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Joseph Cohen Belinfante, I MP (bef.1509 - c.1526)

Belinfante Family Odyssey: Around the World from Portugal by Randall Belinfante, Librarian/Archivist of the American Sephardi Federation In the dark days of 1526, Joseph Cohen Belinfante, collected...

4/18/2009 5/24/2018

Duarte da Silva (1596 - 1688)

A History of the Marranos Cecil Roth, 1932, page 118 The antecedents of the Marquisate of Montfort deserve special mention. Mention has already been made, on more than one occasion, of Duarte da Si...

4/19/2009 5/24/2018

Tobia(s) Diego ben Israel da Silva (c.1572 - 1649)


The earliest known deed concerning Diego da Silva is a warrant of attorney dating from 1610 (Municipal Archives of Amsterdam Not. Arch. 384 fol. 57). Of the period 1610 - 1620 there are a total of 54 d...

10/5/2007 6/22/2017

Daniel Abraham Fresco (1665 - 1739)

DANIËL FRESCO, woonende in de korte Houtstraat op Vloijenburg over de Bakker van de Drie Koningen, zijn te bekomen groote Seviliaanze Olijven, de Pot voor 50 Stuijvers, houdende 6 a 7 Mengelen , als me...

12/27/2012 3/21/2017

Attilio Milano MP (1907 - 1969)

MILANO, ATTILIO (1907–1969), historian of Italian Judaism. Milano was born in Rome, where he studied law and economics. He immigrated to Israel in 1939 with the inception of the racist laws in Italy, s...

6/30/2013 2/16/2016

Rabbi Moshê ben Abraham Boino, HaCohen (aft.1420 - 1497)

"Rabi Moussem Boyno"

Rabbi Moshê ben Abraham Boino, aliás bisavô do Dr. Antonio Homem. MOÍSES BOINO , mercador e físico judeu ; Em 1446, o Regente Infante D.Pedro, concedeu- lhe o direito de andar de mula, o que era proi...

10/15/2015 10/15/2015

Rabbi Moshe Avigdor Amiel (1883-1946) , philosopher, active for Eretz Yisrael settlement. In 1905 rabbi of Svencian, in 1920 rabbi of Antwerp, in 1936 Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Moshe Avigdor Amiel...

8/20/2008 7/10/2015

Israel Family Tree 1500's - Scroll down page to view The last Chief Rabbi of Rhodes was Reuben Eliahu Israel. He served the Jewish community from 1922 to 1932. He was also the 12th descendant of th...

4/12/2007 8/1/2014

Don Avraham HaKohen, haRoffe Al-Hakim of Toledo MP (c.1225 - c.1294)

"Abraham el Alfaquin", "Abraham al-Ḥakīm", "Abraham le Mirre", "Abraham le Mestre", "Don Abraham of Toledo"

Don Abraham of Toledo (Abraham el Alfaquin = al-Ḥakīm) was physician to King Alfonso X (el Sabio - the Learned) of Castile, and to his son Sancho IV. He was active between 1260 and 1277 and translated ...

6/23/2008 5/15/2014

Harry Djerassi (1908 - 1943)

7/16/2013 11/11/2013

David Ben Bassat (deceased)

11/15/2008 11/11/2013

Bruria Clara Benbassat (1912 - 1988)


7/2/2007 11/11/2013

John Baptista MP (c.1600 - aft.1667)

"Joanna Baptista", "Jon Baptista", "John Baptista Quarantine"

Perhaps the same person as John Baptista . John Baptista , an Italian physician and apothecary living in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was probably a converted Jew. He might have been father or brother o...

12/31/2012 7/16/2013

Sara Robles (1687 - c.1729)

"Sarah", " Juana Rodriquez"

Marriage: 16-6-1724 Amsterdam, Netherland The Amsterdam archival documents record that a Sara Robles is registered as having originated from Seville, and married into the Salas family in Amsterdam in...

5/11/2009 7/16/2013

Eliau de Salas Vais (1671 - 1728)

"Elias", "Eliahu", "Elean"

In Amsterdam everyone who came of age, or married or arrived from elsewhere, was assessed by the Portuguese Jewish Community for his wealth and taxed accordingly. These assessments were recorded yearly...

5/11/2009 7/15/2013

Isach de Salas (c.1635 - d.)

"Isaac", "Isaque"

In the book "the origins of a community. Jews and Jews in Leghorn in the seventeenth century ", essay by Cristina Galasso, the series "history of Judaism in Italy", there is a reference to a process of...

5/11/2009 7/15/2013

Bridget Lupo (c.1581 - d.)

3/30/2011 10/4/2012

Dorothea Lupo (1641 - d.)

5/5/2011 10/4/2012

Theophilus Lupo (c.1590 - c.1650)

English musician and violinist Court violin consort (unpaid)1588-91. He received his first paid appointment, to replace Francesco de Venice in May, 1591, and was given an appointment for life by a warr...

3/30/2011 10/4/2012

Joseph Lupo (1586 - d.)

3/30/2011 10/4/2012

Horatio Lupo (c.1583 - d.)

3/30/2011 10/4/2012

Sarah Lupo (c.1614 - d.)

5/5/2011 10/4/2012

Thomas Lupo (c.1570 - d.)

Thomas Sr. served in the courts of Elizabeth I and James I as a musician and in the newly created post of "Composer to the Violins", starting in 1619. He received his first appointment, to replace Fran...

3/30/2011 10/4/2012

Julius Bassano (deceased)

8/4/2010 10/4/2012

Zacharius Bassano (deceased)

8/4/2010 10/4/2012

Elizabeth Lupo / Chandler MP (bef.1593 - c.1635)



12/30/2007 10/4/2012

Ludovico Bassano MP (1554 - 1593)

Musician to Queen Mary I Described as 40 in death register Death : Near the Minories trees The register also ascribes his death to 'a thought' This was a description of 'serious depression, anx...

8/4/2010 10/4/2012

Laura Lupo (c.1540 - c.1596)

8/4/2010 10/4/2012

Susan Taverner (deceased)

8/4/2010 10/4/2012

Eleanora Taverner (b. - 1596)

8/4/2010 10/4/2012

Augustine Bassano (c.1535 - 1604)

Musician to Edward VI In his will Augustine left bequests of 10.00 and four lutes; the bulk of his estate including 'plate, leases, and jewels' went to his grandaughter Susan Taverner

8/4/2010 10/4/2012

8/4/2010 10/4/2012

Baptista Bassano MP (c.1512 - 1576)


Baptista did not become a denizen like his brothers, but remained a native of Venice. The Bassanos, were court musicians who had come to England from Venice at the end of Henry VIII's reign. It has b...

6/19/2008 10/4/2012

Giavani / John Bassano MP (b. - c.1570)


3 Feb 1552 Granted passport John shared a business in Venice with his brother Jacomo which must have necessitated some travel. By 1566 he was back in Venice. 14 Feb 1568 John describing himself as 'a...

6/5/2009 10/4/2012

'Jasper' Bassano MP (b. - 1577)

Son of Jeronimo Brother of Antonio, Giavanni, Alvixe, Jacomo and Baptista 1540-1552 Lived at the Charterhouse London 1552-1577 Lived at the Mark Lane Property London Jasper bequeathed his house to ...

6/5/2009 10/4/2012

Antonio Bassano MP (c.1511 - 1574)


The BASSANO surname did not change from de Bassan until the second and third generation Bassano's in England. Before that, they were called Bassani or Bassany or 'de Bassan ' from their original Hebrew...

8/11/2008 10/4/2012

Alvise / Alvixe Bassano MP (b. - 1554)

Alvise Bassano served the Pope in Venice (the Doge) as a sackbut (an early trombone) player in the San Petronio Basilica until March 1521. He was one of six sons of Jeronimo Bassano recruited to become...

6/5/2009 10/4/2012

Jacomo Bassano MP (c.1515 - c.1566)

Italian musician. Bassano, born in Bassano del Grappo, Italy,was one of six sons of Jeronimo Bassano--Anthony, Jacomo, Alvise, Jasper, John and Baptista--who moved from Venice to England to the househo...

6/19/2008 10/4/2012

Vera Funaro Modigliani carried on the legacy of her husband, Giuseppe Emanuele Modigliani and created the Modigliani Foundation, with the objective of documenting the history of this post-unification p...

11/17/2011 11/17/2011

The “other Modigliani,” Giuseppe Emanuele Modigliani was one of Italy's earliest socialist and union leaders to be elected to Parliament. He was the younger brother of the legendary modernist painter, ...

11/17/2011 11/17/2011

Peter Sellers MP (1925 - 1980)

Official Peter Sellers Site Peter Sellers - Comic Genius Peter Seller Appreciation Society Peter Sellers - Wikipedia Bio (PETER SELLERS) Richard Henry Sellers, OBE (8 September 1925 – 24 July...

3/6/2009 10/17/2011

Lainie Kazan MP

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Lainie Kazan (born May 15, 1940) is an American actress and singer. Kazan was born Lanie Levine in Brooklyn, New York City, the daughter of a Russian Ashkenazi Jewish father who worked as a bookie and ...

6/6/2011 6/6/2011

Jeronimo / Hieronymus di Bassano MP (c.1480 - 1545)

"de Bassan", "di Bassano del Grappa"

Alternate birth and death years (need to resolve): 1490-1559 Jeronimo Bassano Hieronymus was his Latin name meaning 'Jerome' yet he went by the Spanish name 'Jeronimo' In English = Jeronimo Bassano...

6/19/2008 4/27/2011

Amato Lusitano - João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco, MP (1511 - 1568)

"João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco", "Amatus Lusitanus", "Ḥaviv ha-Sephardi", "Habib HaSephardi", "Amato Lusitano", "Abraham ben Solomon Usque"

João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco, (Amato Lusitano) - Amatus Lusitanus (Castelo Branco, 1511 – Thessaloniki, 1568), was a notable Portuguese Jewish physician of the 16th century. Like Herophilus, Galen,...

4/13/2011 4/13/2011

Amedeo Modigliani MP (1884 - 1920)

"Modì", "Dedo"

Amedeo Clemente Modigliani (July 12, 1884 – January 24, 1920) was an Italian artist who worked mainly in France. Primarily a figurative artist, he became known for paintings and sculptures in a modern ...

1/29/2008 4/13/2011

3/8/2011 3/8/2011