had inherited an important historic medicine bundle, he was ...

12/6/2011 4/20/2019

William Grady Stigler (1891 - 1952)

"We Going Stigler"

William Grady Stigler (July 7, 1891 – August 21, 1952) was an American politician and a U.S. Representative from Oklahoma. Biography Stigler was of one-quarter Choctaw descent, and born the son o...

4/18/2019 4/18/2019

Louis Dean Owens (1948 - 2002)

Louis Owens, Choctaw/Cherokee Scholar & Novelist Louis Owens was born in Lompoc, CA on July 18, 1948. He grew up in rural Mississippi and California and worked as a forest ranger and firefighter for th...

1/9/2019 1/9/2019

Debra A. Haaland (December 2, 1960), is an American politician from New Mexico, elected to Congress on November 6, 2018. President Joe Biden announced that he would nominate Haaland to serve as United ...

11/9/2018 11/10/2018

William Apes (1770 - d.)

"William Apess"

3/27/2011 9/18/2018

Richard Dean Anderson (born January 23, 1950) is an American television and film actor, television producer and composer. He began his television career in 1976 as Dr. Jeff Webber in the American soap ...

5/3/2011 8/7/2018

David Midthunder MP

Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, California, United States

David Midthunder is an American actor and filmmaker. He is best known for his work on television shows Westworld and Longmire and for his appearances in films like Transformers: Age of Extinction . H...

8/24/2009 7/10/2018

Amber Midthunder MP

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States

Amber Midthunder is an American actor and filmmaker. She is best known for her main role in the FX series Legion , as well as appearances in Longmire and Banshee . Her paternal ancestry is Norwegian ...

2/15/2018 7/10/2018

Shealah Craighead MP

Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States

Shealah Craighead is an American government photographer currently serving as the Chief Official White House Photographer for President Donald Trump. Craighead previously served official photographer t...

7/5/2018 7/5/2018

Obituary Peter V. Catches “Zintkala Oyate” was born on June 16, 1955 at home in the Calico Community, near Pine Ridge, SD to Peter S. Catches and Amelia (Ribsman) Catches. Peter made his journey to t...

8/27/2014 6/12/2018

“Queen” Aliquippa, of the Seneca MP (c.1680 - 1754)

"Queen Aliquippa - Mingo Seneca", "Alequeapy"

Queen Aliquippa (died December 23, 1754) was a leader of the Seneca tribe of American Indians during the early part of the 18th century. The most commonly repeated story of Aliquippa's life begins wi...

9/12/2009 5/6/2018

Tanacharison, the Half-King MP (c.1700 - 1754)

"Tanangrisson", "Deanaghrison", "Johonerissa", "Tanacharison", "Tanahisson", "Thanayieson"

Tanacharison or Tanaghrisson (c. 1700 to 4 October 1754) was a Native American leader who played a pivotal role in the beginning of the French and Indian War. He was known to European-Americans as the ...

5/5/2018 5/6/2018

Lee Francis (1945 - 2003)

Elias Lee Francis III (ca. 1945 – 7 July 2003) was a Laguna Pueblo-Anishinaabe poet, educator, and founder of the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers. Family Lee Francis was born ...

3/9/2009 3/6/2018

Paula Gunn Allen MP (1939 - 2008)

Paula Gunn Allen (October 24, 1939 – May 29, 2008) was a Native American poet, literary critic, activist, professor, and novelist. Of mixed-race European-American, Native American, and Arab-American ...

1/3/2009 3/6/2018

John Manchester Taylor (1858 - 1934)


Other Sources List John Manchester Taylor's birth as August 14, 1858 Born August 14, 1860 at Murphy, NC, John M. Taylor is the second son of James Taylor and Addie Manchester. The elder Taylor, James...

5/5/2009 11/15/2017

Marie Dorion (1790 - 1850)

"Madame Dorion; Marie Aloe Dorion Venier Toupin"

"Madame" Marie Aioe Dorion Venier Toupin (ca. 1786 – September 5, 1850) was the only female member of an overland expedition sent by Pacific Fur Company to the Pacific Northwest in 1810. Like her com...

3/21/2012 11/14/2017

Konwatsiasiaienni (Molly) MP (1736 - 1796)

"Degonwadonti means Several Against One "Molly"", "Mary Brant", "Konwatsi'tsiaienni", "and Degonwadonti"

Her marriage was a native ceremony. Who was Molly Brant? She was an extraordinary woman! This presentation is dedicated to another extraordinary woman, one who often inspired me to look at Molly Bran...

3/20/2009 8/2/2017

Chief Truckee (Tru-ki-zo) (c.1792 - bef.1860)

"Wuna Mucca", "The Giver of Spiritual Gifts", "Old Winnemucca", "One Moccasin", "Onennamucca", "Captain Truckee", "Tru-ki-zo"

Truckee (Wuna Mucca, The Giver of Spiritual Gifts, Old Winnemucca, One Moccasin, Onennamucca, sometimes known as Captain Truckee) was medicine chief of the Northern Paiute and an influential prophet....

8/2/2017 8/2/2017

Chief Winnemucca (Bad Face) (c.1820 - 1882)

"Wobitsawahkah", "Bad Face", "Winnemucca the Younger", "Mubetawaka", "Poito"

In Wikipedia A Shoshone by birth but by marriage a leader of the Pauites : Winnemucca, (ca. 1820–1882) (also called Wobitsawahkah, Bad Face, Winnemucca the Younger, Mubetawaka, and Poito), was born...

8/2/2017 8/2/2017

Sarah Winnemucca (c.1844 - 1891)

Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins (born Thocmentony, meaning "Shell Flower" in Northern Paiute; c. 1844 – October 16, 1891) was a Northern Paiute author, activist and educator. Winnemucca was born near Humb...

8/2/2017 8/2/2017

Col Johnson. Harris was born April 19, 1856. His father was White and his mother was Cherokee. Harris' public life began with his election to the Cherokee senate in 1881. On the death of J.B. Mayes, he...

7/12/2009 7/26/2017

Jasper Lewis Adams (1879 - 1971)

Adams Jasper Lewis Adams served as the chief of the Upper Mattaponi Tribe, or Adamstown Band of Mattaponi of Virginia from 1923 to 1973. He was involved in the purchase and construction of the Sharon...

6/26/2017 6/26/2017

Mollie Holmes Adams (1881 - 1973)

Mollie Wade Holmes Adams (October 8, 1881 – December 14, 1973) was a tribal elder among the Mattaponi people of Virginia. Her efforts to advocate for the tribe and support tribal culture led to her s...

6/26/2017 6/26/2017

Alison Brie MP

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States

Alison Brie Schermerhorn (born December 29, 1982), known professionally as Alison Brie, is an American actor. She is known for portraying Annie Edison on the acclaimed NBC/Yahoo! series Community , Tru...

7/6/2015 3/14/2017

Mary Golda Ross MP (1908 - 2008)

"Mary Gold"

Mary Golda Ross (August 9, 1908 – April 29, 2008) was the first Native American female engineer. She was one of the 40 founding engineers of the Skunk Works , and was known for her work at Lockheed Mar...

3/2/2017 3/2/2017

Angelina Jolie MP

"Angie", "Ange", "AJ"

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

From Hollywood wild-child to Academy Award winner to respected U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, actress Angelina Jolie underwent a series of metamorphic transformations over the course of her career. She won ...

2/5/2007 2/23/2017

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury (born September 11, 1983) is an American professional baseball center fielder for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB). He p...

9/19/2015 2/22/2017

Arthur Caswell Parker (April 5, 1881 – January 1, 1955) was an American archaeologist, historian, folklorist, museologist and noted authority on American Indian culture. Of Seneca and Scots-English d...

1/16/2017 1/16/2017

Also known as Tekahionwak Mohawk Chief ref: Ontario History Vol 9-12 by Ontario Historical Society 1910

3/30/2009 1/16/2017

Paul Robeson MP (1898 - 1976)

Paul Leroy Robeson (April 9, 1898 – January 23, 1976) was an African-American concert singer (bass-baritone), recording artist, athlete and actor who became noted for his political radicalism and act...

4/14/2011 1/3/2017

Maria Louisa Robeson MP (1853 - 1904)


Maria Louisa Bustill Robeson was a Quaker schoolteacher; the wife of the Reverend William Drew Robeson of Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church in Princeton, New Jersey and the mother of Paul Robeson ...

4/14/2011 1/3/2017

Grace Bustill Douglass (1782 - 1842)

Grace Bustill Douglass (1782 – March 9, 1842) was an African-American abolitionist and women's rights advocate. Her family was one of the first prominent free black families in the United States. Her f...

1/3/2017 1/3/2017

Charles Hicks Bustill (1815 - 1890)

Charles Hicks Bustill was an African-American abolitionist and conductor in the Underground Railroad in Philadelphia before the American Civil War. He made a living as a plasterer, and belonged to the ...

10/4/2012 1/3/2017

Gertrude Bustill Mossell MP (1855 - 1948)

Gertrude Bustill Mossell was an African-American author, journalist, and teacher. After an early career contributing articles to Philadelphia newspapers, she became women's editor of the New York Age...

4/6/2016 1/3/2017

Sven Haakanson, Sr. MP (1934 - 2002)

Former Mayor of Old Harbor, former 2nd Chief of Old Harbor

12/7/2016 12/9/2016